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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A red 2022 Honda Civic Touring is parked in front of the mountains at sunset after leaving a 2022 Honda Civic dealer.

Honda Reimagines a Classic With the 2022 Civic

Now in its 11th generation, the Honda Civic continues to set the standard for reasonably priced, reliable sedans. America’s best-selling compact sees a sleek new redesign for the first time since 2015, with a reimagined chassis and interior that point firmly towards the future. So what can you expect when you visit a 2022 Honda Civic dealer? With a classic design philosophy informing the overhaul, design changes range from a new streamlined exterior and front seat design to an overhauled suspension, tuned steering, and a more rigid body that Honda says will improve both crash test performance and overall handling.

In reimagining the 2022 Civic, Honda’s engineers embraced a design philosophy that has served the auto manufacturer well over the years, one that allowed it to sell over 15 million Civics since 1973 and seen it become the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. among first-time buyers. Known as “Man-Maximum, Machine-Minimum,” this approach emphasizes paring down the overall design and features of a vehicle to those which truly serve the needs of the driver and passengers. The result is a clean, thoroughly modern take on the sedan that steers well clear of unnecessary design flourishes or creature features.

On the 2022 Civic, these principles are reflected in the exterior’s slimmed-down profile, which includes a low hood and front fenders, as well as a low horizontal beltline that makes for a more spacious interior cabin. On the inside, drivers will find a sleek, uncluttered design, albeit one that still includes all the convenience and technology one expects from the brand. Honda’s Body Stabilizing Seats emphasize ergonomics, and by moving the sedan’s A-pillars back and opting for a low hood and flat dashboard, drivers are treated to a front windshield with a near-panoramic view increasing visibility and making for a bright, airy cabin. The overall effect is a well-appointed yet roomy interior with up to 99 cubic feet of passenger volume and a cargo volume of nearly 15 cubic feet.

The black interior of a 2022 Honda Civic Touring shows the leather seats and steering wheel.

Varied Models Allow for Ultimate Customization

2022 sees Honda drop the EX-L trim option, leaving drivers to choose between the base level LX, Sport, EX, and Touring premium trim. While the LX starts at just $21,700, all models provide exceptional value, with the feature-packed Touring ringing in at a respectable $28,300. In addition to the Civic sedan, Honda will introduce hatchback options later this year along with sportier, manual-only versions of both the sedan and hatchback under the Si and Type R labels, respectively.

The LX is powered by a 2.0-liter, 158 horsepower engine, a highly efficient setup that allows the Civic to get around 40 MPG on the highway. The Sport features an identical powertrain but adds some flair with chrome exhaust tips, paddle shifters, and 18-inch black alloy wheels. Those seeking a step up in power will appreciate the LX and Touring trim’s 1.5-liter turbocharged 180-horsepower configuration, and further customization is possible for Touring drivers by enabling Sport and Eco driving modes.

All models will feature Honda Sensing technology, giving drivers in any price range access to one of the industry’s most comprehensive driver-assist and safety systems. Still, those looking for all the newest tech features, styling, and comfort will want to give the Touring trim a closer look. The trim features improved safety and security features, such as Honda’s Blind Spot Information System (BSI) with Cross Traffic Monitor, built-in navigation, low-speed braking control, and heated side mirrors with LED turn indicators.

The interior of the Touring punches above its weight in the sub-$30,000 sedan market segment and includes features that wouldn’t be out of place in some luxury vehicles. Designed to improve comfort and convenience for everyday driving, these include a massive 10.2-inch driver information interface screen, wireless phone charging, a 12-speaker Bose premium sound system, and an automatically dimming rearview mirror that will keep you from being blinded by high beam-happy drivers on your tail.

One interesting feature unique to the Touring trim is the HomeLink remote system. Developed in collaboration with the Gentex Corporation, HomeLink works to integrate disparate wireless devices into one system, allowing drivers to open or close garage doors, deactivate home security systems, and send power to smart appliances all from behind the wheel. This not only replaces the outdated and easy-to-misplace garage door opener but can also alert drivers if they left their home unsecured. Controlled by three simple buttons on the Civic’s front console, the system is easy to set up and can control up to three devices at once.

A grey 2022 Honda Civic Touring is shown parked on a city street.

Driver-Assist Features That Make Sense

The 2022 Civic also sees the introduction of Honda Sensing driver-assist and safety features as a standard feature on all models, allowing the award-winning sedan to keep pace in an increasingly technology-focused market segment. While features like the Collision Mitigation Braking System and Lane Keeping Assist System used to be reserved for higher-end luxury vehicles and trim packages, they’re now standard on all trims in response to customer demand.

With Honda Sensing, the 2022 Civic stays well ahead of the curve. The system uses a wide-angle camera to identify potential hazards, obstacles, lane lines, and traffic signs and uses that data to provide a safer, less stressful driving experience. Updated for 2022 with improved software and a more powerful processor, Honda Sensing’s suite of safety and driver-assist features are now quicker and more accurate than ever before. In addition to its Collision Mitigation Braking System and Lane Keeping Assist, Honda Sensing includes Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow and two intriguing new features: Traffic Sign Recognition and Traffic Jam Assist.

Traffic Sign Recognition is one of the most cutting-edge driver-assist technologies to hit the market of late and is designed to rectify a common problem for motorists: you pass a traffic sign and immediately forget what it said. With Traffic Sign Recognition, the Civic’s onboard wide-angle camera reads speed limit signs from a distance and displays the number on your dashboard display or an optional windshield-based Head-Up Display. While this is sure to ease the conscience of those drivers who like to adhere to posted limits, it does have the distinct disadvantage of taking away your tried-and-true excuse for getting out of a speeding ticket.

With Traffic Jam Assist, Honda brings a feature more commonly associated with higher-speed highway driving to the stop-and-go commuter traffic that will have you ready to call it a day before you even make it to the office. By controlling the Civic’s acceleration, braking and steering, Traffic Jam Assist can bring the vehicle to a complete stop and start it back up again once traffic gets rolling. This technology won’t only allow for a calmer commute but also has the potential to reduce the severity of traffic jams in general by keeping each vehicle moving at a measured, responsible pace.

Get Excited for the 2022 Civic

The 2022 Honda Civic will be a welcomed refresh for long-standing fans of the popular sedan and an intriguing new option for those looking for a reliable, sleek, efficient vehicle for everyday driving. The emphasis on design is evident throughout, and the inclusion of Honda Sensing as a standard feature truly sets the Civic apart in a market segment where such driver-assist features are not yet the standard. Whether you’re a first-time new car buyer or parent of a teen driver looking for an affordable entry into the market or an experienced driver who’s eager to see the evolution of this tried-and-true sedan, the 2022 Civic is eager to prove why it’s long been the best-selling compact car in the country.

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