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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A black 2023 Ford Expedition Platinum is shown parked in a driveway as a family loads up cargo.

Exorbitance Galore: The 2023 Ford Expedition Platinum

The 2023 Ford Expedition is a full-sized SUV and is the largest SUV offering from the automaker. Large and luxury seem to go hand in hand, as the Expedition Platinum demonstrates. Platinum is the last stop on the Expedition’s trim train and the most expensive, with a starting MSRP of $80,565, or $82,565 for the extra-long MAX version. It’s not chump change, but all those dollars do buy quite a bit. As the pinnacle of luxury in Ford’s lineup, the Expedition Platinum comes standard with some of the automaker’s niftiest and fanciest features, making the ride downright regal. The top-tier trim offers the best in comfort, styling, and technology that Ford has to offer.

Climate Control

Everyone has their own opinion on what temperature is the most comfortable, which can really start to cause problems when there’s more than one person in the car. At 70 degrees, one person will start sweating while another has goosebumps. My rule of thumb when I’m driving has always been to let the driver control the climate, but with the Expedition Platinum, no such compromise is necessary.

With tri-zone climate control, the driver, front passenger, and second-row passengers can all adjust the temperature to their own liking. The first and second rows have heated seats, too, with ventilation added to the driver and front passenger seating. Sorry, occupants of the third row. You might want to bring a blanket.

The Infotainment System

Luxury used to mean high-quality materials and maybe some premium performance features, but in this decade, we can tack user-friendly technology onto the list as well. The 2023 Expedition Platinum is equipped with the best infotainment system Ford has to offer: SYNC 4A. The latest generation of SYNC has improved processing power and voice recognition, and wireless capability. Users can talk, touch, and swipe to access apps, GPS, climate control, and more. The Platinum has the largest screen available at 15.5 inches, compared to the 12-inch touchscreen that comes standard with the Limited, Timberline, XLT, and base-level XL STX trims.

Camera Views

With increased luxury comes increased visibility in the form of a 360-degree camera. The cameras situated around the Expedition Platinum work together to provide a multitude of different camera views, making backing up easier and safer. There’s also a split view option making it possible to see multiple perspectives at once, for example, an aerial view showing all of your surroundings and a rear camera view focusing on what’s behind the vehicle. Lines on the screen also aid with tricky maneuvering. True luxury means not having to do things yourself, so the front and rear cameras on the Expedition Platinum have a self-washing feature that the driver can activate as easily as pushing a button.

The fold-down seats and rear seating is shown in a 2023 Ford Expedition Platinum.

Premium Interior

The interior of a luxury vehicle should look and feel good. For its part, the Expedition Platinum interior comes standard with plenty of leather in the form of breathable, perforated seating and accents throughout the cabin. There are three different schemes to choose from: the trim-exclusive Carmelo, Light Sandstone, and Black Onyx. Even the names of the colors are fancy.

Smart Seating

Luxury means a thoughtful design that overlooks no small detail. People may not give their seats a whole lot of thought outside of how many there are and whether they’re wrapped in cloth or leather, but Ford demonstrates that seating can be a game-changer with their multi-contour seats, standard on the Platinum trim for the driver and front passenger. We all know how uncomfortable long drives can be; sitting in a sub-par seat for hours on end can wreak havoc on the back and lower body. The multi-contour seats combat this by massaging the lower back and legs of its occupant using seven air cushions in the seat and back.

Another seat feature designed with passengers in mind is power-folding seats with a 60/40 split for both the second and third rows. This feature makes it easier to get in and out of the back row, while the 60/40 split makes configuring the seating to accommodate different levels of passengers and cargo a snap.

Swanky Sound

Sound systems are one of the things that start to seriously improve as you verge into luxury territory. The top-tier Expedition Platinum delivers high-quality sound with a B&O Unleashed Sound System. It comes with 22 speakers purposefully placed throughout the cabin and a subwoofer. It’s expertly designed to ensure sound is optimized regardless of where you sit in the vehicle.

Sophisticated Style

The Expedition Platinum stands out from the lineup with several exterior accents exclusive to its trim. For starters, it’s the only Expedition with satin aluminum finishes, which has a more high-end look to it than chrome. The door handles, mirror caps, and grille are all accented with aluminum satin.

The Expedition Platinum also sits on 22-inch 12-spoke wheels that are unique to it, and it’s the only trim to come standard with power-deployable running boards, making it easier to get in and out of the SUV. It also has exclusive zone lighting wrapping around the whole vehicle, which not only functions to make the exterior look even more impressive but also converts the vehicle into a smart spotlight with the power to control the various lights from a smartphone.

A red 2023 Ford Expedition Platinum is shown from a rear angle next to the ocean.

Driving Features

The most luxurious Expedition does more than just look, sound, and feel good. It offers a premium driving experience as well. One way this is accomplished is through standard Continuous Controlled Damping with Suspension Road Preview. The vehicle uses cameras to detect any bumps—like potholes—on the road ahead. It will then automatically adjust the suspension to make going over that bump feel as smooth as possible to the occupants.

The Expedition Platinum also comes standard with a number of safety and driver assistance features. Things like Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go, and Lane-Centering Assist will all make driving the SUV safer and more convenient. Expanding on this, the Expedition Platinum is the only trim with the option to add Ford BlueCruise, Ford’s autonomous driving system. Using driver assistance features like lane centering, adaptive cruise control, and speed sign recognition, BlueCruise enables hands-free driving on over 130,000 miles of road, called Blue Zones. It’s not quite to the level of having a chauffeur, as drivers are required to stay vigilant and keep their hands on the wheel, which is enforced using cameras and sensors, but it is still nice for taking a break every now and then.

Luxury to Enhance Your Ride

Opting for a luxury vehicle or trim level comes at a price, but the premium features that come included end up making them an economical purchase for a lot of drivers. Certain features—BlueCruise, for example—may only be an option on certain trims. Even something as simple as heated seats may require opting for a more fanciful vehicle.

Automakers bundle a lot of their premium features because it helps to cut down on production costs, making vehicles overall more affordable than allowing shoppers to customize each and every little detail. Splurging on a vehicle might not be the first choice for a frugal shopper, but when you consider all the things you’re getting with the high-level trims, it’s not as frivolous as it may seem. Luxury vehicles hold a higher value too, which could mean more money down the road when it’s time to sell. Regardless of trim level, the 2023 Ford Expedition offers a winning combination of performance and comfort that’s sure to make any driver feel like they’re living a life of luxury.

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