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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A green Rivian R1S and silver R1T are parked in front of a city bridge at night.

Defining The Future: Rivian and Tesla

The fact of the matter is, the automotive industry is well over a century old, and manufacturers from the first few decades are still around today. However, when it comes to defining the future, no manufacturers do this better than Tesla and newcomer Rivian. These two companies aren’t really all that old, but Tesla has still gained admirable experience since it was founded in 2003 while Rivian was founded in 2009. But what makes these companies different from the rest you may ask? For starters, many of the manufacturers you’re well familiar with are, for the most part, firmly rooted in using gasoline-powered engines that produce emissions in the air. Sure, many companies have taken it upon themselves to branch into the market of hybrid and or electric vehicles, but unlike Rivian and Tesla, they couldn’t possibly have been built with electric vehicles in mind from the start.

Regardless of opinionative differences on whether or not an electric vehicle is a concrete replacement for the modern-day gasoline powertrain, there’s no denying that electric vehicles are generally safer to the environment due to a lack of tailpipe emissions. Rivian’s lineup of vehicles has been a long time coming and has touted some spectacular innovations to how electric cars perform and how they’re built. Currently, Rivian has two vehicles in the making, with research dating back to nearly a decade. Once Rivian had secured their first assembly plant in Illinois, a lot of work has been done, and more recently, we have seen some really fascinating updates regarding each of their flagship vehicles. Tesla, on the other hand, has been a trailblazer of sorts for modern-day electric vehicles and released its first model back in 2008, the now-discontinued Tesla Roadster. Today, Tesla offers four vehicles and even has gotten into the business of solar roofing along with panels. Both companies clearly have a strong indication of where the industry is heading, and because of this, they’ve earned a reputation amongst many drivers as a symbol of the future while staying ahead of the pack in many ways.

Next Generation of Automobiles

A silver Tesla Cybertruck is driving on a desert track.

Rivian has been working on the two aforementioned electric vehicles for a while; they are the R1T and R1S. The R1T is essentially Rivian’s take on an electric-powered truck while the R1S is an SUV. Tesla currently offers four vehicles that are currently available; these are the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. These four vehicles are made up of two sedans which are the Model 3 and S, while the Model X and Model Y are SUVs.

Tesla has made headlines recently as there are three new vehicles that are currently being produced. The vehicles that have been formally shown to the public but have yet to be released are the new and improved Tesla Roadster, the Semi, which is slated to begin production next year, and the Cybertruck. All of these upcoming vehicles are not only extremely fast and efficient but stylish too. According to Tesla, the new 2020 Roadster is able to go from 0-60 mph in a mere 1.9 seconds, which would become the fastest vehicle to ever been given street-legal status, promptly outpacing the previous record-holder of 2.2 seconds. Additionally, the 2020 Roadster will be able to achieve a top speed of over 250 mph and can travel 620 miles on a single charge.

The R1T and R1S from Rivian are both built upon a special type of chassis that houses all of the components that get the vehicle working, and this chassis has intelligently been named the “skateboard.” According to Rivian, the chassis also includes four separate electric motors, battery packs, and all of the built-in computer components. The skateboard design also grants Rivian’s vehicles an independent air suspension, which Rivian claims will dynamically adjust to eight-inch clearance when on the highway and fourteen inches for off-roading activities. Additionally, Rivian vehicles are granted a stellar amount of traction control thanks to this chassis. Rivian’s innovative mindset has earned them a partnership with Amazon, in which they will be supplying electrical-powered delivery vehicles in the near future.

The R1T is going to be a phenomenal choice for drivers looking for all of the best parts in a powerful truck while retaining an electrical-powered foundation. According to Rivian, the R1T will support a maximum towing capacity of 11,000 lbs with a combined performance output of up to 750 hp and 829 ft-lb of torque. These numbers are simply incredible considering the history of electric-powered vehicles, and the ability to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds is an astonishing feat for the motor and battery combination. Another notable feature about the R1T is the ability to travel up to 400 miles on a single charge, which should fit the needs of many drivers. The R1S for comparison is the SUV that Rivian will be offering, and it shares many similarities with the R1T, such as the ability to go from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds and has the same combined horsepower and torque output. This SUV will be great for road trips, and Rivian claims it is the ideal family car. The R1T has a maximum towing capacity of 7,700 lbs, which is plenty for an SUV.

Readily Available

A green Rivian R1S is driving on a highway next to a lake.

As previously mentioned, Rivian’s two vehicles aren’t available to purchase just yet. However, if you’re interested in jumping in early, you can opt for one of the four aforementioned Tesla vehicles that are being sold today. These vehicles are solid choices thanks to their AWD capabilities integrated into the dual-motor setups. Impressively, the Model S can go from 0-60 mph in only 2.3 seconds while the Model X gets 2.6 seconds, promptly followed by Model 3, which gets 3.2 seconds and the Model Y nets 3.5 seconds. Drivers looking for the most storage space will be drawn to the Model X with about 88 cu.ft. of space. Plus, its ability to seat up to seven passengers, which the other vehicles don’t possess the ability to do.

Each of the four vehicles on offer from Tesla also supports Tesla’s autopilot system, which utilizes twelve sensors situated around your vehicle and assists you in your driving, essentially becoming the next evolutionary step to achieving self-driving cars. Each vehicle also features a luxurious interior with the Model 3 and Model Y, including respectably sized 15-inch touch screens that act as a central hub for your vehicle info as well as media controls. Taking things even further, the Model S and Model X upgrade this screen to a massive 17-inches.

The Future Starts Now

Rivian and Tesla currently hold prominent roles in the automotive industry as there doesn’t seem to be any other manufacturer who has as much as a head-start towards the future. Both of these companies are predicting that we’ll be switching to an electric-powered future in an effort to cut down on harmful emissions and completely change the way we think about powertrains. Although Rivian is a newer manufacturer, they show a lot of promise and is expected to give Tesla a healthy dose of competition, unlike anything it’s accustomed to. Both companies clearly put a lot of time and effort into designing these vehicles of the future, and both will be excellent choices no matter what. Many electric-powered vehicle enthusiasts are understandably excited about what Rivian will bring to the table, and the competition is surely going to benefit the consumer.

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