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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A gray 2022 Jeep Wrangler Willys is shown parked on rocks after viewing used SUVs for sale.

Choosing a Vehicle For Your First Off-Road Adventure

Selecting your first off-road vehicle involves asking a lot of questions and getting a lot of information about what makes a vehicle work well off-road, and which vehicles are a good starter SUV to try out. Used SUVs for sale can be a great place to start looking. Not everyone who tries off-roading loves it, and may wish to sell what they have in order to get something better for their needs on pavement. Because used vehicles are a lot more affordable, they make the initial commitment more reasonable than buying a new car, and you’ll find you have fewer qualms about taking a used SUV off the road and into the woods.

Jeep has been known since World War II as a great off-road vehicle, and it’s easy to see why. The Wrangler has continued the storied tradition after the original CJ, and it even has a trim package called the Willys, which calls back to its World War II heritage. The Willys is a great off-roading SUV, with many upgrades that make adventures into the wilderness successful and fun. A used Jeep Willys is a particularly good choice for a first time off-road buyer because of the value provided. It is a great combination of price and features, which make them an attractive buy for anyone looking to get into the sport.

A white 2022 Jeep Wrangler Willys is shown off-roading on boulders.

The Makings of a Great Off-Road Vehicle Package

Every off-road SUV requires some features to make it not only capable of off-road travel, but able to excel at it. Genuine four-wheel drive is an absolute must, rather than the more road-oriented all-wheel drive systems. Another essential feature is one or more skid plates. These are metal plates made of steel or aluminum designed to prevent damage to the underside of the SUV and protect the mechanical features from damage. Off-roading often involves traveling over obstacles that can stick high above the surrounding terrain, which can damage exposed parts on the underside of the vehicle. With a good skid plate, this danger is significantly reduced.

Rugged suspension designed for driving off-road is another must for an off-road enthusiast. Roads are smooth, but you’ll quickly notice that the wilderness doesn’t have the same quality. Terrain is sometimes quite bumpy, and regular suspensions can easily get wrecked if you try making them do things they weren’t made for. An off-road suspension is much more adept at taking on difficult and arduous terrain without being damaged.

A good pair of mud tires goes a long way to making an off-road venture a fun time. Even if you have the right suspension, 4X4 capability, and skid plates, they would all be useless if your tires were not right for the terrain. Mud is very slick and slippery, and even a modicum of mud can bring a vehicle without the appropriate tires to a halt. With a good mud off-road tire, your SUV can grip the ground and traverse even challenging areas.

A white 2022 Jeep Wrangler Willys is shown parked near a mountain.

Why a Used Wrangler Willys is a Great Choice

Everyone knows that Jeep produces some of the best off-roading vehicles on the market. After all, Eisenhower said the Jeep was one of the top four reasons that we won the war. The Willys Wrangler is a fantastic choice for many who are just starting to get into off-roading because it has all the features that you need at a reasonable price. The Willys is actually one of the more afffordable trim packages, putting it within the budget of more people. Buy used, and that becomes even more affordable. More on this later.

The Willys has the rugged off-road suspension you’ll need to tough it out on the trail. Need some big beefy tires to conquer a particularly difficult path? Willys has your back. The skid plates make driving around in the wilderness a safer proposition, putting the driver’s mind at ease knowing his undercarriage is protected. All the features you need to get into off-roading are included on the Willys, which is a leading reason it is a great starter off-roading SUV.

There are a lot of Wranglers out there too, and an enormous community of Wrangler enthusiasts. Because of that, there is a ton of available information out there about how to care for your Wrangler, how to best utilize it for off-roading, and how to do regular maintenance. Due to the popularity of the Wrangler, parts are easy to find, whether you need some standard part replacement or need a bigger repair. All this makes the Wrangler Willys an attractive choice for many first time off-road SUV buyers.

A 1945 Willys MB Jeep is shown parked near an ocean.

New Hobbies Aren’t Cheap

Getting into any new hobby is going to be expensive, and buying vehicles is always pricey, so getting into off-roading is not going to be cheap. However, when starting something new, it is often a good idea to find good deals so that if you find you don’t like it, you can recover your investment more easily. When you are deciding which new vehicle is going to be the best choice for you as a new off-road enthusiast, you’ll want to find an affordable SUV with a great reputation. A used Jeep Wrangler Willys is a great option for such an occasion.

Buying used is almost always a great way to get a deal, especially when you can find a good dealership with a reliable reputation, since they want their customers to be happy and satisfied with the product. Used is always cheaper than buying new, and that means opportunity to those who seize it. The Willys is one of the more affordable trim packages of the Wrangler, even new. It doesn’t have all the luxury features one may want, but if you’re going to be using it primarily as an off-road driver, you’re not going to care as much about which luxury features are included.

Since the Willys was a popular trim package, there are a good amount of used Willys floating around the market, meaning chances are pretty good you’ll find a good deal on one. Between that and the reliability of Jeep Wranglers, there is a good chance it will last a good long time. Overall, between the discount of buying used and the reliability and quality of Jeep Wranglers, the Willys a great value for a first time off-road SUV buyer.

Absolutely Worth Checking Out

Off-roading is a blast for many people, which explains the passionate fanbase who are out there. They love heading out into the unknown to master a new trail, find a remote spot, and hang out with friends the whole time. Getting your first SUV for tackling an off-road adventure can be its own challenge, but when you keep in mind the fundamental features of off-roading like a good suspension, four-wheel drive, and some good skid plates, you can quickly figure out which vehicles are and aren’t a good fit for the task.

The Jeep Willys Wrangler is one such SUV. It has loads of great features, a long history of success, and an enthusiastic following of dedicated Jeep fans. Find a good used dealership to make it even more affordable and after a test drive of a Willys or two, you may well drive home with one.

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