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Chevy Hits the Bullseye With the 2018 Traverse

When exploring Chevy SUVs it would be hard to overlook the enticing changes made to the redesigned 2018 Chevy Traverse. Offering expanded dimensions and Chevy’s signature inclusion of technology, the Traverse deserves to be at the top of anyone’s list.

Why does this matter? Well, when compared to the likes of the aging Ford Explorer, it’s easy to see just how ambitiously-equipped the Traverse is. This speaks to Chevy’s commitment to standardizing available technologies across their entire lineup of offerings and trim levels. And when compared to Toyota’s Highlander and the Honda Pilot, the Traverse offers a larger, more comfortable cabin design, engineered with both comfort and functionality in mind.

If, when designing the 2018 Traverse, Chevy had decided to draw the line there, they would have addressed two of the primary expectations of SUV customers; but the new Traverse is more than just the sum of its ‘most visible’ parts. In fact, it’s worth noting that (despite its increased dimensions) the 2018 enjoys reduced weight, improved aerodynamics, and gains in output, as well as fuel economy. It’s almost as if Chevy was ticking the boxes of what it’s customer base wanted (what a revolutionary concept).

And it looks amazing (especially at the top-of-the-line High Country trim level). Within the aggressive competition of the crossover and SUV segment, it stands with confidence, more SUV than crossover, and distinctively Chevy. And because of its more inspired and ambitious styling, the High Country trim repositions the Traverse. No longer restricted to compete solely against its in-class competitors, the 2018 Traverse even measures up to base trim levels of luxury SUV offerings such as Audi.

Courtesy of YouTube Channel Everyman Driver, here’s a great look at the redesigned Traverse that highlights its appealing aesthetic, and offers a great run-down of its notable features:


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