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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A maroon 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ is shown on a trail after leaving a Chevrolet dealer.

Chevrolet and the American Dream

It was 1910, and William Durant was out as the President of General Motors. The big thinking and rapid acquisitions that were a hallmark of Durant’s tenure caught up with the company, and GM found itself overextended and looking for someone to blame. Durant was that someone. But Durant was not done with General Motors, not by a longshot, and a Swiss race car driver was going to play a large role in Durant’s comeback at GM. That race car driver? One Louis Chevrolet.

Durant and Chevrolet teamed up and founded the Chevrolet Motor Car Company. Durant was able to leverage Chevy to purchase a controlling stake in General Motors and merge the two companies, making Chevy part of GM. Through that purchase, Durant was able to propel himself back into the Presidency at GM. One man’s need for a way back into the top office and another man’s love of cars gave life to one of the most storied and iconic brands on the planet, and you can still find the result at your local Chevrolet dealer over 100 years later.

Quite a tale! Even the Chevy emblem has a bit of romance to it. Rumor has it that it is a play on a design that Durant saw on hotel room wallpaper while staying in Paris. Indeed, Chevy is a storied brand! To this day, every Chevrolet dealer has a showroom full of cars and trucks that share a passionate soul and a rugged American spirit. Those two ideals are what Chevy was founded on. From there, Chevy began a journey that continues today, a journey you can definitely join at your local Chevy dealer!

The Soul of Chevy

Few car companies in this world can boast a lineup as historic and dominating as Chevy can. Even fewer can claim a lineup as diverse or a brand connection with the everyday American populace as strong as Chevy. Take one look at the family of vehicles offered by this legendary brand, and you will see that it manages to cover every base possible.

On the one hand, Chevy is the pinnacle of the American work ethic. A Chevy truck has become synonymous with hard work and getting the job done no matter what. Poor Bob Sieger can’t sing “Like a Rock” without the entire audience visualizing a Chevy truck bouncing around on rough terrain or hauling a massive load across a farm or job site. Chevrolet is the quintessential “work” brand.

On the other hand, it is also a brand full of powerful performance. Chevy is just as known for sports car dominance and muscle car savvy as it is for hard work. Chevy definitely embodies work hard, play hard! In more recent years, Chevy has conquered the luxury market as well, especially the luxury SUV market. Comfort, class, power, sport, luxury––Chevy can do it all!

These known attributes are no surprise. The passion that Louis Chevrolet poured into his cars still exists in the soul of Chevy today. There is class and might, refined power, head-turning prowess, unmatched strength, incredible durability, and continued groundbreaking design. Chevy embodies it all with every new release and model.

A red 2014 Chevy Corvette is shown in front of multiple white Corvettes.

The Most Iconic Chevys

The soul of Chevy has been shaped and molded by each and every model it has produced. But some of those models have taken on lives and stories of their own, becoming so popular that they are legends in their own right. Consumers and collectors have gone crazy for quite a few Chevy models. Here are a few that have really gone down in history.


We all know it. From its first show-stopping appearance in 1953, the Corvette has ruled the imaginations of generations and every road it has ever driven on. The Corvette is Chevy’s pinnacle of luxury performance. Few other sports cars are as recognizable, no matter what year they are, as the Corvette. It is power, looks, luxury, and performance all rolled into one! One ride in a Corvette, and you will instantly understand why this car is so very sought after, even after 70 years on the road.

1957 Chevy

This car brought the power and luxury of a full-size sedan to everyday families. It was a staple of the “American Dream,” and it launched a whole new segment of the car market. The 1957 Chevy delivered incredible performance to an American public that craved a bit of that at a price the American public could certainly afford. On top of that, it was a sight to behold! Large, bold, with sharp edges, it was a dominating presence on the roadways of America and an impressive sight in the driveways and garages of American families. The American Dream in car form. Chevy had ingrained itself in the fabric of America once again.


Chevy decided that motorsports shouldn’t just be for a set that could afford the higher price tag of the Corvette, so it released what has become one of the most iconic muscle cars on the planet. The Camaro is stylish, brash, unapologetic, and ready to thrill. It is a grand machine and has only gotten better since its launch in 1966. The car continues to run circles around muscle car competition, and make dreams come true with every turn of the key.

Cameo Carrier

The 1955 Cameo Carrier was the beginning of the modern truck, starting the trend of pickups that were more than workhorses. It was powerful, but it was also stunning! The V8 engine gave this truck all the power it needed to get the job done, but the design is what really turned heads. With a two-tone interior, chrome bumpers, and a body with cuts, edges, and beautifully rounded curves, this truck was built to not only get the job done but to look good while doing it. In our modern world, where truck design has accepted this ideal industry-wide, we may not think of this combo of power and beauty as a special thing, but in 1955, it was mind-blowing.

A silver 2013 Chevy Camaro ZL1 is shown from the rear driving on a sunny day.

Today’s Chevy

Take that first step into your local Chevy dealer’s showroom, and you’ll immediately understand why Chevy remains one of the most popular car brands in the country. Striking beauty continues to be combined with breathtaking power. Convenience and reliability continue to come in packages that also host luxury and ruggedness. Yes, today’s Chevrolet embodies the ideals of the past and the hopes and dreams of the American public. “A Chevy in every garage” wasn’t just a saying then; it was a statement that illustrated the American Dream.

That American Dream has changed, evolved, and taken on new hope, and Chevy has done the same along with it. Chevrolet connects its brand to the American pulse, and it shows. Chevy dealers all over the nation would love to welcome you into their showrooms today! Stop in, browse what Chevy has to offer, try a few out, and connect with your dealer’s Chevy pros. Whatever type of Chevy you want in your garage, they can help you find it, new or used, on their lots or in their showrooms today. Chevy has the perfect fit for you. Go out and find that perfect piece of the American Dream today.

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