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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Red 2018 Ford Explorer in Field

A Look At The 2018 Ford Explorer and The 2018 Toyota Highlander

Comparing the 2018 Ford Explorer vs. 2018 Toyota Highlander is a difficult task. After all, they are both cars that have outstanding qualities and can easily be set apart from the pack. Fortunately, when we look at them side by side, feature by feature, we can begin to notice some differences. These differences will appeal to specific customers who are in the market for a large SUV.

There is certainly not one perfect car. The perfect car for someone will vary – and is unlikely to be the perfect car for the person who is standing next to them. When shopping for a new (or new to you) car you must keep this in mind, and try to best decide what your needs are to choose the perfect SUV. Let’s take a look at a few of the areas where we can best compare the 2018 Ford Explorer and the 2018 Toyota Highlander.



First, we’ll take a look at the safety features offered by each vehicle, as it is these that can truly make or break your experience on the road. Safety is absolutely a key factor in choosing any car, and should never be overlooked. We’ll start by looking at the 2018 Ford Explorer.


2018 Ford Explorer

  • Enhanced park assist – allows you to park safely and securely each and every time that you park the car.
  • Rain sensing wipers – help to keep you safe in all kinds of weather – and takes some of the guesswork out of driving, even in just a small way.
  • Forward collision warning – works to help prevent an accident before it ever occurs, and will even proceed to brake on its own if you, as the driver, do not respond to the warning in a timely manner.
  • Lane keeping system – ideal for all drivers, as it helps you to stay in the lane that you are designated in and will warn you and even help to gently guide you back in your lane if your car wanders. This feature can be ideal not only for the new driver, but for the all night driver as well, or even just the driver that is having a particularly tired day.
  • Adaptive cruise control – a feature that not only allows you to take a little of the stress and hard work out of driving but will update and adapt to the road as it reaches out before you (though it is still important to pay attention as you drive).


2018 Toyota Highlander

  • Brake assist – to help ensure that you are always able to stop as safely as is possible, no matter what the conditions.
  • Traction control – to keep your car stable and on the road in all driving conditions, from conditions of inclement weather to off-road driving scenarios.
  • Eight total airbags – to protect every passenger in the cab of the car in the event that a crash does occur.
  • Tire pressure monitoring – Ensure your tires are always within the manufactures recommended PSI and alerts you if any tires drops below.



Technology has become another important feature in the typical car found on the road today, and something that we must also look at when comparing the 2018 Ford Explorer vs. the 2018 Toyota Highlander. We will make the most accurate comparison possible by looking at all the features that each car provides its drivers and passengers.


2018 Ford Explorer

  • Sync Connect – this feature allows you to keep tabs on your vehicle at all times, allowing you to track its placement on a navigational system, ensuring that your vehicle is safe at all times. Not to mention, this feature is likely to help you to find your vehicle in the event that you park it and can’t remember where it is on your way back.
  • The Sync 3 System – this system is truly the hub of the car, so to speak, and is highly interactive and responsive to the user, making it ideal for driving in all types of situations. This system allows you access to navigational features – a must for the directionally challenged among us – and even responds to the sound of your voice.
  • Sony Premium Audio – a perfect feature for the music lovers among us. There are as many as twelve speakers placed all throughout the car, and these speakers allow for a full music listening experience, truly immersing you in the whole experience of the music.
  • A number of outlet charging options – as well have become more reliant on technology in the recent years, these outlet charging options present a viable option for always staying connected and in touch – and can be a lifesaver for long trips like road trips.


2018 Toyota Highlander

  • Driver Easy Speak – this feature specifically works to help the system of the car to adapt and understand your voice – or whoever the voice of the driver is at the moment.
  • Multimedia Bundle – this multimedia bundle offers the owner of the car to have access to a wide variety of applications, such as a Sirius XM radio subscription as well as a comprehensive navigational system.
  • Climate control – This climate control allows for control of the temperature in three zones of the car, allowing each section of passengers to choose the temperature that best suits them, and taking out some of the potential for disagreements on the longest of trips, particularly essential if you have your kids along with you.


2018 Ford Explorer vs. 2018 Toyota Highlander

Choosing a car can indeed be a difficult task, as our look at the 2018 Ford Explorer vs. the 2018 Toyota Highlander has shown us.  While there may not be the “perfect” vehicle for everyone, as you can see here and as many critics agree, the 2018 Ford Explorer is more than a worthy choice for anyone who is looking for a comfortable, safe, and exciting SUV.

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