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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

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Why the 2017 Honda Accord Can Serve You Year-Round

It’s starting to approach the end of the summer, and if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you might be thinking about targeting a car that can cater to the impending winter months (and the accompanying weather). After all, what good is a summer car if you’re soon going to have to retire it for several months?

If you find yourself in this predicament, why don’t you pursue a vehicle that you can drive year-round? You might be rolling your eyes at the notion that these types of vehicles are even available, but you can easily find an assortment of sedans that can get you through any type of inclement weather. In fact, many consumers in similar situations start to debate the 2017 Honda Accord vs. 2017 Mazda 3, as the two vehicles are perfect year-round models. However, as you’re about to learn, the Accord’s array of features makes the car the superior vehicle at any time of year…



In order to be prepared for any type of inclement weather, you’ll surely need a powerful and capable engine. Well, the pair of offerings available with the 2017 Honda Accord are more than qualified at guiding you through those poor conditions.

The 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder engine is capable of pumping out between 185 and 189 horsepower, and between 181 and 182 pounds-feet of torque. These numbers are mighty impressive for a sedan of smaller stature, as you usually see these types of cars accompanied by a weaker engine. Meanwhile, engineers added a number of fuel-saving technologies, including the brand’s innovative i-VTEC technology. As a result of this inclusion, drivers can expect an incredible fuel efficiency that’s lingering around 36 mpg.

Alternatively, customers can opt for the 3.5-liter V6 engine, which boosts those power specs to a whole new level. Drivers can expect the system to deliver 278 horsepower and 252 pounds-feet of torque, numbers that are practically unmatched in this segment. Engineers included similar fuel-saving technologies in this unit, resulting in a 33 mpg highway fuel efficiency.

Meanwhile, the brand also included a number of exterior amenities that will surely improve the driving experience, especially on those dark and stormy nights. The available LED headlights will provide unmatched visibility, while the bright LED taillights will alert your fellow drivers of your presence.



Of course, regardless of the time of year, safety is always a top concern among drivers, but this is especially true when the roads are a mess. Fortunately, drivers can lean on the 2017 Honda Accord’s array of safety functions to help keep them out of harm’s way. The brand’s Honda Sensing technology is intended to reduce the chance of an accident and maximize the occupant’s security, so owners shouldn’t think twice about bringing the car out during a storm.

The Lane Keeping Assist System can determine when a driver is beginning to sway from their lane, and the vehicle can automatically adjust the steering wheel to return you to your intended path. The Collision Mitigation Braking System will be equally as important, as the technology can detect when a collision is impending. After alerting the driver via audible and visual cues, the Accord can automatically adjust the brakes to lessen the impact. Finally, the Road Departure Warning System relies on small cameras to see any upcoming road markers, and it can alert the driver if the vehicle is about to leave the road.

Perhaps the most innovative safety inclusion is the Adaptive Cruise Control. The unit works like a normal cruise control, but it can also rely on its sensors to determine when you’re approaching another vehicle at too great of a speed. The system will automatically adjust the brakes if necessary, and it can accelerate if traffic picks up. Even inclusions like the Multi-Angle Rearview Camera are appreciated, as the unit can reduce fender benders, due to the fact that drivers will have a better vantage point of everything that’s happening behind their car.



From now until the end of the year, you’ll likely have an assortment of barbecues and holiday parties that you’re going to attend. If you’re required to drive a far distance, you’ll want your vehicle equipped with a number of amenities that positively influence entertainment, convenience, and comfort. Unsurprisingly, the 2017 Honda Accord delivers in each of these regards.

The vehicle’s seven-inch Display Audio Touchscreen is the star of the interior, as the intuitive system provides easy access to an assortment of useful applications. Drivers can also capitalize on the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, meaning they can access many of their phone’s basic functions (including phone calls and text messages) without compromising safety. If the driver decides to listen to their favorite music playlists, they’ll enjoy the sound quality that comes from the 360-watt, seven-speaker Premium Audio System with subwoofer. Finally, if you need to keep your smartphone charged, you can easily use the wireless phone charger to keep the gadget completely juiced.

If owners are tasked to choose one attribute to describe the 2017 Honda Accord’s interior, they’d presumably go with convenience, as the vehicle includes a number of features that will improve the driving experience. The 10-way adjustable seat provides drivers with plenty of flexibility as they’re seeking their ideal seating position, while the driver memory system will remember your preferred vantage point. The Remote Engine Start is appreciated in the summer and winter, as drivers can warm up or cool down their vehicle from the comfort of their own house. Of course, the Push Button Start also makes it incredibly easy to start your engine, while the One-Click Shifting can help the driver switch gears with ease.

Finally, engineers included several features that will keep occupants cozy during any long journey. The heated seats (which are also included in the rear) will allow occupants to escape the cold and warm up. Meanwhile, the Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control system lets occupants choose their ideal temperature setting, meaning there won’t be any arguments over the air conditioner or heater.