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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A row of trucks are parked at a lot that provides NY Chevy truck sales.

Why Pickups Make Great Big City Vehicles

According to recent census estimates, there are about 3.1 million total households in New York City; of that, about 1.4 million households own a vehicle. In doing the math, this means roughly 45 percent of all households in New York City own a vehicle. Further research shows that only about three percent of households in New York City own three or more vehicles. This rate of vehicle ownership is drastically lower than the rate of vehicle ownership in all United States households. Vehicle ownership for total households in the United States has been on the rise the last several years, and studies show that over 91 percent of households have access to at least one vehicle. This begs the question: Do people in New York or other big cities really need to own a vehicle? Well, that all depends on your lifestyle and choice when it comes down to it. But there are several compelling reasons why it makes sense to own a truck in New York or other big cities. And our guess is that NY Chevy truck sales will surge when people realize they need a truck.

A grey pickup truck is parked near the outskirts of a city.

The Evolution Of The Pickup Truck

Many drivers may still associate pickup trucks with country living or as strictly work vehicles. Trucks have changed dramatically over the years, and modern trucks are not only stylish and rugged; they are as luxurious as they are functional. If you have been out of the loop for the last several years concerning the evolution of the pickup truck, you might be surprised to know that trucks now come in many cab sizes and classes.

The standard cab is what you get with a traditional-looking pickup, a cab with two doors, and a single row of seats. There is also an extended cab, which has four doors, with rear-hinged back doors and a small seat in the back. The sedan of the truck segment is the double cab, they have four doors that open like conventional doors, and there is plenty of space in the back for adults to sit comfortably. Crew cabs are very similar to double cabs, with the only difference being that there is a whole lot more room in the back for passengers and cargo.

Nowadays, people are using pickup trucks for their daily commutes. Modern high-end trucks feature expansive dashboards, fancy infotainment systems with all of the latest technology, leather seating, heated steering wheels, and more. Take a look at the inside of a pickup truck, and it will be like looking inside a loaded Mercedes or Audi, a far cry from its truck ancestors with their stiff bench seats, crank windows, and an AM radio.

What hasn’t changed over the years is the power and capabilities of a pickup truck. Pickup trucks are still quite capable of carrying and towing heavy loads. They are also very good in off-road and rough road conditions. What has changed is their fuel efficiency; modern trucks have greatly expanded their gas mileage without sacrificing power and road readiness.

A Pickup Can Be a Big City Car

Owning a truck in the city gives you a level of safety and utility that cars simply cannot. Face it, from time to time, everyone has a need to haul something from point A to point B. Whether you need to have furniture moved or deliver large items, the cheapest and easiest way is by utilizing your truck. There is no need to hire someone or beg help from a friend or relative who owns a truck when you have one of your own. Pickups also allow you to tow stuff, so it now makes sense to go ahead and buy that dream boat or camper you have always wanted.

We all know just how difficult it is to park in a big city, and some people are afraid trucks are just too big to maneuver into a parking spot. While this may hold true with the larger trucks on the market, there are plenty of smaller trucks that are as easy to park as a sedan. And if gas mileage is a concern for you, there are Chevy trucks on the market that get 20 to 23 MPG in the city.

Safety is always a concern for any vehicle owner. Trucks now offer all of the same safety features found in cars including, blind-spot monitoring, forward-collision warning, and lane-departure warning. These advanced features help drivers gain confidence and feel safe on the road. Here is the kicker; trucks offer several advantages over cars when it comes to safety. Trucks are bigger and heavier than most of the vehicles on the road, and a truck’s bumper sits higher than a car’s bumper. Not to point out the obvious, but the smaller vehicle will suffer the worst of any impact. In addition, trucks sit higher than cars and offer the driver a better view of the surroundings, which makes for a safer drive. The bottom line is that trucks are safer on the busy streets in the city.

A four way intersection is shown in New York City.

You Own The Road

If you live in a big city, you learn to contend with the spatial limitations. There is no need to beat around the proverbial bush here; personal space in the big city is hard to come by, and you will have your personal bubble penetrated by a few strangers just walking to the mailbox to retrieve your Amazon package. It’s something you just learn to live with.

It’s the same when you head out on the road in your subcompact car. Heading to the market, you are forever scrunched between an overzealous UPS van and a semi-truck. You can’t see more than six feet in front of you because, you got it, there is a pickup truck in front of you. Additionally, it’s nerve-racking trying to merge into traffic on the freeway; you usually just close your eyes, hit the gas pedal, and hope for the best.

But when you drive the city streets in a truck, you can carve your own path through traffic. That Amazon delivery driver will ride the tail of a small car to no end because they know if they do hit it, the small car will wind up at the wrong end of that deal. But this is not the case with a truck. Drivers are far warier of pickup trucks because they will cause far more damage and destruction in the event of a fender bender.

There are also other considerations when thinking about owning a truck while living in a big city. For example, people who live in a big city love living in a big city – until they are sick of it and need to get away. When you own a truck, you can pack it up with all of your gear, hook up a camper, and head out of the city and into the calming and peaceful wilderness for a few days of rest and relaxation. That’s something you just can’t do in a car. A truck is your ticket to exploring the backroads of your state and enjoying some much-needed open space. So as you can see, there are several compelling reasons why it makes perfect sense to own a truck in a big city.

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