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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A blue 2018 Chevy Trax, one of the popular used Chevy SUVs for sale, is driving past water with a city skyline in the distance.

Used Chevy SUVs For Sale Are a Great Value

If you are looking for used Chevy SUVs for sale, now is as good a time as ever! Summer is approaching and you may be looking to haul a boat to the lake or your kids to the ocean. Or you may simply be looking to trade in your older vehicle for a newer model. No matter the reason, the used SUV market offers plenty of models, styles and options to suit your needs. From small to large or from simple to more luxurious, going with a used SUV can not only get you into the vehicle you want, but can also save you money in the process. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come along with purchasing a used Chevrolet SUV.

A Strong Lineup

Chevrolet offers six different SUVs, starting with the compact crossover Trax and topping out with the Suburban there are plenty of choices and many years to choose from. All of these models have won various awards for their outstanding quality, reliability, safety and performance over the years. When you go with a Chevy SUV, you know you are getting a quality vehicle backed up by an iconic brand with a stellar reputation. In addition, each model is available in its own selection of trim levels, resulting in great flexibility which will appeal to buyers of all kinds. Looking for used Chevy SUVs for sale can be daunting but knowing which on is right for you will help immensely. Here’s an overview of the lineup:


For those living in crowded cities, you’re probably going to go with a smaller vehicle rather than a larger SUV, which will be harder to get around. For this reason alone the Trax is a good choice, but there are other reasons why it is a perfect solution for city dwellers.

For example, the Trax is equipped with halogen projector headlamps and exterior lighting, which makes both you and pedestrians viable on busy city streets, both day and night.

The interior is also designed for comfortable city driving, with features such as a large touchscreen display with rear vision camera to assist you in getting out of those tight parking garage spaces. You can even find them with the available GPS navigation system which can also safely and accurately guide you across town to your destination.


If safety is your main concern, perhaps consider looking for a Chevy Equinox. This SUV offers features to provide peace of mind in preventing accidents before they happen.

The Equinox’s safety features include rear cross traffic alert, side blind zone alert and lane change alert, rear vision camera and rear park assist, all of which combine to help drivers avoid collisions, both major and minor.

This SUV can be found with more advanced safety features like low speed automatic braking, which detects when a collision is about to occur and automatically adjusts the brakes to compensate, and the forward collision alert system, which notifies drivers via audible and visual feedback if an oncoming collision is imminent, provide further protective measures.


In regards to interior livability, it’s hard to beat the Traverse. With room for eight passengers, it’s at the top of its class. But aside from just the passenger room, this Chevy SUV offers an incredible amount of overall interior space.

With the seats down, the Traverse offers an astounding amount of space, more than enough to haul a full load of cargo. Adding to the versatility, the 60/40 split rear seats allow for flexibility in transporting longer or odd-shaped items, or a mix of cargo and passengers.


A white 2018 Chevy Tahoe is shown driving in fall.

Technology lovers will surely be enticed by the offerings of Chevy’s second largest SUV, which provides a slew of options to keep both driver and passengers informed and entertained.

More recent years include the MyLink system, which allows for the sending and receiving of phone calls and text messages, among other features, all hands-free. MyLink also integrates with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which means you take your music playlists or podcasts with you. If you look hard enough you can come across one of these great used Chevy SUVs for sale with the available 4G LTE WiFi hot spot, which will allow connectivity for up to seven different devices.


While this is the largest of Chevy’s SUV offerings, it’s also equipped to provide enough power to transport plenty of passengers and / or cargo. So if you’re looking in the ultimate in power and performance, this might be the best fit.

The Suburban’s large V8 engine puts out enough horesepower and torque to meet heavy duty requirements that might arise. If you’ve got a boat or large trailer to tow, the robust towing capacity of the Suburban will get the job done. Chevy’s engineers have also designed the vehicle to use a lighter suspension system, which in turn increases fuel economy.

(Just About) the Latest and Greatest

Going with a used SUV doesn’t mean you have to settle for an older broken down model. Purchasing used over new provides several key advantages.

Driving a new Chevy can result in a sizable drop in value during the first couple of years. This issue is less so with a used Chevy SUV, as the depreciation has already happened by the time it gets to you. As a result, used models hold their value better. This benefits you when you go to either sell or trade it in later. Besides getting an overall cheaper purchase price, additional financial benefits when going with a used SUV also include lower taxes and insurance costs.

Another plus is that you can get more vehicle for your money. Looking at used Chevy SUVs for sale you will often see features that perhaps you couldn’t afford in a new vehicle. With enough research and patience buyers can find a two or three year old model at a higher trim level for less money than the base trim of that same vehicle brand new.

Used Chevy SUVs, only a few years old, can often be found with vehicle history reports, which detail the life of the vehicle and spell out any problems it has had, such as being in an accident or mechanical issues. These will also detail the ownership history and whatever maintenance has been performed and reported.

Pre-Owned in Addition to Used

For buyers looking for a bit more peace of mind when buying used, Chevrolet’s certified pre-owned program is one of the most extensive in the business. Unlike regular used cars, certified pre-owned, or CPO vehicles are rigorously tested, inspected and refurbished by the manufacturer. Many CPO vehicles also include an extended warranty, special financing, and additional benefits. You’re essentially getting an SUV that’s like new, but without the new price. GM’s dealers are also required to address any applicable safety recall issues, so you know you are getting a vehicle that is problem-free.

Chevy’s CPO program also offers bonuses and incentives such as two warranties (6 year / 100,000 mile powertrain limited warranty and 12 month / 12,000 mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty), scheduled maintenance program with two free visits, a 3 day / 150 mile vehicle exchange program (in case you change your mind), and 24/7 roadside assistance, courtesy transportation and three months of complimentary OnStar and SiriusXM radio.


Trying to decide which used Chevy SUV you need is definitely a process involving much research, but hopefully the information presented above will make the choice easier. Besides saving money over buying a new vehicle, in all cases you also get Chevy’s longstanding reputation for quality, so you can be assured that no matter which model you decide on, you will be getting an SUV that will serve your needs for many years to come. And now for the hard part, scouring the internet for used Chevy SUVs for sale…

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