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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Two Must-Have Chevy Truck Parts and Accessories

Spring is finally here and with it, for most of us across the United States, spring brings plenty of showers and a muddy season. This is great fun for Chevy truck drivers, especially those of you who test the boundaries and take your trucks off roading on all-terrain type adventures. Still, Monday will roll around and when it comes time to haul yourself into the office, what kind of shape will your truck’s interior be in? Never mind the exterior.

Sure, a quick spin through the car wash might hide some of the soot, sand, or silt that accumulated as you rocked your inner weekend warrior. But, a soggy interior, muddy carpets, or mildewy smell isn’t exactly the kind of professional note you might want to strike on the job site, particularly if there’s a chance you’ll share the cab with a client.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of Chevy truck parts and accessories that are designed by the bowtied brand, manufactured and produced to their high standards, and available for you to purchase from your nearby certified Chevy dealer. But, where to begin? Well, right here, in the thick of spring showers and opportunities to take your truck muddin’.

Two no-brainer recommendations to protect your Chevy truck’s interior and exterior include mud flaps and floor mats/liners. Why these two, in particular? Well, here’s quick glimpse at what Chevy offers for each one, along with a reason or two why they might prove useful to you.

  1. Mud flaps – The purpose of mud flaps is two-fold. First of all, mud flaps keep the exterior of your vehicle safe from flying debris that tends to collect in mud and other off- or on-road particles kicked up by the tire. The second layer of protection provided by mud flaps is for any passengers, particularly if the windows of the truck are open. Mud flaps help deflect any unwanted items from entering the cabin, dinging the paint job, or one of your passengers.
  2. Floor mats and floor liners – Wait, what’s the difference? Once you can tell the two apart, you’ll never confuse them again. CARiD differentiates the two by comparing one to an area rug, and the other to wall-to-wall carpeting. Brilliant analogy! Floor liners, which come standard when you purchase your truck, are thinner (these are the area rugs); whereas, floor liners, especially those made by Chevy are seriously durable. They protect your truck’s interior from wet, muddy boots and even provide extra traction for those boots when getting into and out of the truck itself.

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get out and go on an adventure. But before you go too far, outfit your Chevy truck with these parts – not to mention all the other possibilities provided by Chevy and other Chevy-recommended third party manufacturers. When it comes to Chevy trucks, we’re all about “Finding New Roads.” But, your truck will appreciate a little extra protection along the way and maintain its rugged ability and appearance for far more miles…and more muddin’ seasons!