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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

An orange 2022 Chevy Corvette is shown parked next to a guard rail and woman.

This ‘Vette Goes VROOM!!

This American classic has been around for over 60 years and is one of the most recognized and talked about cars in the history of the American automobile industry. It is now in its eighth generation. Yes, the 2022 Corvette is ready to roll, so let’s preview some of its finest features. Your local Chevrolet Dealer is likely revved up to share more shop secrets with you, so stop by if you’re a ‘Vette fanatic and are interested in taking a closer look at this mechanical masterpiece.

We’ll take a quick spin through what’s new and what makes this car beloved by millions around the globe. We’ll start by reviewing its aesthetics and its finer interior and exterior touches. Next, we’ll cover all of the goodies you’ll gush over that are included in the new C8.R Limited Edition. Because this is a supercar, we can’t not review performance, so we’ll also race you through some finer technical details that will have an impact on the car’s performance and handling.

Start your engines, and let’s go.

Bolder Looks

Arriving for 2022 are three new and distinctive colors. Amplify Orange (a cost to upgrade), Caffeine (a coffee brown), and Hypersonic Gray won’t disappoint. These unique colors are catchy and creative and won’t be understated when applied to the body style of a Corvette. Pick the one that matches your personality, and you won’t be disappointed.

The exterior also features a new, optional low-profile rear spoiler. If you couple this with the new front-splitter and lower side sills, your aerodynamics will improve. These features also make the vehicle look sleeker and faster even when sitting still.

The interior has ample storage, including 13 cubic feet of cargo space behind the engine and in front of the cabin. You should be able to easily make your next tee time as a few golf bags drop into the Corvette without a problem. The cabin is a true Super Sports Car with its squared-off steering wheel, lots of leather, real metal, and suede. Yet the interior is also quite reasonable and manageable to ride in for running errands around town or taking a quick trip down the road.

The modern touch screen measures 8 inches, is very user-friendly, and is properly tilted just the right way for viewing and access. If you want a few more toys to play with, opt for the 2LT trim with its head-up display, wireless charging, heated steering and seats, and Bose stereo.

Corvette aficionados won’t be disappointed with these high-end details. A visit to a local Chevrolet dealer can get you an up-close and personal view of this modern classic – just stop in for a visit.

A bronze 2022 Chevy Corvette is facing the ocean while parked on dock.

New Limited Edition

Also new for 2022 is a limited edition known as the IMSA GTLM Championship CR.8 Edition (if you are confused by the letters, they stand for International Motor Sports Association Grand Touring Le Mans – a competitive racing series that Chevy competes in)

This special edition Corvette is a nod to the amazing performance of Corvette Racing during the 2020 IMSA sportscar championship. If you want the limited edition, it is best to decide quickly because they’re only delivering 1,000 of these to the most discerning Corvette customers.

This limited edition will have two color options, Hypersonic Gray (one of the new 2022 colors discussed above) and Accelerate Yellow. The inside will feature GT2 bucket seats and yellow seat belts. Carbon Flash will accent the mirrors and rear spoiler for a unique and bold look, further distinguishing this car from the standard model.

To ensure you know you’ve got the Limited Edition, you’ll also find your edition number proudly and visibly displayed between the seats. You’ll also notice numerous yet distinctive Corvette Racing logo tags strategically incorporated into the design of this limited edition.

We’d suggest hurrying to a nearby Chevrolet Dealer to reserve one of these rare machines before they’re gone.

Technical Upgrades

Speaking of upgrades, the 2022 Corvette has many under-the-hood and technology upgrades. These are noteworthy because they are not always highly visible, yet they noticeably matter to the sports car enthusiast who rightfully has high expectations from their Corvette.

Let’s begin with the revised fuel management system that includes a new fuel pump and a new fuel injector. The outcome is a higher fuel pressure that lowers emissions but simultaneously improves stability.

Another enhancement released in 2022 is the engine management system updates. Engine calibration is improved when cylinders deactivate based on RPMs or gear. The engine output remains at 490 hp with 470 lb-ft torque. Unlike older Corvettes, the current generation mounts the V8 engine behind the passenger compartment for better weight distribution. What’s important is that this engine will get the car from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds.

The new fuel management system and the improved engine management system are innovative engineering accomplishments by Chevrolet. Corvette owners will be pleased with the upgraded performance as a result of these modifications.

Nonetheless, if you desire top-shelf performance and handling, the Z51 package remains the smart add-on. The Z51 package increases speed and control and cools the engine and breaks more effectively. It also has a dual-mode performance exhaust, summer tires, and superior breaks.

Inside, the 2022 Corvette owner will find technology conveniences like Bluetooth, smartphone integration, and a WiFi hotspot. This way, you can keep your digital life connected to your driving life.

As seen, the 2022 Corvette made some nice strides in the performance category. Whether you see yourself racing laps around a track or incorporating it into your daily lifestyle, this remains a true Corvette through and through. Loyal Corvette owners will appreciate the understated performance additions, and new Corvette owners will be pleased with this car’s acceleration, steering, and turning. Overall, it fully lives up to the Corvette moniker.

If you want to get educated on all of these new technical features, visit a knowledgeable Chevrolet dealer. Their folks are experts on the 2022 Corvette, and you’d be hard-pressed to stump them with any question.

A blue 2022 Chevy Corvette is shown from a high angle in a lot after leaving a Chevrolet dealer.

That’s a Wrap

Overall, that’s a quick summary of the 2022 Corvette. This amazing engineering feat starts at around $60,000, which is slightly more than the 2021 model.

The standard ‘Vette is a coupe that does have a convenient lift-off roof panel that fits in the trunk. However, you can opt for the convertible that has a folding hardtop. This will add a couple thousand to the purchase price but allow you to feel the wind in your hair at the touch of a button.

No matter what, the 2022 Corvette is a touch of modern in a timeless classic. The 2022 upgrades and enhancements make it a joy to drive, and it’s easy on the eyes.

An experienced Chevrolet dealer is a professional, licensed dealer that can guide you through the myriad of questions you might have about purchasing a high-performing sports car like the 2022 Corvette. Yet, they’ll make the buying process stress-free and enjoyable. They are knowledgeable, have insider expertise, can discuss your trade-in, and they’ll deftly manage the financing and paperwork so that all you need to worry about is having fun with the entire process of purchasing your Corvette.

So, if you want to view or test the 2022 Corvette, coordinate with your Chevrolet Dealer, who’ll schedule this for you and make it happen.

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