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A black 2019 GMC Acadia All Terrain sits victorious of the 2019 GMC Acadia vs 2019 Chevy Traverse

They May Be Similar, but the Acadia Is Better Than the Traverse

If you’ve been hunting around for a new SUV, we’re sure you’ve found yourself comparing the 2019 GMC Acadia vs 2019 Chevy Traverse. This is a fair comparison, as the two SUVs actually deliver similar amenities, specs, and capabilities. However, at the end of the day, it’s pretty obvious that GMC’s SUV is the superior option.

Below, we’ve compared some major aspects of the 2019 GMC Acadia vs 2019 GMC Traverse. Take a look at how these two nameplates stack up to each other, and you may be realizing that your next trip out is to a nearby GMC dealership…


2019 GMC Acadia

The Acadia is truly emphasizing the “sport” in “sports utility vehicle.” The nameplate manages to provide customers with top-notch performance, but they’ve accompanied these power specs with impressive efficiency specs. That way, you’ll get all of the power advantages of a SUV without having to tolerate any of the vicarious disadvantages!

Customers will ultimately have the option to choose from a pair of impressive engine offerings. The standard option is the 2.5-liter four-cylinder SIDI engine, but customers shouldn’t overlook this option because of its smaller stature. Rather, the unit still manages to pump out a whole lot of power, as drivers can expect 193 horsepower and 188 pound-feet of torque. Plus, thanks to inclusions like Variable Valve Timing and Stop/Start technology, drivers can also anticipate a 26-mile-per-gallon highway fuel efficiency. This is a number that’s rarely seen in this segment, and it’s a number that will help you save some extra dough at the gas station!

The 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine is for those seeking the utmost power from their new engine. The unit is ultimately capable of pumping out 310 horsepower and 271 pound-feet of torque, meaning you’ll be more-than-ready to overcome your fellow drivers on the highway. Plus, these numbers have a vicarious impact on some of the SUV’s other capabilities, specifically the 4,000-pound towing capacity.

Of course, engineers added additional mechanical amenities that will help to optimize the entire driving experience. The Traction Select System will adapt the vehicle to accommodate the impending road conditions, while the Continuously Variable Real-Time Damping Suspension system assures that you’re always in complete control of your ride.

2019 Chevy Traverse

It’s admirable that Chevy managed to include a pair of engine options in their brand-new Chevy Traverse. These offerings also do a nice job of mirroring the 2019 GMC Acadia when it comes to individual specs. However, at the end of the day, these numbers still prove to be inferior to those included in GMC’s hulking SUV.

The 3.6-liter V6 engine is the more-powerful of the two offerings, promising drivers up to 310 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque. Plus, thanks to fuel-saving technologies like Variable Valve Timing and Spark Ignition Direct Injection, drivers can also anticipate a 27-mile-per-gallon highway fuel efficiency. The other option is the 2.0-lite turbo four-cylinder engine, which pumps out 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

Engineers added one additional mechanical amenities that are intended to improve the entire driving experience. The brand included their drive mode, which allows owners to prepare their SUV for the impending road conditions. Otherwise, that’s pretty much the extent of the 2019 Chevy Traverse’s mechanical amenities.


2019 GMC Acadia

We’d reckon that you’re pursuing a SUV for it’s ability to accommodate your entire family. Engineers of the 2019 GMC Acadia surely recognized this, and that’s why they included a number of technological amenities inside of the ride.

It naturally starts with the eight-inch diagonal GMC Infotainment System, which provides drivers with an assortment of applications via the easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Plus, thanks to the inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can easily access your smartphone without having to compromise safety.

Of course, the interior does a whole lot more than provide drivers and passengers with innovative technology. Rather, the SUV also promises an abundance of interior space, assuring you’ll always have enough room to fit all of your cargo inside your new ride. The 2019 GMC Acadia delivers an impressive 12.8-cubic-feet behind the third row and 41.7-cubic-feet of space behind the second row. However, owners can unlock 79-cubic-feet of space when the rear seats are hidden, providing them with an abundance of space to fit whatever they’ll need for their impending journey.

Plus, the vehicle includes amenities that will make loading that cargo incredibly easy. The third-row 50/50 split seats are incredibly easy to fold, while the Smart Slide second-row seats provide easy access to the back of your SUV. The vehicle can also be equipped with additional storage spots, like the available second-row rear storage drawer. That way, you’ll never have to worry about your ability to fit everything inside your new SUV.

A closeup of the infotainment center of a 2019 GMC Acadia

2019 Chevy Traverse

The 2019 Chevy Traverse is roomy and filled with technological features, but the interior still doesn’t hold a candle to the interior of the 2019 GMC Acadia.

The Traverse is equipped with all of the technological offerings you’ve come to expect from a brand-new ride, including an intuitive touchscreen system. The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility allows drivers to always stay connected, while the various USB ports assure that your gadget will always remain fully juiced.

The vehicle does admittedly deliver a whole lot of interior space, as drivers can capitalize on the 98.2-cubic-feet of space when the rear seats are hidden. Additionally, amenities like the hands-free lift gate and the Smart Slide Seating will make loading that cargo an absolute breeze.

Unfortunately, this is the extent of the interior advantages provided by the 2019 Chevy Traverse. If you’re looking for a cabin that will keep you entertained and provide top-notch cargo space, you’re better off opting for the 2019 GMC Acadia.


2019 GMC Acadia

If you are going to be relying on your new SUV as a family ride, then you’ll be relieved to hear that the nameplate is fully equipped with a number of reliable safety functions. These features will play a major role in helping drivers avoid accidents altogether, thus assuring that you and your passengers are always remaining out of harm’s way.

Inclusions like the Lane Change Alert (with Side Blind Zone Alert) will prove to be invaluable when you’re traveling on the highway, while the Rear Park Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert will help reduce the chance of a fender bender. There’s even a Rear Vision Camera System, meaning you can constantly monitor everything that’s happening around your new SUV.

Perhaps the most innovative safety function is the Teen Driver Technology. If you’re about to send your younger driver off on their first solo journey, then this is one amenity that you surely don’t want to ignore. The system will monitor your teen driver’s habits, and the vehicle will refuse to perform basic functions (like radio audio) until occupants are traveling in safe conditions (like having their seat belts equipped). Parents can even monitor their child’s trip at the end of a journey thanks to the in-vehicle report car.

2019 Chevy Traverse

Chevy is generally touted for their safety, so it’s not all that surprising that the 2019 Traverse includes a number of safety amenities. However, when all is said and done, these features still don’t do much to separate the nameplate from the 2019 GMC Acadia.

There are a number of useful functions that will help keep drivers out of harm’s way. For instance, the Forward Collision Alert will notify the driver when a crash appears to be imminent, and the accompanying Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking can automatically decelerate the vehicle to avoid a collision. The other inclusions are fairly common, including the Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning. The vehicle even includes that previously-mentioned Teen Driver Technology.

However, at the end of the day, these functions are about on par with those included in the 2019 GMC Acadia. In other words, even if you consider “safety” a tie, all of the other attributes indicate that you should be opting for GMC’s new SUV.

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