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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A white 2024 GMC Hummer EV is shown parked on a beach after leaving a GMC SUV dealer.

The New Hummer SUV Is Ready to Electrify Your Life

What’s big, bold, and electric? If you head over to your local GMC SUV dealer, you’ll find out the answer. That’s because the famous Hummer SUV is back after over a decade. However, there is a difference with this Hummer that sets it apart from the three prior versions of this SUV beast. Where the other Hummers developed a reputation as inefficient gas-guzzlers, this new Hummer SUV won’t be thirsty at all. In fact, this new Hummer SUV won’t cost you a single drop of gasoline. That’s because the new Hummer SUV is an all-electric BEV (battery-electric vehicle).

The 2024 Hummer SUV will be the second BEV that GMC is producing under the Hummer brand name. The first was a pickup truck called the Hummer SUT, introduced for the 2023 model year with a payload bed in the back and seating for up to five passengers. The Hummer SUV removes the bed and replaces it with an enclosed cargo area, but maintains most of the standard features of the pickup model.

Where the Prior Hummer Went Wrong

In 1992, AM General Corporation debuted a civilian version of its Humvee rugged transportation vehicle that had become famous during the Persian Gulf War. Named the Hummer, this model kept the off-roading attributes of the Humvee but added comfort features to appeal to drivers looking for a combination of strength and luxury. Recognizing this commercial potential, General Motors bought the marketing and distribution rights to the Hummer from AM General Corporation in 1999.

The Hummer was offered to drivers in two different versions, an SUV edition with an enclosed trunk space, and a pickup version with a payload bed. This continued over the three models of the Hummer’s vehicle generational history.

However, there was a problem with the Hummer right from the start. It was one of the heaviest passenger vehicles on the road, weighing over 8,000 pounds. As a result, it got quite poor fuel economy, usually less than 10 miles per gallon depending on which model you bought. This became an issue for General Motors as gas prices began to go up. It didn’t help that motorists were also becoming more conscious about issues like greenhouse gas emissions, and the Hummer was often their target for criticism.

General Motors tried to combat this problem by offering increasingly smaller versions of the Hummer. The 2003 Hummer H2, based on the full-size Chevy pickup, weighed about 6,000 pounds. The 2006 Hummer H3 was based on the smaller Chevy Colorado and weighed an even lighter 4,800 pounds. However, these ended up harming sales, as the original market saw right through GM’s badge engineering ploy, and preferred liked the size and power of the original Hummer H1. That model was discontinued in 2006, and the smaller Hummer H2 and H3 didn’t provide enough to draw new customers to the model. In 2009, General Motors stopped producing the Hummer H2, followed by the H3 and the entire Hummer brand in 2010.

The Return of the Hummer SUV

As famous Hummer enthusiast Arnold Schwarzenegger once famously said, “I’ll be back.” In 2020, GMC announced that it would bring back the Hummer as a new model rather than a standalone brand. Advances in battery electric powertrains over the ensuing decade provided the ability to offer a Hummer that would please big vehicle lovers and environmentalists alike.

The development of lithium-ion battery cells made the return of the Hummer possible. These batteries capture and store more power than previous batteries, and weigh far less as well. Over the past 20 years, most EVs and hybrids were compacts and subcompacts, because the older battery cells didn’t produce enough energy to propel larger and heavier vehicles. This has changed, especially as General Motors has made a major investment in its Ultium battery platform.

The 2024 Hummer SUV offers drivers the choice of two different powertrains. The first has two motors, one for each axle, powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. This delivers up to 625 horsepower and an amazing 7,400 lb-ft of torque. No, that’s not a typo. Electric motors can generate enormous amounts of torque, and GMC takes full advantage of this in the Hummer SUV. The EV2 trim can get about 250 miles on a full charge, while the EX2X increases this to a 300-mile estimated range.

GMC also offers the Hummer SUV with a three-motor setup called Ultium Drive. This has a larger battery than the dual-motor edition, with an estimated 20 modules having an estimated charge of 167.0 kWh. The addition of the extra motor enables this version of the Hummer SUV to pack quite a punch, with up to 830 horsepower and a massive 11,500 lb-ft of torque. As a result, the tri-motor Hummer SUV can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a blistering 3.5 seconds. This model also has an estimated range of 300 miles on a full battery charge.

The black and white interior is shown inside a 2024 GMC Hummer EV.

How Does It Compare to the Hummer Pickup?

The 2024 Hummer SUV is slightly shorter than the Hummer Pickup. The Hummer SUV has a 126.7-inch wheelbase, while the Hummer Pickup is slightly longer at 135.6 inches. With 10 inches less rear overhang, the Hummer SUV has a departure angle of 49.0 degrees, better than the 38.4 degrees of the Hummer Pickup. It also has a slightly better maximum break-over angle of 34.4 degrees, as well as a tighter turning radius. These factors will make the Hummer SUV a better choice for drivers who plan to use their vehicle for off-roading. Both vehicles can ford up to 32 inches of water.

Both the Hummer Pickup and SUV have removable roof panels, allowing you to let the outside in for a more immersive driving experience. GMC replaced the pickup model’s payload bed with an enclosed cargo compartment in the Hummer SUV, providing up to 81.8 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear row of seats folded down. This compartment also protects your cargo from the elements.

Technology Beyond Hummer’s Wildest Dreams

Even though the original Hummers may have been fun to drive, they never had the array of technology available on the new Hummer SUV. No matter which trim level or powertrain you choose, your 2024 Hummer SUV will feature an advanced infotainment system on a 13.4-inch touchscreen. This not only provides important information but also allows you to connect your smartphone devices through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In addition to this center infotainment screen, you also get a 12.3-inch information center display in front of the driver. This provides vital vehicle information like the remaining charge on your battery and your vehicle’s remaining range. In addition, you can access trail mapping through the myGMC app, excellent for navigating off-road as well as on.

Each Hummer SUV features HD Surround Vision, providing up to 14 camera views around your Hummer. If you opt for the available UltraVision, this increases to 17 camera views, including underbody cameras that will reveal hidden obstacles that could pose a risk when off-roading.

GMC dispenses with annoying key fobs, letting you use your smartphone instead, using the Digital Key feature. This pairs your smartphone with your Hummer SUV, providing you with an excellent way to remote start, lock, and unlock your vehicle.

When AM General Corporation built the first Hummers back in 1993, they could only dream of a system that would allow drivers to handle their vehicles hands-free. GMC has conquered this with its Super Cruise system. This driver assistance technology allows you to drive your Hummer SUV hands-free over 200,000 specially mapped and enabled roadways across North America. This helps you reduce driver fatigue induced in many long drives. There is even a new automatic lane-changing feature, which determines when a lane change makes sense and will change lanes safely, including signaling, to let other drivers know they are about to get passed by a Hummer SUV.

A white 2024 GMC Hummer EV is shown from the side driving over sand.

A New Generation of Hummer SUV for a New Generation of Drivers

The problem that hounded GM with the original Hummer was how to build a full-size SUV that is also fuel efficient and compliant with emission standards. The solution ended up being electric. Now, drivers who want the power, size, and styling of a Hummer SUV can get one that consumes no gasoline and reduces greenhouse gas emissions to zero. You can lead the charge into the future in a 2024 Hummer SUV.

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