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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A silver 2024 Chevy Traverse is shown parked on a dirt path.

The Family That Off-Roads Together: The Other Side of the 2024 Chevy Traverse

In its media, Chevy introduces the 2024 Traverse as a vehicle for the whole family, highlighting its abundant seating, impressive cargo space, and a lengthy list of safety and driver assistance equipment. All of these traits are admirable and surely among some of the top selling points for an 8-passenger vehicle with up to 98.2 cu.ft. of cargo space. The 2024 Chevy Traverse is clearly massive, and for many drivers, that can be a good thing.

But it doesn’t have to be the only thing about a vehicle. In fact, the 2024 Chevy Traverse Z71 package is here to remind all drivers that a family SUV doesn’t have to be pigeonholed into just one role. Friendly for on and off-road conditions, the Traverse model follows in the bold tire prints left by the other Z71 models in Chevy’s lineup. At the same time, it remains true to the Traverse formula, providing large SUV drivers with a truly versatile option. Take a look at what sets the new 2024 Traverse Z71 apart from the rest of the lineup.

A silver 2024 Chevy Traverse RS is shown parked off-road.

The Family Side of Traverse

Besides the ample seating and cavernous best-in-class cargo space, the 2024 Chevy Traverse is well-equipped to be a very handy vehicle indeed. Under the hood of each 2024 Traverse is a 2.5L turbocharged engine, which ramps up the horsepower to 328 hp and nudges the torque level up to a maximum of 326 lb-ft. Compared to the previous 3.6L engine, which provided 310 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque, this is a considerable improvement in power figures. According to experts, the driving manners of the Traverse continue to be polite and responsive despite having great power and size.

The Traverse also comes with a truly impressive array of standard and available safety and driver assistance technology. The existing Chevy Safety Assist standard package, which includes features such as Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, IntelliBeam Auto High Beams, and Automatic Emergency Braking, can be enhanced by brand new features like Rear Pedestrian Alert, Side Bicyclist Alert, and Intersection Automatic Emergency Braking.

The interior of the Traverse is also well-designed for passengers, cargo, or both. A best-in-class standard 17.7-inch-diagonal color touchscreen controls the infotainment system. And while the 2024 Traverse is offered in LS, LT, and RS trims in addition to the Z71 model highlighted here, one doesn’t have to climb too high up the trim levels to enjoy some seriously deluxe features, like an optional sunroof, heated front and second-row outboard seats, and easily accessed third-row seating. Overall, Chevy has made the Traverse a fantastic choice for drivers who need room for more passengers, more stuff, or both. But now, the Traverse is stepping boldly into its more adventurous side with the introduction of the Z71 trim.

The All-New Traverse Z71

Let’s start by acknowledging there are different types of off-roading. There’s the type of stuff that makes national news, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Flipping through a few hundred links to GoPro footage on YouTube, you’ll recognize that some people consider a gravel road more than a mile long “off-roading,” while others aren’t having fun unless they could potentially lose an axle. If you are looking for a production-line Baja-ready SUV, the Traverse Z71 is not it– that’s more ZR2 territory, which might be a year or two wait. But if you’re the sort of driver who likes to load up and see where the mud leads in any sort of weather, then the Traverse Z71 might be exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s important for passenger-oriented drivers to know that the Z71 comes standard with 7-passenger seating instead of room for eight. The second row includes two captain’s chairs instead of a bench. However, the captain’s chairs are equipped with Chevy’s SmartSlide technology, which allows the seats to slide to provide easier access to the third row. Even better, SmartSlide can still be used when a child car seat is installed, so you don’t have to unpack the second row to get to the third. Furthermore, drivers can choose to have those seats upholstered in premium Evotex, a new material from GM that promises to be water-resistant, stain-resistant, and essentially child-proof. That also means it’s snow-resistant, mud-resistant, and can be easily wiped down after your adventures.

A 2024 Chevy Traverse Z71 is shown driving off-road.

Equipped for Better Off-Road Performance

So, let’s suppose you and the family are ready to head out to the lake on a fine, brisk autumn morning. What will the Z71 version of the Traverse provide that no other trim can? Externally, the Z71 is prepared for more adventures with an increased ground clearance and track width. That means this model is one inch taller, has a wider base, and will provide greater capability when maneuvering on non-traditional roads. That also means a greater sense of stability on slick surfaces. Custom 18-inch wheels are dressed in all-terrain tires, making the Traverse Z71 ready to hit the trail as soon as you slip behind the wheel. Furthermore, the Z71 is already wearing aluminum skid plates, and the front fascia has been expertly calculated to improve the Traverse’s approach angle, making it easier to navigate uneven terrain.

All-wheel drive is standard, with a double-clutch system that helps provide the best traction and handling capability by monitoring rear wheel torque and providing power where it’s most needed. Chevy notes that the Z71 will include selectable drive modes that help the vehicle accommodate a variety of surfaces beyond the standard pavement. Also on board are off-road tuned suspension dampers equipped with hydraulic rebound control. Chevy understands the physics of taking a large object over uneven roads and has done their best to ensure all passengers stay seated and unjarred when bumps happen. Other features adding to the capability and overall coolness of the all-new 2024 Traverse Z71 include red tow hooks, Hill Descent Control, and a standard Trailering Package to help you bring along anything that doesn’t fit inside the cabin.

Discover the World in the 2024 Chevy Traverse Z71

The Chevy Traverse is among the most family-friendly SUVs on the market, thanks to its smart features, robust safety and driver assistance technology, and well-designed interior and exterior. Offered in a variety of trims, the Traverse makes sense for a lot of drivers who spend their time moving all sorts of precious cargo. But for those who like to make memories in the backcountry, explore the road less taken, and see where the wilderness takes them, the 2024 Traverse Z71 ensures everyone who wants to has the opportunity to take that journey.

With room for seven passengers and the potential for over 98 cu.ft. of cargo, the Z71 is a large vehicle, but Chevy has equipped it with all the right features to make it a formidable force against mud and other rugged terrain. Its versatility is what gives it an notable edge over other mid-size SUVs.From the tires to the suspension to the upholstery in the cabin, choosing the Traverse Z71 opens a new frontier for drivers and families who have been looking for an excuse to explore the unknown.

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