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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Two 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500's are parked in a grassy field with mountains in the background.

The Chevy Silverado 1500 is Diesel Powered in 2020

Say what you will about large personal pick-up trucks. Just because they look mean, doesn’t prove they play mean. From an automatic tailgate to rear bumper steps, user-friendly controls, and a new diesel-turbo engine, the 2020 Silverado 1500 is the one that is there for you when you need them most.

Its narrow headlights peer at passersby. Broad and bold façade stylings accentuate how a truck should look. Brawny engine purrs can be heard on the outside of the truck but quieted on the inside. The advanced Dynamic Fuel Management system reduces fuel use. And with eight trim options, you get to decide whether it’s a chrome embellished or high gloss body-color finish that’ll be shining in your parking spots real soon.

An all-new diesel-powered 6-cylinder turbocharged engine, capable of 460 lb-ft of torque, will be supplementing the already 5-engine deep Silverado arsenal.


A blue 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 Diesel is towing 2 side by sides on a large trailer on a grass lined road.

The same engines provided in the 2019 Silverado 1500 are also available in the 2020 Silverado 1500, with one exception. A 6-cylinder turbo-diesel. The Duramax 3.0L Turbo-Diesel Inline-6 is capable of 277 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. The Duramax turbo-diesel has an EPA estimated 27 combined mpg on 2WD and 25 combined mpg on 4WD.

The Silverado is available in a 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 engine. This V6 performs with 285 hp with 305 lb-ft of torque and has a towing capacity of 9,600 lbs. It yields an EPA estimated 17 combined mpg for two and 4WD.

Another available engine is a 2.7L 4-cylinder turbo. This turbocharged powerhouse is capable of 310 hp, 348 lb-ft of torque, and a maximum towing capacity of 11,400 lbs. It yields an EPA estimated 20 combined mpg for both two and 4WD.

The 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine comes with or without DFM (Dynamic Fuel Management) and auto engine stop/start technology. This engine gets an EPA estimated 19 combined mpg on two and 4WD. This V8 has a 355 hp rating, with 383 lb-ft of torque, and a max tow rating of 12,200 lbs.

Chevy’s diesel powerhouse is the 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine with (DFM) Dynamic Fuel Management and automatic stop/start technology. This diesel has 420 hp with 460 lb-ft of torque and a maximum tow rating of 12,200 lbs.

For reference, Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) increases fuel efficiency. It allows the Silverado to only use the cylinders that are required to complete the task at hand. This comes in handy with an 8-cylinder Silverado. No one needs a V8 to just cruise down Main St. if they’re not towing anything, by giving you the opportunity to use less power when you don’t need the extra muscle makes for a more dynamic engine.

Trim Options:

The 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 has 8 trims to choose from, with 6 engine types. The lowest trim is the Work Truck, which comes standard with a 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The next highest trim is the Silverado Custom, which comes standard with the same 4.3L EcoTec3 V6, 6-speed automatic transmission, and LED taillamps.

The Custom Trail Boss, a step above the Custom, is designed to conquer the trail. Chevrolet applies a 2-inch factory lift to this truck. It carries the aforementioned 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 on a 6-speed automatic transmission.

A white 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 Custom Trail Boss is rock crawling in the desert with a sun glare on it.

The LT is the first of the 2020 Silverado 1500 lineup to feature the all-new 3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel Inline-6-cylinder engine. It is also the first Silverado to come standard with chrome pieces. The LT sports chrome bumpers, grill pieces, and side-view mirror covers. Matching silver-painted aluminum wheels complete the suave look. The LT comes standard with a 2.7L 4-cylinder turbo and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The next trim available is the RST, which comes standard with the same powertrain as the Custom Trail Boss. Bumper, grille, headlight, and door handle colors are the same color as the car. This is the first of the Silverado 1500 trucks that features the industry’s first automatic tailgate.

Next, is a trim only available in FWD. The LT Trail Boss comes standard with a 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine with DFM (Dynamic Fuel Management) and auto engine stop/start technology. The LT trail Boss comes available with the 6.2L V8: a more the horsepower and torque capable machine.

The LTZ Silverado 1500 trim exudes class and power. With color options on the lighter end of the color spectrum, its chrome embellishments are on display. The LTZ comes standard with the same 5.3L V8 engine. It features silver-painted 18-inch wheels, a chrome grille, bumper, side-view mirror covers, and door handles.

The highest-end Silverado 1500 trim is the High Country. The High Country comes standard with the 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine.


The 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 is easy to spot on the road. It takes a unique approach by setting its headlights in a horizontal fashion, tucked just under the level of the hood. The Silverado grille is distinguishable because of its LED running lights. These LED lights are C-shaped and form around the edges of a large horizontal bar that runs across the grill.

If you prefer to not go through the hassle of lifting your truck after you purchase it, Chevy’s Z71 off-road package equips your Silverado with a 2-inch factory suspension lift, 18-inch high-gloss, black-painted aluminum wheels, and Mud Terrain Goodyear Wrangler Dura Trac blackwall tires.


The inside of the 2020 Chevy Silverado is welcoming. Moving through functions and changing settings in this car is simple. Even looking at the dashboard of the Silverado exudes simplicity. With space between each button and knob, the driver gets used to a user-friendly infotainment system for once.

The Silverado comes with an available 8-inch touchscreen monitor. Each Silverado is equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth technology.

A front view of the black interior inside of a 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 is shown.

With a wider, longer, and taller vehicle than ever before, the 2020 Silverado now offers more legroom in the second row. Not to mention, those tall passengers will have more room with the high ceiling.

The front passenger is made at home with the dual, top, and bottom, glove compartment arrangement. This attention to detail is a helpful tool for keeping clutter off the seats and floor.

Enjoy a quiet and smooth ride with Chevy’s noise dampening technology and forgiving suspension. Second-row seating comes with storage underneath and even behind the back-rest of each seat.


The Silverado 1500’s Hitch Trailering System is refined for 2020. It utilizes a bird’s eye view camera and digital reverse progress tracker to assure the receiver hitch will be perfectly lined-up. Technology like this helps difficult tasks go more swimmingly than what we’re used to because our days do not always go as such.

The MyChevrolet Mobile App is another lesser-known feature of not just the Silverado, but for Chevy vehicles as a whole. The app puts you in control if you suddenly remember that you forgot to lock the car, or even forgot where you last parked. You can start your engine, lock your car, utilize OnStar capabilities, and even mark on a map where you last parked, just in case you forget. The app is available for iPhone and Android users.

Not many people are aware of the Silverado 1500’s available head-up display on its recent models. This feature projects the vehicle’s speedometer, audio, Bluetooth calls, navigation, and other performance data right onto the windshield. The driver will have the option to turn on the display that projects information on the windshield, below their line of sight. This helpful tool will keep a driver’s eyes on the road when they need to see who is calling, or how fast they are moving. The 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 is the perfect vehicle for any driver interested in power and performance with the inclusion of luxury features.

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