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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A 2022 Jeep Compass (RED) Edition is shown on a red background.

The 2022 Jeep Compass (RED) Edition Will Have You Seeing RED!

Jeep has done an impressive job of building a reputation as the go-to automaker for people who love adventure. This is because no other automaker has staked out a position with respect to four-wheel drive models quite like Jeep. When you head into your Jeep Compass dealer, you’re going to find something really interesting. Not only has Jeep come out with a completely new generation of the Jeep Compass, but also it will have you seeing RED. We don’t just mean the color, but a new special edition of the 2022 Compass that is called the (RED) Edition.

This model grew out of a partnership between Jeep and (RED) to help fund the fight against health emergencies around the world. As part of this program, Jeep will be donating at least $4 million to the Global Fund between 2021 and 2023, with the sale of every Jeep (RED) Edition Compass and Renegade going toward the funding of this program. In this way, when you buy a 2022 Jeep Compass (RED) Edition, you are not just getting a great vehicle that seems designed for the modern driver; you are also helping to fund a great cause.

An Amazing Powertrain That You Cannot (RED) Line

Every 2022 Jeep Compass (RED) Edition features a 2.4-liter Tigershark I-4 gas engine. This features port fuel injection and comes paired with standard 4×4 and a 9-speed automatic transmission that is both efficient and allows you exceptional control over your vehicle’s performance. As a result, the Tigershark engine on the 2022 Compass (RED) Edition provides 177 horsepower at 6400 rpm and 172 lb-ft of torque at 3900 rpm. This means that you can get plenty of torque at a low gear speed, a key to any vehicle that you may want to take off-roading. Plus, all of that horsepower can easily get you from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 9.4 seconds, enough acceleration to get you safely onto any freeway.

One of the most amazing things about the 2022 Jeep Compass (RED) Edition is its exceptional fuel economy. You can expect to get 22 miles per gallon in city driving, an amazing 30 miles per gallon on the highway, and a combined 25 miles per gallon. This is truly impressive when you consider that the (RED) Edition is four-wheel drive standard. Having a four-wheel drivetrain can often reduce a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. However, Jeep has once again shown why it is an industry leader in building 4X4 SUVs, with the ability to provide solid fuel economy with the improved traction from four-wheel drive.

The 2022 Compass brought a mid-cycle refresh, and Jeep has taken an interesting approach, making its compact SUV take on more of the sleek lines and aerodynamic styling that folks associate with the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. The (RED) Edition lives up to its name with a bright Redline body color that is sure to turn heads as you drive by. The gray highlights on the grille rings and roof rails really help punch up the red color on the 2022 Jeep Compass (RED) Edition. But if it wasn’t red, then what would be the point of calling it a (RED) Edition, right?

A close up shows the dashboard and steering wheel of a 2022 Jeep Compass.

Seeing (RED) On and off the Road

Jeep has made the Compass (RED) Edition 4X4 standard. This four-wheel drivetrain not only gives the Compass (RED) Edition exceptional traction on the road in inclement weather; it also makes the (RED) Edition your choice of model for off-roading in a 2022 Compass. You are going to know that you have the power and ability to traverse all the obstacles you are going to encounter on the trail, and the 2022 Jeep Compass (RED) Edition will not disappoint you in this regard. The Compass (RED) Edition rides on a set of 19-inch Granite wheels, wrapped with P235/45 all-season tires.

One area where the Compass (RED) Edition truly excels is in road handling. The rack-and-pinion steering is tight on this model, giving you a turning radius of 18.1 feet. This is helped by the tight dimensions of the Compass, with a 103.8-inch wheelbase. Not only will this give you exceptional cornering, but you will also have no problem parking your 2022 Jeep Compass (RED) Edition in even the tightest spots on the street.

Flaming (RED) Interior Highlights

Jeep has done an exceptional job of carrying the striking exterior looks of the 2022 Compass (RED) Edition to the vehicle’s interior. You and up to four passengers are going to love the (RED) Edition’s leather seats. The designers at Jeep have pulled out all the stops on this model, giving you a perfect combination of roomy comfort and luxurious details. The 2022 Jeep Compass has nearly 100 cubic feet of passenger space, equitably divided between the vehicle’s two rows. For example, front row passengers will have 41.8 inches of legroom, while those in the back will enjoy 38.3 inches of legroom. This is sure to reduce any fights between your friends over who gets to ride shotgun. The Jeep Compass (RED) Edition also has a panoramic sunroof, which sure comes in handy for drivers who love to get as much sunshine as possible.

One of our favorite features on the (RED) Edition is the Jeep Uconnect 5 system. This is placed on a user-friendly 10.1-inch color touchscreen, allowing you ease of use while you drive your Compass (RED) Edition. Jeep has placed the Uconnect 5 touchscreen on a central location of the dashboard, raised up to your eye level so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road when using the system. This is especially helpful when using a navigation app since you can see the turn-by-turn directions on the screen while driving.

The Uconnect 5 system also includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, so you can access your favorite smartphone apps no matter where your Compass leads you. The (RED) Edition features a 6-speaker audio system, so you and your passengers can enjoy your favorite songs while out on the road. Jeep has done an excellent job giving the (RED) Edition a great passenger environment, something that builds on the improvements found in this latest generation of the Jeep Compass model.

The front and back of a 2022 Jeep Compass (RED) Edition is shown on a red background.

Standard Advanced Safety Features to Keep You Out of The (RED)

One of the biggest issues for most drivers today is vehicle safety, and Jeep should be commended for making its suite of intelligent safety and security features standard on all models of the 2022 Compass. Forward collision warning with active braking will warn you if your Compass is too close to the vehicle in front of it and automatically engage the brakes to avoid a collision or minimize the impact.

Blind spot monitoring with rear cross path detection will alert you if there are any vehicles you can’t see when either changing lanes or backing out of a parking spot. Active lane management will keep you from drifting on the road by alerting you with a sound and making automatic steering corrections to get you back in your lane. Finally, adaptive cruise control with stop and go will allow you to rest your foot on long drives by automatically adjusting the speed of your Compass to maintain a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you.

What’s Compact, Sporty, And (RED) All Over?

While that might sound like a children’s joke, you’ll find that the benefits of driving a 2022 Jeep Compass (RED) Edition are reasons to smile. From its gorgeous (RED) styling to its fuel-efficient and sporty engine, the (RED) Edition has so much to offer a driver heading out on the highway, looking for adventure in whatever comes their way. Plus, when you buy a 2022 Compass (RED) Edition, you will have the benefit of knowing that you are supporting a great cause that will make the world a better place. Drive (RED) and see what you’ve been missing all these years with a 2022 Compass (RED) Edition.

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