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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Sprinter Shopping at Mercedes Benz Laguna Niguel

To the untrained eye, it might look like all vans are created equal. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Go figure it takes the discerning eye of a luxury brand shopper to spot the difference, though we think the distinction between the Mercedes Benz Sprinter and everything else in the van segment is as starkly distinct as night from day. Of course, if you’re going the luxury route, you need to do so at an established dealership like Mercedes Benz Laguna Niguel. Just like vans aren’t created equal, neither are dealerships. You’re likely already well aware of this and have probably experienced a less than ideal car shopping scenario, perhaps even on more than occasion. Rest assured, whatever haggling and stressful negotiations you might have once suffered when shopping for a new car are non-existent at Mercedes Benz Laguna Niguel. Granted, you can’t believe everything you read, but a quick scroll through our customer-posted reviews on our website should convince you. If not that, a stroll around our expansive property most certainly will.

By all means, do a little research online and check out the inventory of new and pre-owned Sprinter models. There’s nothing like the real thing as the saying goes, so as soon as you’ve satisfied the cyber-itch, come down and experience the difference when you shop at Mercedes Benz Laguna Niguel.

Where Customers Come First

Building off decades of family values inherent in our business practices, we want to ensure that every customer feels welcome and at home in our dealership. We put our customers first, and the sale second. So, if a Sprinter model is what you have in mind, expect a smiling sales associate to give you the run down on the specs and top it off with a test drive. The Sprinter comes in a range of body styles – cargo van, passenger van, an extended cargo van – and features an actual walk-through cabin. Boasting a towing capacity ranging between 5,000-7,000 pounds, the Sprinter is a capable vehicle with surprisingly easy maneuverability. Available in four-wheel drive, the two fuel efficient engine options are sure to meet your needs without pushing your wallet at the pump.

Our Sprinter dealership, located directly behind the massive Mercedes Benz hub is conveniently situated so you can benefit from the best of what our overall property has to offer. Waiting for a service appointment? Why not explore our on-site horse trail, which we maintain for the use of our guests, employees, and residents of the burgeoning communities surrounding us. It’s an ideal setting for a stroll, jog, or just daydreaming. A serious upgrade over the waiting area we imagine you’re likely accustomed to at other dealerships.

We also offer complimentary unlimited car washes to all of our valued customers as a way to say thank you for your business. We keep our service department in tip-top condition, and have exceptionally high standards for cleanliness. With 60 service bays, we have to run a tight ship with expectations for excellence.

Given that you’re shopping around for a van from a high-end automaker like Mercedes Benz, we make every effort to provide a shopping experience to match that level of quality, sophistication, and legacy that is Mercedes Benz. Give a call or visit today so we can redefine your car shopping expectations and get you behind the wheel of the Sprinter vehicle designed to match your unique lifestyle.