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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Online Shopping With Definitely Has Its Perks

These days, it might seem like we do all of our shopping online – from clothes to holiday presents to electronics, and everything in between. It’s no secret that shopping online is fast, easy, convenient, and stress-free (for the most part), and that for many consumers that’s the preferred method of browsing around. With the speed and ease of using the internet to find exactly what you need, it’s easy to cut out the middleman and cut out the hours spent going from store to store to find the best deal. But why, we’ve come to ask, hasn’t this extended to car shopping?

Enter, an innovative way to find precisely the vehicle you’ve been looking for using the power of the internet. By choosing to shop online, you don’t just choose to eschew the painful process of hitting the bricks for each and every car you see – you also choose to look to the future of car shopping for today’s driving needs. And with so many perks available to each shopper through this innovative online system, you’re sure to find there’s no better deal to be had when it comes to finding quality used cars at great prices.

Here’s a look at some of the best perks and benefits that modern shoppers can expect from choosing, and just why there may be no better option for finding that perfect used car at a price that other dealers just can’t match.

First, An Easy Way To Shop

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Hate the pain of having to slog from dealer to dealer just to find a semi-palatable used model? Tired of the miles and miles of driving it takes just to see some used options? Well fret no longer – with, you can do all that browsing and all that deciding from the comfort of your very own home, work station, and even from your mobile device.

That’s because lets drivers search a Nationwide Inventory of dealer-only auctions, connecting you seamlessly with a wide variety of top-tier used vehicles that simply aren’t available to the average consumer. Not only will you be able to filter your selection by a list of factors – including model, make, year, trim, and even color – but you’ll be able to find the best price available nationwide, guaranteeing you’ll save money regardless of what choice you make.

Simply select your desired vehicle and will get on to shipping it to your local distribution center in just 48 hours, at which point you’ll be invited to come in and check it out for yourself. Feel free to give it a thorough looking-over, and even a test drive, all with no obligation and no money down. That means you’ll be able to walk away if anything is not to your standards – although with the expert techs and great selection available, it’s unlikely you’ll be anything but satisfied with what has to offer.

Settle into your selection with the handy $500 Lower Prices Guarantee, which allows to beat any competitor’s prices so that you know you’re getting the best deal around for your pre-owned vehicle, guaranteed. That means no more comparing dozens of prices or having to get quotes from a dozen different dealers – with, you know ahead of time that you’re getting the best deal around, period.

And by chosing, you’ll never have to worry about landing on a lemon again, thanks to the standard 3-Day/150-Mile Satisfaction Guarantee offered to every customer. While it’s highly unlikely to run into problems like this with an vehicle, simply having the guarantee in place offers drivers total peace of mind from the moment they leave the lot in their brand new pre-owned vehicle. Plus, with a complimentary Guaranteed CARFAX Clean Vehicle History report with every car in the inventory, you can spot trouble long before you even get behind the wheel – just one more layer of security to help keep customers safe.

But if you think free delivery, quality guarantees, and the overall ease of use aren’t benefits enough, prepare yourself for some of the best perks you’ve ever seen come with a pre-owned vehicle – and they’re all yours by choosing

Top-Tier Perks Come Along For The Ride

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At, it’s no secret that passion for customers runs deep – whether it’s helping to consolidate the shopping process into one easy stream or simply the care and time they put into every car that’s sold. But what really makes this service stand out among the rest is the wide variety of perks and benefits granted to each and every customer, helping you to not only get the best deal around but also to keep you coming back for more later on down the road.

First – and, likely, most importantly – is the Free Lifetime Mechanical Warranty that comes with each and every vehicle. This powerful warranty makes sure your pre-owned vehicle’s main systems stay running strong with the peace of mind that comes from guaranteed repairs against any defects or problems that might develop. This is a deal you certainly won’t find with your standard brick-and-mortar dealer, and with the peace of mind it affords drivers you may just find yourself saving thousands in repairs down the road if something were to go wrong.

Plus, the team at is so sure you’ll be impressed with the service that they offer $250 M-Bucks Per Referral through partner McCluskey Chevrolet, meaning drivers in the Columbus, OH area can get their friends in on the action and save a chunk of change themselves. The pleasures of life are best when shared with friends, and thinks that camaraderie should extend even to a pleasant car-buying experience.

Get Yourself Some Perks With

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Whether you need a quality pre-owned to get to and from work or something safe and affordable to pass on to the next generation, there’s no easier, safer, or more convenient way to shop for vehicles than with Hop online today and see just what this amazing service can offer you – and don’t be surprised if it’s the best car-shopping experience you’ve ever had.