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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Cherner Brothers Says, “Sell Us Your Car!”

As a dealership that has been around for more than forty years, the Cherner Brothers know a thing or two about used cars. In fact, the used car industry is our area of expertise. We exclusively sell used cars and, as such, strive to keep a well-stocked, diverse inventory, which is why we want you to sell us your car. What kind of car? You name it.

Sure, there are other businesses that will offer to buy your car, but have any of them ever purchased a near-vintage Chrysler, followed by a Tesla on the same day? We doubt it, but we have. No matter the make, model, model year, or mileage, we at least want the chance to check out your used car and make you an offer.

So, how can you sell us your car? We’ve made it as easy as possible. If you’re ready to jumpstart the process, here is what you need to know…

Getting an Estimate Before You Sell Us Your Car

You have two routes to take when it comes to getting an estimate before you sell us your car. If you’re pressed for time, (these days, who isn’t?), you simply give us a call and we will give you a ballpark estimate right then and there over the phone. Keep in mind, this is a ballpark estimate. We’ll give you a concrete figure as soon as we have had the chance to see and inspect your vehicle ourselves; however, our track record of ballpark figures accurately predicting those concrete figures is impressive. More often than not, the number we gave you over the phone will match the number that we ultimately offer after we’ve seen your vehicle in person.

Regardless, the option to call and get an estimate over the phone saves you a tremendous amount of time. Only if you’re happy with the estimate will you then have to come see us; if not, you can try another operation like Carmax, but we guarantee we will beat any of those offers. In fact, the reason we think you should sell us your car over selling to a group like Carmax is because we will always top their offers, no matter what. Let’s say you went to Carmax first, but want to explore more options. Bring their offer to us and, provided its current and within the terms set by Carmax, we will present you with a better deal.

Besides, our process is so much simpler and transparent. Check it out…

Selling Us Your Car is a Simple and Smooth Process

Central to our business practices are family values. After all, we are a family-run dealership and believe in honesty and integrity throughout the car shopping experience. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and have used that standard to reimagine how vehicle transactions should be.

That’s why, when you sell us your car, you work with one person throughout the whole process. We have a small staff and every member is a decision maker. So, when you bring your car in for a serious offer, any one of our talented staff can appraise your vehicle and present you with an offer. There is no need to check with a higher up, though an owner is always on-site and ready to speak with any customer.

When you’re ready to sell us your car, simply give us a call or come by the dealership and let us show you why Cherner Brothers is the best in the business.