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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

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Shopping for a Used Ford

Ford is famous for making some of the toughest and durable vehicles available. That means if you’re shopping for a used Ford, you’re in luck—even the older models stand the test of time. But that doesn’t make finding a quality used Ford vehicle a cakewalk. There are dozens of ways to approach buying a used vehicle, as well as many pitfalls to avoid, and the potential options for a car range in the hundreds. From the physical check-up to the idiosyncrasies unique to every brand of car, choosing a used vehicle is by no means a small task. Here, we’ll be going over what you need to look out for when shopping for a used Ford truck or car.


The ‘F’ in Ford is for Firsts

As well as being a historic influence on the development of the automotive industry, the Ford Motor Company tends to be forward-thinking in design as well. It is famous for leading the way in engine design, environmental consideration, and stability in the face of economic upheaval. Their vehicles are known for strength, resilience, and the capacity to adapt to many different environments. They also have a reputation for excellent fuel economy, despite their powerful towing capabilities and high torque.

Things to Remember

Whether it’s a used Ford, Hyundai, or Chevrolet, shopping for a used vehicle is always a complicated process, with lots of things to think about. The physical condition of the car, as well as its history and characteristics, are all things to evaluate extensively before making the purchase. There are, of course, the immediate cosmetic aspects of the vehicle, such as dings or scratches on the body or pools of oil beneath the undercarriage. And you should watch out for common scams and inconsistencies such as a used car dealer posing as an individual private seller. But some of the most important elements of a used car to evaluate include the car’s suspension, engine quality, fluids, body and the vehicle’s steering power.

Suspension Suspense

You know that a car has good suspension when the vehicle rests level, regardless of surface area, and all of the corners engage with rough terrain the same way. An example of a Ford vehicle with a reputation for an excellent suspension is the F-150 SVT Raptor. A remarkably popular truck, the F-150 SVT Raptor has a reputation for having a particularly stable suspension. Since 2010, this vehicle has featured a base valve piston that keeps gas pressure down and allows a smoother ride. This makes the Raptor drive just as smoothly on a rocky hill as well as a level road. The F-150 SVT Raptor’s flawless riding experience thanks to its suspension makes it difficult to beat in terms of reliability, while still keeping the truck affordable for the consumer. Raptors are in relatively short supply as a used vehicle at the moment, but they are worth looking into as a stable long-term investment.

Mustangs are a Must-Have

Another important thing to inspect with any used car is the engine quality. Traits such as brake fluid color and the overall cleanliness of the engine can tell you a lot about how well a vehicle has been maintained over time. Other important elements to keep in mind are possible leaks or smoke or the scent of burnt oil or other fluids. Normal wear and tear, such as loose or broken fan belts as well as corroded batteries, are more signs to watch for. All of these can be symptoms of serious problems with the engine that can cause severe breakdowns soon after you purchase a car. As far as a used Ford goes, the Ford Mustang is legendary for its high engine performance. With their turbocharged V-8 engines, Mustangs are popular options for racing as well as private ownership. Even models ranging as far back as 2009 are reviewed well, hold up over time, and can be acquired at bargain prices.

Steering and Brake Quality

Few things are as important as the actual experience of driving the car. The maneuverability of your vehicle can have a massive effect on driving itself. And, of course, the importance of quality brakes can never be overstated. People often assume that different varieties of brakes are virtually identical, but there can be significant differences based on metallurgy and construction. The Ford F-150 is not only one of Ford’s most enduringly popular vehicles, it is also a terrific option in this category. It has been a stable choice for brake performance and power steering for the past 10 years. And given the widespread ubiquity of the Ford F-150 as well as the wide range of available models, it is a fantastic option for a used Ford. The Ford Expedition line from 2003-2006, for example, is also an excellent choice for high-quality power steering and responsive handling. Given that the Expedition is a sport utility vehicle as opposed to a sports car, you get all the comfort, space and power associated with this class of vehicle with the added benefit of precise handling and safe brakes. As a used option, the Ford Expedition is among the more high-end possibilities as far as price, but this investment by no means should dissuade a prospective buyer.

When you go shopping for a used car, there are a wide range of used vehicles you can choose from and innumerable standards to judge them by. The number of options can be simply dizzying, and it is easy to see why some shoppers find the experience infinitely frustrating. It is a very difficult process to go through, which can sometimes make you wonder why you’re bothering with it all. Keep in mind, however, that nothing compares to the satisfaction of thoroughly researching your perfect car, discovering it on your search, and driving away with a great deal on a fantastic vehicle. No matter how difficult the journey there is, it’s always worth it in the end.


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