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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A white Chevy Silverado 2500HD Black Widow from SCA Performance is parked in front of trees.

SCA Performance: Lifting Chevy Trucks to the Next Level

If you are a truck enthusiast, then you’re probably familiar with SCA Performance Trucks. Chevrolet has been partnering with SCA Performance for over 40 years, going all the way back to 1979 when Pink Floyd was tearing down the Wall, the Clash was London Calling, and Michael Jackson was Off the Wall. Throughout these 40 years, General Motors has been working with the folks at SCA Performance to design and build special vehicles for Chevy. This means that they take standard model Chevy pickup trucks, like a Silverado 1500, and add luxury styling, limited edition paint schemes, and performance upgrades to make ultimate luxury lifted trucks.

They can successfully do this by paying attention to detail, making sure that if there is a way to make a Chevy Silverado even better, they apply it to the truck. It’s not an easy task considering how much the Chevy Silverado already provides in terms of luxury, performance, and features. However, the folks at SCA Performance leave no stone unturned in making sure that their special edition Chevy Trucks earn the name “special.” And that is why there is nothing quite like a luxury lifted Chevy truck from SCA Performance. And for 2020, SCA Performance has rolled out yet another impressive lineup of luxury lifted Chevy trucks, including the stunning 40th Anniversary SCA Chevy Limited Edition Black Widow, which we are going to look at today.

40th Anniversary SCA Chevy Limited Black Widow

The Limited Edition Black Widow Chevy Silverado, one of the new SCA Performance trucks, is parked on grass.
Image courtesy of SCA Performance

SCA Performance has put out a special, limited edition version of its Black Widow truck to celebrate the 40th anniversary of working with Chevrolet. The first thing you are going to notice about this truck is its paint scheme. This striking metallic color is like nothing you’ve ever seen before on a truck. SCA Performance has next added exclusive Chevrolet exterior badging, including a black-on-electric blue Chevrolet bowtie logo right on the truck’s impressive grille.

Moving down the vehicle, you’ll be stunned by the blue LED rock lights, and the Black Widow LED “puddle” projector lights. These glow a brilliant blue, off-setting the truck’s dark metallic finish. Moving along the truck’s side, you will see added power running boards, which are not just gorgeous, but also functional, allowing you and your passengers easy access to the truck’s cab. SCA Performance has carried the truck’s design scheme even further by adding SCA bolt-on style fender flares. And completing the truck’s exterior profile are front tinted windows to provide you and your passengers maximum privacy.

The 40th Anniversary Black Widow’s unique looks are not just limited to its exterior, though. SCA Performance has carried the design over into the truck’s interior as well. It starts with blue LED interior lighting and unique interior trim, giving you the same feeling as when you first looked at the truck. For comfort, SCA Performance has added limited edition Black Widow leather interior on all seats. Clearly, with all of these features, this is not an ordinary Chevy truck; this is a limited edition marvel.

The modifications are not limited to cosmetic effects, either. SCA Performance has added so many special performance features that you will notice the difference in how this truck rides and handles. For starters, the entire suspension system has undergone a 6-inch lift. Next, the truck has been outfitted with off-road racing shocks to give you the maximum support on or off the road. And finally, the exhaust system has been upgraded to performance level. Overall, this special edition truck is something to behold.

Other SCA Chevy Limited Black Widow trucks

Besides the 40th anniversary edition, there are three other SCA Performance models available as part of its Chevy Limited Edition Black Widow Series. The first one, the SCA Chevy Silverado Black Widow, is built on the popular Silverado 1500 full-size truck platform but takes the off-road version of this truck to a whole other level. The truck has been jacked up using the SCA 6-inch suspension lift system, and then outfitted with 20-inch Black Widow wheels and 35-inch BF Goodrich AT K02 tires. This will give you the clearance you need when driving your Silverado Black Widow on hills and trails. The truck’s exhaust system has also been upgraded to performance level.

Looking at the Silverado Black Widow’s exterior, you will notice that SCA has added special SCA Chevy hood vents and premium quality Black Widow exterior badging, including gold Chevy bowtie logos. There is also an SCA Performance windshield snipe to set this truck apart from the rest. Black 5-inch oval wheel-to-wheel side steps are where form meets function, allowing you and your guests to enter and exit your vehicle with ease. Black Widow LED “puddle” projector lights, SCA bolt-on style fender flares, and SCA logo red brake caliper covers complete the truck’s exterior look. And finally, the interior features red LED interior lights to give this truck a real high-tech vibe, which carries over to the Black Widow speedometer gauges. Like all SCA Performance trucks, this is impressive and stylish.

If you want this kind of styling but in a more massive truck, SCA Performance offers the SCA Chevy HD Black Widow. This is basically the same styling as the Black Widow Silverado, but using a Silverado HD as the base, which makes it stronger. It has the same features as the Black Widow Silverado with one main exception, as the entire suspension has been lifted an additional full 3.5-inches.

And for folks who prefer smaller trucks, SCA Performance offers the Chevy Colorado Black Widow. This is built on the Chevy Colorado midsize truck platform. Just like its bigger siblings, this Black Widow truck has an aggressive profile. The Colorado Black Widow also has the interior and exterior design features that SCA Performance has made popular with this line of trucks, just in a smaller version. This truck has a premium 5.5-inch suspension lift system, giving you the necessary clearance when you hit the trail and push this truck to new heights. The truck also features 18-inch custom black & machined wheels with 33-inch BF Goodrich AT K02 tires. These will give you the ability to tackle the toughest trails in your truck, and shows again what sets SCA Performance apart from the competition. Overall, it is another excellent option in the lineup. But what else does SCA Performance offer beyond the Black Widow lineup?

SCA Chevy Apex

The wheel setup on a Chevy truck with the SCA Performance Apex package is shown.
Image courtesy of SCA Performance

SCA Performance has quite a few other vehicles beyond the Black Widow lineup. For example, if you want the ride of an SCA Performance Chevy truck, but want a pickup with more traditional styling, then check out the SCA Chevy Apex. This has an SCA 6-inch suspension lift system and features 20-inch SCA wheels outfitted with 35-inch General Grabber ATX tires. These will give you clearance and grip when you take your Apex off-road. This truck earns its name as it reaches the Apex of trail performance. The Apex also features 5-inch oval wheel-to-wheel side steps to help you get in and out of your limited edition truck. It is yet another great option to consider when looking at trucks.

SCA Performance: Meeting and Creating New Standards

With a now over 40-year relationship, Chevy and SCA Performance are stronger than ever before. And with that strength, they are building trucks that are stronger than ever as well. With constant work and adaptations, these trucks are always getting better and never fail to disappoint. So if you want something special to drive around in, check out an SCA Performance truck.

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