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A closeup shows a charger being plugged into a silver 2020 Chevy Bolt EV.

Rumor Has it We’ll Have a Chevy EV Pickup by 2025

Have you heard the rumors? General Motors (GM) recently released a video with the newest upcoming addition to the Chevy EV lineup conveniently placed in the background. And it’s a bit bigger than the Bolt EV models – in fact, it’s in an entirely different class. Chevy pickup lovers rejoice because come 2025, you’ll have a brand new battery-powered toy to play with. And with Chevy’s new Ultium battery platform, they made sure their first-ever electric full-size pickup can cover some serious mileage.

Today, we’ll be covering everything we know about the Chevy EV pickup, the rest of Chevy’s upcoming EV lineup, and GM’s bold vision for the future. From revolutionary battery technology to renewable energy and hands-free driving systems, the future of automobiles looks green and bright. So buckle up, and let’s take a glimpse at what’s to come.

The Future is Electric

Times are changing. As sustainability and reduced emissions have become more prevalent concerns, companies like GM are finding ways to meet their consumers and the environment’s needs simultaneously. In its 2019 Sustainability Report, GM pledged over $20 billion to innovate electric and self-driving technologies over the next five years. They committed to using one hundred percent renewable electricity in the US by 2030 and worldwide by 2040. And they promised to release thirty all-electric vehicles by 2025, with even more to come down the road.

The four GM brands (Cadillac, GMC, Buick, and Chevy) lead the movement towards an all-electric future, each with anywhere from two to five electric models slated to debut in the next few years. Cadillac plans to release four electric SUVs and a new flagship model called the Celestiq that features hand-built craftsmanship. GMC will be rolling out two new electric versions of the famous Hummer model. Buick has an all-electric SUV and a smaller, sportier CUV model planned. And the upcoming Chevy EV lineup includes a midsize SUV and an all-new Bolt EUV set to debut along with the new electric pickup.

With its impressive battery power and range, the Chevy EV pickup will compete with the Ford F-150 Electric, the Tesla Cybertruck, and the Rivian R1T. But what can we expect from this new-age model? Will it be built as a traditional pickup, or will it cater to a more specific audience? Let’s find out.

A black 2020 Chevy Bolt EV is parked on a hill.

What Do We Know About the Chevy EV Pickup?

Most of what Chevy’s first all-electric pickup has to offer is still veiled in secrecy, but we do know a few exciting details. Of course, we know the Chevy EV pickup will hit the market by 2025. But with the Tesla Cybertruck and Ford F-150 set to release within the next couple of years, the EV may arrive late to the electric pickup party. Who knows whether this will help or hurt Chevy’s cause?

Although we don’t have a name for the model yet, we caught a sneak peek of the Chevy EV pickup‘s exterior late last year. In November, GM live-streamed its presentation to investors at Barclays Global Automotive Conference. Quietly prowling behind the presenter was an aggressive, futuristic looking pickup truck with the unmistakable Chevy logo on the front grille. With squinting front headlights, a rounded front fascia, bold wheel well design, and a seamless transition from the cab to the bed, the Chevy EV pickup looks as imposing as it is aerodynamic. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until GM is ready to reveal more to see the rear design, as the video only shows the front and side of the vehicle.

Performance specs are limited to mileage range and battery power as of now, but these are some of the most noteworthy details of an electric vehicle. With GM’s new EV platform and Ultium battery technology, Chevy could fit the EV pickup with a battery pack capable of producing up to 200 kWh of electricity. To put that into perspective, the current Teslas are only able to store up to 100 kWh of electricity. This impressive power capacity is the evidence GM uses to back up its claim that the Chevy EV pickup will have a range of over four hundred miles on a single charge.

As for its intended purpose, from the exterior design to the specs we know so far, there’s reason to believe the all-electric pickup will feature a similar combination of comfort and utility that the famed Silverado has, only better. Much better. It’s safe to assume that along with its powerful battery pack will come impressive towing and payload capacity, as well as mind-blowing fuel efficiency for a car of its size. Only time will tell, but GM is unlikely to wait long to reveal more juicy details to keep us anxiously awaiting Chevy’s first all-electric pickup.

The First Self-Driving Chevy

Unfortunately, that’s all we know about the Chevy EV pickup right now, but the exciting news doesn’t stop there. Chevy’s new Bolt EUV model, set to go into production in summer 2021, will be the first Chevy car to come equipped with hands-free highway driving technology. Referred to as Super Cruise, this advanced driver assistance feature has only been available on Cadillac models until now.

Using precise global positioning, state-of-the-art sensors, and driver monitoring systems, Super Cruise takes the wheel for you. In newer models, it even has an automatic lane-changing feature. While you won’t be able to use this feature everywhere you go, there are compatible highways where you can turn it on and go hands-free.

But there’s a catch. Don’t think you can flip the Super Cruise switch, kick back with your phone, and let the smart technology do all the work. Remember those “driver monitoring systems?” Those features are in place to make sure you keep your eyes on the road and hands in your lap. If it notices you looking away or reaching for your phone, it will signal you to pay attention to the road.

Featuring adaptive cruise control, lane-centering, and automatic lane-changing, this self-driving system is one of the most advanced on the market, rivaling Tesla’s Autopilot technology. Once you get your hands on the new Bolt EUV, you’ll have over two hundred thousand miles of Super Cruise supported hands-free driving territory in the US and Canada to explore. Where will your first hands-free drive take you?

The silhouette of a new Chevy EV is shown, a Chevy Bolt EUV.

The Mysterious Midsize Chevy EV

In addition to the EV pickup and Bolt EUV, Chevy has one more electric vehicle joining the lineup by 2025. To establish a dominating presence in multiple markets, Chevy plans to unveil an electric midsize SUV, similar in size and stature to the Blazer. We don’t have a name for this mysterious model yet either, but one thing’s for sure. Whatever your electric itch might be, whether it’s a four-door hatchback, midsize SUV, or a pickup truck, Chevy is rolling out an EV to scratch it.

And Now We Wait

Chevy is making a strong statement with its upcoming EV lineup. It’s clear it is setting out to fulfill GM’s mission of achieving one hundred percent renewable energy by 2030. With the Chevy EV pickup release, Chevy is simultaneously giving buyers everything they want in a pickup – comfortability, versatility, and raw power – while remaining sensitive to pressing environmental concerns. But 2025 is a long way off. Will America have its fill of all-electric trucks by the time Chevy releases theirs, or will the EV pickup be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with?

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