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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A group of black and white 2023 RAM ProMasters are shown parked near a used Ram dealership.

ProMaster or ProMaster City? Which is the Right Cargo Van?

So your business is growing, and you realize you simply can’t conduct it out of the back of your SUV or minivan anymore. You have equipment to haul around or products and goods to deliver. Maybe you transport pets or passengers. Plus, you want to look professional, and you know pulling up in your personal-use vehicle isn’t helping with that. It’s becoming clear that you need to make the upgrade to a cargo van. The only question is: what size of cargo van do you need? The ProMaster and ProMaster City are two excellent cargo vans from Ram. The ProMaster is a full-size one, and the ProMaster City is a compact one.

If you’ve never used a cargo van for your work before, determining which one has the space and power that you need – and nothing you don’t need – can seem daunting at first. But, there are some basic differences between these two that make them each distinct and suitable for specific purposes. If you are headed to a used Ram dealership to get a good deal on a cargo van for your business, make sure you know which of these two models – the Ram ProMaster or ProMaster City – is right for your business. Having the perfect cargo van will make loading and unloading items, getting from one location to the next, and even handling some work on the road much more manageable.

Consider Your Height and Length Needs in Your Cargo Van

Overall, the dimensions of the ProMaster City and ProMaster are pretty different. One of the most significant differences is the height. Not only is the ProMaster taller than the ProMaster City, but it also comes in three height options. Those options are (for the cargo area) 66 in, 77 in, and 86 in. The ProMaster City only comes with one cargo height option of 52 in. You will not be able to stand up in the cargo area of the ProMaster City.

It’s important to note these height differences in case you run a business in which you or your employees need to work inside the van often. For example, if you run a mobile pet grooming business, you do most of your work inside the van. You want even your tall employees to be able to stand up straight while they work, and in that case, you simply need the ProMaster.
These height options might also impact what you can store in the rear of your van. If you need to keep tall equipment or shelving back there, you’ll need the increased height of the ProMaster. Alternatively, if you don’t need to be able to stand up inside of your cargo area or store anything tall, the ProMaster City will meet your height needs.

The ProMaster has several length options, too. These are 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, and 13 ft. Meanwhile, the ProMaster City has just one length option of 7 ft and 3 in. If, for any reason, you would need to have someone lie down in the cargo area, you’d need the ProMaster. Alternatively, it’s great for storing long ladders for technicians, contractors, and similar professionals.

Ask Yourself How Important Fuel Economy Is For Your Business

One significant advantage the ProMaster City has over the ProMaster is fuel economy. It’s one reason so many small business owners turn to this compact van.

If you need to travel far distances on a regular basis to conduct business, you will notice the fuel costs adding up in a full-size van like the ProMaster. However, the EPA states that the ProMaster City can get 21 MPG in the city and 28 MPG on the highway, with a combined rating of 24 MPG. The highway figure is especially worth noting if you don’t stay in the same town or neighborhood to conduct business. For example, if you live somewhere rural where the population is spread out and you simply can’t get too many clients in a small radius, you’ll want good fuel economy so you don’t dedicate too much of your business’ budget to gas.

A person is shown loading supplies into the side of a white 2023 Ram ProMaster.

Do You Need to Tow or Haul Much?

Another significant difference between these two vans is their towing capacity. The ProMaster can tow up to 6,910 lbs. Meanwhile, the ProMaster City can only tow 1,886 lbs. If you need to tow something substantial, like a large trailer or a boat, the ProMaster is your best bet. However, if you only need to tow moderately-sized items, you can use the ProMaster City.

It’s also important to consider how much you need to haul on a regular basis. Just because your standard equipment, materials, or products can fit in the dimensions of the ProMaster City doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for it. If you have particularly heavy items that you transport around, note the payload difference between the two vans. The ProMaster has a maximum payload of 4,680 lbs, and the ProMaster City has a maximum payload of 1,900 lbs.

Do You Want Windows?

The ProMaster can be outfitted with or without windows. The ProMaster City is not available with windows. This makes sense because the ProMaster City is not tall enough for people to stand up in, and so it clearly isn’t designed for anyone to spend extended periods of time in its cargo area. However, if you conduct your business inside of the cargo area of the ProMaster – as with the example of the pet groomer again – it’s nice to be able to add windows so you and your employees don’t feel cooped up.

What Is Your Budget?

If you are working with a strict budget, it’s important to be aware of the price difference between the ProMaster and the ProMaster City. The ProMaster has a starting MSRP nearly $10,000 higher than that of the ProMaster City. If you simply need the power and dimensions of the ProMaster to conduct business, then you might not have an option but to purchase the more expensive of the two. However, if you need to stick to a tight budget and there are ways you can adapt your business to work with the smaller ProMaster City, you will save a significant amount of money.

A black 2023 Ram ProMaster is shown from behind with its brake lights glowing in the dark.

Finding the Right Cargo Van Can Make All the Difference in Your Business

Business owners rely on their vans to do everything from transporting materials and goods to even running their business inside the cargo area. Having a van that has the dimensions, capabilities, and fuel economy you need makes a huge difference.

The ProMaster and ProMaster City are both excellent options if you’re looking for a cargo van for your business. They are each right for very different applications, though. If you want something that’s easy to drive and great on gas because you have to travel far for your clients, the ProMaster City is the way to go. It has solid fuel economy and is easy to get into tight garages and down narrow streets. Meanwhile, the ProMaster is your best option when you need enough room to stand up in the cargo area and when you need the power to tow and haul a lot of weight. Luckily, whichever one you get, you’ll get the durability and reliability of the Ram name.

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