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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Maserati is Absolutely Crushing it on Facebook

The automotive industry – like just every other market today – is bound to react with amazing speed to what consumers want, and not the other way around. These days, everything is customer-centric – and that’s a really good thing, allowing consumers their own choices and promoting easy-to-reach and transparent business practices to improve business for everyone. And because it’s 2017, social media undoubtedly plays a part in how every manufacturer works the market – but few do so with as much professional know-how as Maserati.

That’s because Maserati really knows how to leverage their highly-respected brand to an entirely new audience, by operating on a new medium, and all without losing their own particular flair. What makes that so genius? It’s that exact kind of smart, forward-thinking strategy that makes Maserati such a power player, and one look at their Facebook page is proof enough to show few brands can compare.

Here’s a look at two of the most impressive ways Maserati has been able to leverage Facebook to their enormous advantage. Take note and get ready to follow suit – Maserati is blazing trails we’ll all soon be following.

Leveraging An Established Brand To Create A Loyal Audience

Even if you don’t drive a Maserati, you’ve probably already got an idea in your mind as to what it means to ride behind those iconic tridents – luxury, high-class design, and sturdy, reliable construction throughout this impressive lineup of luxury models. As it turns out, millions of people have the same idea about what it means to drive Maserati – more than 5 million people, in fact, and they’ve all come together on Maserati’s Facebook page.

That’s because Maserati knows how to leverage those preconceived notions to build a strong brand narrative, weaving in pieces of brand history with current events, extracurricular projects, and – of course – sneak peeks at some of the day’s most advanced maserati models. This brilliant strategy helps paint the corners in each fan’s mental picture of Maserati, and that translates to great engagement and even better user input day after day after day.

Working Smart to Create Leads – All in One Easy Place

Of course, generating likes and garnering comments are only one piece of the Facebook puzzle – and Maserati knows that this seminal social media channel is perfect for generating real, profitable leads.

According to Luxury Daily, Maserati recently partnered directly with Facebook to craft an impressively well-strategized engagement campaign to drive leads and push more and more casual fans to become real, paying customers. This campaign first served users with engaging video ads based on interests meant to draw in curious viewers, and then followed it up with a direct link to request more information about a specific model. This helps guide the right customers to the right avenues, and equated to 127 vehicles sold directly as a result of this smart social campaign.

Clearly, Maserati is no newbie when it comes to utilizing the tools available to make an impression on online fans. Take a look at their presence online and see how the professionals really make it happen – you may just be inspired to check out a Maserati for yourself.