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Maserati’s All-Electric Alfieri Stalls on Another Snag

First, the gas-powered Alfieri introduced back at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show has been pushed back in production. Now, we’re discovering that the electric variant has been delayed for so long, that the technology needs to be updated in order to stay relevant. While that is a big snag in itself, perhaps the biggest snag is the fact that it might not even be released in 2020 anymore. While that’s probably me just being pessimistic, all the signs are pointing to another production delay for the all-electric Alfieri. I wouldn’t be surprised if that delay is at least another year or two.

Perhaps the biggest sign of another impending delay is the fact that the company has confirmed another snag in its plans.

The Biggest Snag Yet

The head of Maserati Europe, Giulio Pastore, has claimed that the all-electric Alfieri can’t come out until a hybrid version has been released first.

Why’s that, do you ask? In the words of Pastore himself: “The current platform allows for hybrid. We are working on it for 2019 when we will be ready to offer hybridization.” That means Maserati isn’t even going to think about releasing its all-electric Alfieri until after engineers secure a platform that works for it. Which won’t be possible until they release the hybrid variant in 2019 – one year before the prospective release date of the Alfieri EV. So, unless they nail the hybrid version (and release it on time), we might not see an electric Alfieri by 2020.

On the bright side, Pastore also said, “We’re exploring different ways to get hybrid, looking at both plug-in and standard, as well as 48v system and full-electric cars. Everyone is trying to understand what is best.” This is good news because it means the brand won’t risk botching its hybrid or electric vehicle just to get them out by 2020.

Honestly, I think the automotive community would rather have a vehicle take a little longer than expected, so it can be created right the first time.

The Other Signs

Be that as it may, it’s still sad to think that production of the all-electric Alfieri will be pushed back further. While Pastore never explicitly stated it would be released sometime after 2020, there are other signs pointing to that possibility.

First and foremost, the gas-powered Alfieri Maserati just announced that the gas-powered Alfieri will be pushed back until 2020. Could they release an electric and gas-powered model side-by-side? Of course they could, but it seems the smart thing to do would be focus on the hybrid and gas-powered models, then worry about the electric version later. That way, the company isn’t trying to work on three models at once.

Secondly, Maserati has had a rough time lately with on-time releases and attempting to meet target deadlines. It’s no fault of their own, they’ve just run into a sustained unlucky streak lately, especially with the Alfieri model. It could be released on time a year after the hybrid, and the hybrid model might not be pushed back at all. After all, only Maserati truly knows how they’re looking when it comes to production.

Maybe This is Just the Rambling of a Madman?

Of course, this could all just be the ramblings of a madman. This is mostly speculation, but speculation based off of other recent news that’s popped up with Maserati’s Alfieri gas-powered and all-electric models.

It could all work out in the end, and I hope it does. Maserati could really use a break – a lucky one at that.