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Liberty Walk Had Fun Modding Maserati’s Gran Turismo

Ah, Maserati. Many consider it the epitome of luxury and high-performance vehicles. Others think it is one of the worst companies, and produce the worst vehicles on the planet. But, the heated debate over the brand is pointless in what we’re about to talk about today. Sure, the Gran Turismo is a Maserati vehicle and the heart of this article, but the real star of the show is Liberty Walk. Never heard of Liberty Walk? Don’t worry, I’ll give them their due credit in a few seconds. They’ve decided to mod the Gran Turismo, and it looks damn good. Outlandish, just like all their other modified projects, but it looks damn good. Liberty Walk ended up throwing their Works kit on Maserati’s Gran Turismo, which makes the stylish Italian coupe look like something straight out of the Fast and Furious series.

Who is Liberty Walk?

Liberty Walk is a Japanese-based car shop that mods a variety of high-performance cars. Whether they’re throwing underglow on them or spoilers and fender flares, they make the cars they get their hands on look like something you’d see in an underground street race. They sell kits across the globe that you can get online, such as the Works kit that modified the Gran Turismo.

Not much else to say about Liberty Walk: it’s a Japanese company that makes high-performance cars look badass through kit-mods.

Damn Good Looks

While I might not have much to say about the company, boy do I have a lot to say about the Works kit found on the Gran Turismo. I mean, it’s an intimidating looking car to begin with: low, wide, and the front-end looks like something that would be lurking in a back alley at night. So what happens when you take a Works kit that makes it even lower and wider? It looks damn good.

This body kit is made from high-quality glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), or carbon fiber reinforced plastic as a lightweight option. These materials are sturdy, durable, and malleable all at the same time. They also paint easy, so it was a breeze for Liberty Walk to match the Gran Turismo’s color.

The body kit includes:

-New front lip that extended outward and (visually) enlarges the fascia

-An upward sweeping ducktail spoiler

-New aggressive rear bumper

-Massive fender flares with exposed bolt apertures

The point of all of these modifications is to make the Gran Turismo look as wide, large, aggressive, and badass as possible. Providing a surprisingly muscular stance to a car that was once sleek.

But, is it Too Fast, Too Furious?

It looks good, but good luck driving it on the roads. The side-skirts, and front and rear bumper are so low to the ground that driving over the slightest bump in the road would tear off your front end. Drive it in a big city with beat-up streets, and this car would be in the junkyard before that horrendously annoying Tokyo Drift theme song ended.

Then again, what modded, high-performance car is meant for daily driving? Obviously, this car is meant to impress and burn rubber on flat pavement – not pick up your nana for a grocery run.

Hats off to Liberty Walk for making such an exceptional kit, because rarely does a modified version of a car look better than the stock version, especially a high-performance vehicle like the Gran Turismo.