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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A red 2022 Toyota Prius Limited os shown driving on a city street.

Heard Any Good Prius Jokes Lately?

The 2022 Toyota Prius is the latest version of a car that has been around since the start of the millennium, a car that has been the butt of many jokes and memes easily spotted on the internet. So what are the reasons why it is such a hated model? From what we gather, it has something to do with the fact it gets excellent fuel economy and because people somehow feel this is a bad thing. Here is a prime example:

“Every time I drive my Prius, I pour a quart of oil on the ground to offset my carbon footprint.”

That was just one example taken from a webpage listing dozens of jokes aimed at the Toyota Prius. You might have found the joke clever, perhaps even amusing, but it does point out that people somehow have a problem with the Prius. Well, it looks as though even through all of the puns and jokes, Toyota is getting the last laugh. You see, there have been over four million of these hybrids sold since its introduction in 2000. So it seems that a lot of these jokes about the Prius are falling on deaf ears.

The 2022 Toyota Prius does one thing that no other model can boast; it enjoys some of the best fuel economy ratings of any of the other vehicles on the market. The Prius has always been for people who desire excellent fuel economy, and it continues to deliver on that promise.

Haters Will Hate

There are other reasons why people tend to hate the Prius other than because it gets excellent gas mileage. Ugly is a harsh word, yet some people downright call the Prius an ugly car. We aren’t sure why people would use such a term for the Prius; there are several vehicles throughout history that look worse, to be sure. Compared to the Pontiac Aztek, Smart Fortwo, and Nissan Cube, the Prius is a polished gem. Here is another example of some jokester dissing the Prius over its looks:

“Toyota is recalling 112,000 vehicles over safety issues, plus every single Prius because they’re ugly.”

There is a logical reason why the Prius looks the way it does, and it’s not because the engineers and designers at Toyota are blind. The Prius is designed for increased aerodynamics to help improve fuel economy and breeze through traffic. As a result, it has one of the lowest drag coefficients of any modern vehicle, which is something that should impress you.

The Prius might not be the most stylish car on the road; we’ll give you that. But it does what it is designed to do very well, and that is something to toot your horn about. The beauty of the Prius lies under the hood and in the hearts of its owners.

A white 2022 Toyota Prius Limited is shown parked in a lot.

Stop Me if You Heard This One…

The Prius is, in all likelihood, the car that comes to mind when someone mentions hybrids. As we mentioned earlier, the Prius was built to do one thing; it will get you to your destination as efficiently as possible. And it is tops when it comes to what it is supposed to do. There are a few compelling reasons why the Prius is so efficient, and it all starts with the hybrid technology. You see, the powers that be at Toyota are not satisfied with a Prius that is good enough; they demand better than that, so they work diligently to make improvements with each model year.

As we stated earlier, one of the reasons the Prius is so efficient is due to aerodynamics. The 2022 Toyota Prius and its triangular shapes and smooth surfaces represent the most aerodynamic Prius to date. And you have to admit, the sculpting in the back does look pretty sweet, even if it serves a function and is not just designed to look good. On a side note, Toyota has introduced a new Nightshade Edition for the 2022 Prius, which offers black wheels, black door handles, black trim accents on the exterior, and black badges. No matter how ugly you might think the Prius looks, you simply cannot deny that this blackout model looks rather sweet, if not slightly aggressive. Because, you know, black makes everything look a whole lot cooler.

It’s Possible to Get a Speeding Ticket in a Prius

Maybe you have heard this one:

“Toyota reported a problem with the brakes on the Prius; the good news is that the Prius doesn’t go fast enough for it to be an issue.”

We’ll go ahead and throw this out there; the Prius isn’t going to win you many races; it is not built for speed. Maybe it won’t get you from point A to Point B in record time, but it will get you quicker than you might think, and it will get you to your destination with very little money out of your pocket. The dual-electric motors make the Prius a pretty lively ride. And if you have any qualms about the speed, just think about the last time you had to stop and get gas.

Without a doubt, there will be people who poke fun at the fact the Prius doles out 121 horsepower. We can’t ignore the fact that this seems relatively low. But again, most will make a comparison to bigger gas engines that are built for power. When you compare the Prius to similar cars, those numbers don’t come across as too bad. For example, the Hyundai Elantra hybrid offers 139 horsepower, and the Kia Rio provides only 120 horsepower even though it isn’t a hybrid.

If you are in the market for a hybrid, there are many choices, a lot more than you had 21 years ago when the Prius first hit the market. And while the Prius sometimes struggles to maintain its relevance in the growing field, Toyota always manages to come up with something that keeps the spirit alive and people interested. In the past, the Prius relied on its crazy gas mileage numbers. However, as more and more manufacturers bring their own hybrids to the table, many newer models can match or come close to matching the fuel efficiency of the Prius. But what they can’t offer is all-wheel drive.

The most significant advantage of all-wheel drive is that it comes in rather handy when you encounter challenging road conditions. There is a slew of jokes that poke fun at the Prius because it used to have a reputation for not getting through harsh road conditions. Well, thanks to the new all-wheel-drive option, these jokes no longer make much sense. And if you are looking for that one factor that sets the Prius apart from the competition, you have it.

The added traction and control you get from an all-wheel-drive model will be a blessing when you are suddenly in a situation when you have to maneuver your way through snowy or wet roads. Even on dry roads, all-wheel-drive can achieve faster acceleration and improved steering.

A close up shows the badge on the trunk of a 2022 Toyota Prius Prime Limited.

Who is Laughing Now?

The bottom line is that the jokes about the Prius don’t matter. Much of what people would poke fun at no longer even applies to the 2022 model. The Prius is an excellent choice for those who desire to reduce their carbon footprint or just save a ton of money on gas. In fact, we suggest that you take the money you will save driving your 2022 Toyota Prius and put it towards that sweet Nightshade edition. And by the way, it’s perfectly fine to honk and laugh at the people crowding the gas station in big trucks and SUVs, yet again filling their gas tanks and watching their money disappear – the jokes on them.

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