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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A blue 2024 Chevy Camaro is shown driving near the ocean.

Have a Blast in Your 2024 Camaro: Six Things to Try in the Final ICE Model

Maybe you heard the news, but the 2024 Chevy Camaro is the final iteration of this popular nameplate to rock a classic internal combustion engine. That’s right—this ICE beast will be discontinued after the 2024 model year. No more rumble and grumble, nor more sweet piston vibrations, no more roaring revs from that beautiful sounding V8 engine…

When the Camaro returns, we’re not entirely sure what it will look like or how it will perform, but as an alternative fuel design, it’s certainly not going to be precisely the way you remember it—but it’s not all bad news. This sports coupe (or convertible) can still be enjoyed with its ICE-y components for the 2024 model year.

There are some things well worth checking out if you’re interested in the Camaro, and we have a few suggestions you might want to take up if you happen to be in the market for one. While some of these suggestions aren’t entirely exclusive to an ICE model, it certainly helps to have one, and you can get a lot of vehicular appreciation out of it while you do so. Now, without further adieu, here are the six things you should definitely try in the final internal combustion edition of the Chevy Camaro.

No. 1: Top-Down Cruise

Sure, you can take down the soft top of an electric sports coupe and drive it around town—no one is denying that—but convertible electric cars roll differently, mainly because their audible engine sounds are emulated through a speaker system, so it’s not quite the same feeling as when you hear the naturally aspirated V8 of the Camaro give off its melodic grumble. Even still, it’s something well worth trying if you haven’t driven a convertible sports car yet.

The beauty of it is that, during the warmer weather seasons, you can go top-down on the Camaro and soak in the gorgeous weather while appreciating the performance and the escalating power being put to the road. The 2024 Camaro has numerous powerful engines at the ready—a 3.6L V6, a 6.2L LT1 V8, and the supercharged LT4 V8—so no matter which model you go with, this beauty is primed to offer you some tremendous reverb while you’re cruising around town with the top down.

But beyond the sound and tactile feedback you get from a powerful sports car like the Camaro, the best part is that you can experience that magical combination of an open-air driving experience and sports-infused performance. You have the wind rushing around you, the sights of your surroundings whizzing past like a blur… It’s a great way to sink into the Camaro’s convertible culture.

No. 2: Lazy Sunday Drive

Maybe you’re not into convertibles. Maybe you don’t like the wind in your hair because you just had it styled. (Or maybe there’s no hair at all… Don’t worry, I understand.) Maybe you’re not too keen on the outside noise drowning out your thoughts or music. I get it—and the 2024 Camaro does, too, for she isn’t just about loud rumblings and high-speed ventures on four-lane roads.

Sometimes, the best part about driving is just enjoying the ride—sitting back, relaxing in the contoured Recaro sports seats, and just moseying along the dotted highway without a care in the world. With the hardtop on, you can indulge in some of the more luxurious elements, like the available carbon fiber instrument panel or the ceramic white interior package. These sorts of features help sink you into the mood and appreciate the quality design of the Camaro.

Not every experience needs to be a high-end one, even when you’re in a high-end sports coupe like the Camaro. Sometimes, it’s not about how much power you put to the wheels, but simply being in a vehicle capable of such power. With the 2024 Camaro, you have that option—to just follow through with the packages and designs that appeal most to you and then combine it all and take her out on the road to enjoy a lazy Sunday drive or two. The Camaro can easily become a pet car you take out just to enjoy the journey—without a destination.

A black 2024 Chevy Camaro ZL1 is shown parked.

No. 3: Cross-Country Road Trip

We’re definitely getting into the more serious car-culture activities here, but a cross-country road trip isn’t as outlandish as you think, especially in a sports car. It might not seem like these vehicles are designed for it, but when you think about how the Camaro can be configured to be driven hard on the tarmac, why couldn’t it be configured for a long road trip? It’s not as far-fetched as you might think.

The real challenge here is ensuring you have the right build and equipment for the task. You need to make sure your car is properly tuned, that you have the right set of traveling tires equipped, and that your vehicle is properly aligned. From there, get a good oiling, ensure you have a comfortable interior setup, and you’re good to go. Just keep in mind that, with the right tuning, a Camaro can even run the Le Mans, so a cross-country road trip isn’t too far outside the box if you pamper your car right and keep it within its limits.

Taking the interstate and traveling long stretches of winding two-lane roads is the best way to go about it if you want to become one with the car. Plan out your route, pick some cool travel destinations, and find some nice tourist traps to break up the monotony, and you’ll have yourself a grand ‘ole adventure. Of course, you will need to know the ins and outs of your car to get the most out of it, or bring a good mechanic along with you in case anything happens. But otherwise, a cross-country road trip is a cool way to sightsee and get the most out of a coupe.

No. 4: Tear Up the Race Track… Just Once

Not everyone has what it takes to be a race car driver, and not everyone wants to be one, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t dabble in the realm of driving fast and taking corners at high speeds. Many places have a local track, and that’s the perfect place to explore your driving prowess with the Camaro.

You don’t even need a high-end Camaro trim or racing package to get the most out of the 2024 sports car when maxing out the revs. With a good set of track tires and a fine-tuning before you hit the track, you should be ready to explore the speed and power that the 2024 Camaro can produce. Since this car has already been engineered to maximize its potential on the track, it gives you an opportunity to test it for yourself.

Even if you’re not into motorsports, giving the Camaro a good lap or two around the track gives you an opportunity to experience what the car was engineered to do. Sure, you could always take an electric car around a test track, but you don’t get the same escalation of power banding and rev-based vibrations that you do with an ICE. Also, the obvious lack of organic audible feedback changes the experience. It’s worth it to give the 2024 Camaro a good go-around at a local track if you have one.

No. 5: Drag Racing for a First-Timer

You might think that circuit racing and drag racing are the same, but they couldn’t be more dissimilar other than involving fast vehicles. The tuning, the experience, and the requirements for both are completely different. In fact, you typically need a good set of drag racing slicks for a drag race, and you really need to ensure that your machine is well-oiled and properly cooled if you plan on doing any serious drag racing.

However, you don’t need to do serious drag racing in your 2024 Camaro. There are plenty of drag strips scattered about the country that allow pedestrians to sign up, take their production vehicle to the race track, and give it a go either solo or against another driver. Drag racing doesn’t have to be an intense, competitive, gearhead-focused experience; plenty of everyday drivers out there test their mettle once, twice, or thrice to see if their car, truck, or even SUV can measure up on the quarter-mile strip.

Even if you’re not into racing, it’s a neat experience to just run your 2024 Camaro on the tarmac and see where you rank on the scoreboard. With the supercharged LT4 V8 capable of hitting zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds, anyone who opts for a ZL1 can see just how close to under ten seconds you can get with the right tuning and setup. But even if you opt for the LT or LT1, you can still experience the thrill of drag racing—just once—to see what it’s like.

Again, it’s a completely different experience from drag racing with an electric vehicle, and it does require a bit more maintenance with an ICE, but it’s that personalization and unique customization that comes with the ICE that makes the experience so thrilling, which isn’t typically available with an electric vehicle.

A blue 2024 Chevy Camaro SS is shown from the front.

No. 6: Car Meet and Greet

Beyond the Sunday drives, convertible cruises, and attempts at unleashing your inner Days of Thunder, there is one thing that many never get tired of doing—and it’s something that anyone can do without worrying about blowing a gasket, ruining the header, or tanking the starter… and that’s car meetups. Yeah, a big part of car culture is meeting people at powwows and showing off your ride. You don’t even need to do anything special to participate—just know when and where to show up.

Depending on how you’ve personalized or customized your Camaro will determine just how much attention you would receive from fellow car enthusiasts. Maybe you have some decals or vinyl you want to show off, or a new paint job? This is the perfect place to do it. Even if you’re not a serious gearhead, having a simple livery or even interior lighting can radically change the appeal of your vehicle, and you might acquire a few admirers in the process.

Even better yet, if you haven’t touched your Camaro, going to a car meet can give you a ton of inspiration on what sort of changes you might want to make to your car. Plenty of regular attendees can offer tips, advice, or even a few ideas on upgrading, personalizing, or spicing up your Camaro. Barring all that, it’s just a cool experience to show off your ride to others and experience some of the cool cars other people drive—and given that the 2024 Chevy Camaro is the last of the ICE models, I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate seeing it before it’s gone.

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