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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A silver 2019 GMC Yukon XL parked in front of a modern city building at night

Four Reasons to Love the GMC Yukon XL

The GMC Yukon has been an American staple since the early 1990s. Through the years, this car has innovated and changed to keep up with the times and continue to set the standard for trucks. After the announcement of the 2019 GMC Yukon XL, it is evident that this year is no exception. Borrowing from its legacy and introducing a handful of new options, the 2019 model continues to innovate and set the curve. Here are just a few reasons why the 2019 Yukon XL deserves your attention.

A Spacious Interior

The GMC Yukon XL boasts a massive interior that can easily play host to large gatherings of passengers or that old dusty couch that you’ve meant to haul to the dump for months. If you choose the available SLE model with the front bench seat, the Yukon XL can seat a whopping nine passengers in total, each row with over 30 inches of leg room for your guests to kick back and relax. If your group is a little smaller than nine, you have the luxury of being able to fold down the rear seats to create a huge space for extra storage. And with the available second-row power-release and fold-and-tumble seats on the Yukon SLT, the rear seats are easier than ever to fold away and create cargo space for anything you need. Even if you do have your third-row seats up, the rear cargo space in the Yukon XL offers a roomy 39.3 cubic feet.

The Yukon also offers a huge center console with enough space to store hanging folders or an entire laptop; take your office on the go with you! There is also a small storage space behind the 8-inch GMC infotainment system screen. This tiny space is large enough for your phone, and even features a convenient USB port for charging on the go. Regardless of which trim you decide on or how many passengers you have along for the ride, the GMC Yukon has enough space for just about anything you can throw at it.

So regardless of whether your cargo is a dusty couch or seven rowdy little leaguers, the 2019 GMC Yukon XL comes equipped for every situation. Talk with your local dealer today to view your options and find the exact car that is right for you.

Unrivaled Performance

As one of the most famous and well-known SUVs in the country, GMC takes the Yukon’s performance capabilities very seriously. It all starts with the reworked 5.3L V8 EcoTec3 engine. This marvel of engineering uses advanced direct injection technology for maximum efficiency and quiet operation. It is also capable of activating or deactivating four of the vehicle’s cylinders based on the overall power demanding using active fuel management technology. By eliminating unnecessary power usage when the Yukon is in less demanding situations, the engine is able to save gas and constantly maximize efficiency. On top of all of this, the Yukon XL features a massive 31-gallon gas tank to keep you on the road, not at the gas station, for longer than ever before.

When it comes to towing, The Yukon features a slew of modernizations to make this process smoother and safer than ever. The hill start assist function holds the breaks for a moment to give you a little more time to switch to the accelerator. It also offers trailer sway control, which uses StabiliTrack sensors to detect if your trailer is swaying. If the system detects danger, it will engage the trailer’s brakes and help pull it back into balance. All of this adds up to a Yukon XL capable of comfortably towing a whopping 8,300 pounds of cargo.

A Classic Appearance Refined

A black 2019 GMC Yukon XL Denali on a snowy mountain

Having been around in some form since the early 1990s, the Yukon boasts a truly distinct and classic look that represents the GMC brand. While still maintaining that classic Yukon look, the 2019 model has been significantly modernized with a fresh design and a handful of unique aesthetic features. The first thing you will likely notice is the Yukon’s distinct grille, which is plated with chrome surrounds. Right next to the grille is the signature LED c-shape lighting fixtures. Using high-intensity discharge projector-beam headlamps, these lights will run for ages and always keep the path ahead of you brightly lit. Once you make your purchase, you will have the option of 18-inch, 20-inch, or 22-inch polished aluminum wheels. Pick the right shape and style for you.

Moving on from the stylish, the Yukon also features a handful of aesthetic options that will not only look good but make your life a bit easier as well. The first option is a height-adjustable liftgate that can open by sensing the kick of your foot. No more will you have to fumble with your keys or suitcase, trying to get the trunk open without dropping anything. Other features include a hidden rear wiper, which remains under the spoiler when not in use, creating a clean and seamless appearance, and also a keyless entry system, which eliminates the need for the large and unsightly keyhole on your door.

The 2019 Yukon XL is available in classy and muted colors, ranging from satin steel metallic to crimson red. It also offers the two interior finish options jet black and cocoa/dune, depending on your preference. Regardless of your personal taste, the variety of options on the new Yukon makes sure that there is something for every potential buyer.

An Eye for Safety

The 2019 Yukon Denali uses its tried and true design coupled with cutting edge technology to provide a ride that is both comfortable and as safe as possible. A huge feature on this year’s model is an industry first front center airbag. This unique design is implemented in the bucket seat models of the Yukon. In the instance of a crash, the front airbag deploys vertically on the side of the seat, reducing the violent horizontal movement of the passenger, saving their body the extreme jerking and stress. The Yukon also offers a unique enhanced security package. This available option includes ultrasonic motion detectors, an inclination sensor to help prevent wheel or vehicle theft, a unique high-pitched siren, and highly sensitive glass-breakage sensors.

As far as advanced technology goes, the Yukon uses a variety of sensors situated around the car to help keep you safe and alert in a variety of different situations. These sensors provide front and rear park assist, lane assist and lane departure warning, blind side zone alerts, adaptive cruise control, and much more. Talk to your local dealer to learn more about these features and whether or not they come standard with your purchase.

Lastly, the Yukon also offers the unique teen driver safety system. This built-in mode helps to encourage safe habits for new drivers. When equipped, it allows parents to set certain limits and even check in on how their teen has been driving. You can view stats and even an in-vehicle report card to see if your driver-in-training has been following the rules of the road. While your 17-year-old driver may not be the biggest fan of this mode, it’s sure to please mom and dad.

What do you think of the 2019 GMC Yukon XL? Is this epic GMC nameplate a worthy successor to previous years models?

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