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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Finding Your Perfect Car at a Dealership Is Easier Than Ever

In 2013, car buyers visited an average of five dealerships before buying a car. In 2016, that number has dropped to 1.6. Does that mean interest in buying from car dealerships is declining? Perhaps, but I don’t think so. Sure, the presence of online car-buying websites has increased. But, so has the availability of dealership inventories online. Consumers might be going to fewer dealerships now because finding that perfect car on a dealership lot is easier than ever. No more hoofin’ it around to six dealerships in your area, when you can simply find it on one dealer’s website and call for details. Then, drive to that same dealership to make your purchase.

So yes, car buyers visited fewer dealerships than they did back in 2013. But, that doesn’t mean dealerships are in trouble. If anything, they’re doing a good job keeping up with the times.

Dealerships Keep Current

Before start-up online car-sales companies like Beepi, there was Craigslist if you were looking for a car. Since many consumers (obviously) enjoy looking at cars online, dealerships decided to catch on to that trend as soon as they were able. That was years ago. Now, you can do so much more than just browse their online inventories.

Go to a dealership’s website, and you can look at the inventory, chat online with a sales representative, view specials and deals on cars, and even purchase the vehicle over phone or e-mail.

These dealerships are keeping up with the times so they can keep growing. Good news for consumers everywhere…

Good News For You, Specifically

Why is this good news for you? Because, you can find the perfect car so easily now. Like I said above, there is no need to hoof it through six dealerships in one day, only to go back to the first one you started with, or ultimately leave unsatisfied.

Use these online inventories to your advantage. Start by seeing if a dealership even has the car you want. If it does, you can look at the different makes or models available. If you need further information, then simply call the dealership or talk to someone online.

Again, thanks to the internet, even if a dealership doesn’t have the model you want, the sales team can most likely find it somewhere else and have it delivered to you.

So, Why Not Buy From the Dealership?

Since it’s so easy to buy from a dealership now, why not just do it? Sure, you might pay a little more for a used car than you would on Craigslist. But, at least a used car dealership has better reliability than a private seller.

How can you prove a dealership’s reliability? By checking out the reviews and ratings posted on its website. See what other shoppers have said about their experiences firsthand. That way, you know if you’ve found a trusted source.

If you’re still unsure about it, simply take a drive down to the dealership and talk to the team, face to face. Since you already found a car that you’re interested in, you might as well go take a look. And maybe take a test drive…