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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A silver 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown near a fence after leaving an EV dealer.

Epic & Electric: Meet the Ford F-150 Lightning

The future of automobiles is going to be electric—there’s no point in denying it. As much as we all love gas-powered cars, many automakers (like Ford) are phasing them out in favor of hybrid and electric vehicles. The truth is we have tons of burgeoning technology that perfectly caters to all-electric automobiles, and the sour turn of the global climate necessitates it.

Visit a reputable EV dealer to learn all about the kinds of futuristic tech we’re building into the next generation of automobiles. This isn’t a fad—it’s the next step. So Ford isn’t just “jumping on the bandwagon;” rather, they’re reinventing the bandwagon.

The Ford F-150 has garnered an insane amount of attention from truck enthusiasts, including those who might not have been all that interested in EVs before the Lightning debuted for the 2022 model year. The Ford F-150 has long been a staple of the Ford lineup. In fact, it’s not just the most popular pickup on the market but the most popular vehicle altogether.

What’s not to love about its strong powertrains, huge towing capacities, and immense off-roading capabilities? When Ford announced that it would be launching an electric version of the F-150, the crowd was split between skeptics and enthusiasts. Today, the enthusiasts far outnumber the skeptics—and here’s why:

The Might of the Ford F-150 Lightning

The Ford F-150 Lightning receives its power from two inboard motors. There is one motor per axle and one battery pack between them, running the length of the automotive base. This powertrain delivers 462 hp in the Standard Range outfit and 580 hp in the Extended Range outfit; you’ll be getting a massive 775 lb-ft of torque with either design, making the Ford Lightning capable of precisely towing heavy loads during slow crawls.

Acceleration is quick and smooth, thanks to the ultra-fast activation of electricity as opposed to the gluttonous and sluggish nature of combustion engines. It’s fair to assert that the Lightning lives up to its name here. Like other EVs, this iteration of the F-150 runs quietly and offers a ton of get-up-and-go power when you need it on the highway.

A Premium Driving Experience

Solid rear axles are typically bedrocks in pickups like this, but the Lightning instead comes with an independent rear suspension with coil springs; this assists with housing the full-size spare tire and the battery pack. While the Lightning still gives a true truck performance, it offers a little more refinement and ride comfort.

Imperfections in the road do make their way into the cabin, which is usual with pickup trucks. However, when incurred, they produce a softer jostle than a harsh thrashing feel, like those you’d find in your typical base-level (not off-road specialized) pickup. Vibrations are also minimized, with hardly any coming through this truck’s structurally superb frame.

Immense Towing and Payload Capabilities

Ford built the F-150 Lightning to handle heavy loads. Some trim levels can tow up to 10,000 lbs when properly equipped. To achieve this tow rating, you must equip the Extended Range battery on either the Pro, XLT, or Lariat trim, along with the Maximum Trailer Tow Package.

Given that the Lightning serves up such an immense amount of horsepower and torque, this truck has no problem towing such a massive load. Using the dashboard’s central touchscreen, you can see your trailer through the optional rear-view camera. There is plenty of traction control to help keep the trailer lined up with the truck, and trailer sway is brief since the system quickly sorts it out. Ultimately, the F-150 Lightning feels just as capable of towing a heavy load as its gas-powered F-150 counterparts.

A person is show using the outlet in the bed of a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning.

Help When the Power Goes Out

What do you do when the power goes out at home? If you do not own a backup generator, you could be waiting hours—or sometimes days—to get the power back on. Luckily, if you own a Lightning, you can use your truck to supply energy to your home; this can help keep you cool on a hot night if the grid overloads, keep your central heating on during a blizzard, or keep your devices charged in the aftermath of a severe windstorm.

Since it stores 131-kWh of energy and delivers 9.6-kW, the Lightning’s Extended Range battery can provide quieter and more efficient power to your home during an outage. There is, of course, the benefit of this energy coming to you at a much lower cost since it is simply stored in your truck.

Paired with the Home Integration System, the Ford Intelligent Backup Power feature automatically delivers power to your home when the power grid goes down. Based on average home energy usage, it’s estimated that the Lightning can provide energy to your home for up to three days. If paired with solar technology, it might be able to deliver power for up to ten days, helping you out when you need it the most.

Abundant Infotainment Tech

Ford does not skimp on the technology included in the Lightning. Like Ford’s other EV, the Mach-E, this truck comes with a stunningly large 15.5-inch infotainment touchscreen. Turning it on reveals easy-to-read graphics laid out in a manner that non-tech-savvy drivers can comprehend. This touchscreen is actually bigger than what you will find in top competitors like Tesla and is actually more functional than the smaller systems in other Ford models.

This interface has massive buttons that respond appropriately to your touch. Color variations are crystal clear, so you won’t have to strain to see where your finger is going—which means keeping your eyes on the road for longer. You’ll have a tab for your connected iPhone or Android, a navigation tab, a trip details tab, and more; simply scroll through and select what you wish to use. Ford makes it easy for all grades of tech users to utilize this system, which is chock-full of different features.

A red and a black 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning are shown charging at a lake.

Four Trims to Choose From

As is typical of Ford, there are many configurations and design options to choose from on the Ford F-150 Lightning. The four trim levels here are the Pro, XLT, Lariat, and Platinum.

The standard body style is a four-door crew cab with a 5.5-foot truck bed. Two electric motors deliver power to the vehicle for all-wheel drive, and you can choose between two different batteries: standard is a 98-kWh battery pack that creates 452 hp and 775 lb-ft of torque, which gives the vehicle about 230 miles of electric range. However, you can opt for a 131-kWh Extended Range battery pack on the XLT or Lariat. (This is the standard issue on the line-topping Platinum trim.) With this battery pack, the Lightning gets 580 hp and 320 miles of range.

Exterior and interior designs differ a bit as well. The Pro has LED headlights and vinyl seats, while the XLT has cloth seating and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. LED cargo bed lighting comes on the Lariat, as do leather-upholstered ventilated front seats; the Lariat can be optionally equipped with the 511A [High Equipment Group] package, which includes a dual-panel sunroof and heated rear seats. The Platinum gets premium leather upholstery, and the front seats have a built-in massager; the Max Trailer Tow package is made standard for this trim level.

It’s Worthwhile to Go for the Ford F-150 Lightning

If you must ever be struck by lightning, let it be the Ford Lightning! It really does put on an excellent show! More buyers are choosing to go electric, and the F-150 Lightning is proof that electric pickups can be downright awesome to drive. You can go on all sorts of adventures and even power your home during an outage with this well-rounded and capable electric beast.

If that old gas guzzler of yours isn’t meeting your needs, perhaps the Lightning will do a better job of getting you where you need to go. Take one out for a spin and see how this truck’s electrified power can change your life.

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