A red 2019 Chevy Equinox driving in a tunnel

2019 Chevy Equinox vs 2019 Ford Escape: Versatility At Its Finest

Are you hunting for a versatile new SUV that can provide a unique blend of performance, technology, interior amenities, and safety? Well, that’s easier said than done, as few vehicles have proven to be that well-versed. However, if you’ve found yourself making comparisons like the 2019 Chevy Equinox vs 2019 Ford Escape, you might find [...]

A black 2019 Ford Taurus on a highway with a city scape in back

Why the 2019 Ford Taurus Screams “Bold”

Ford is seemingly always focused on making their vehicles as bold as possible, and they surely succeeded when it came to this year’s variation of one of their most popular sedans. For those seeking a 2019 Ford Taurus in Cincinnati, Ohio, this will surely be music to your ears. The 2019 Ford Taurus has established [...]

A white used Ford F-150 in a grassy field

The 7 Used Fords to Look For

Ford-lovers, I have good news: there are more used Fords on the road these days than ever before and many of them are particularly good buys. We all know there are tons of reasons to buy a used or pre-owned vehicle over one that’s brand new, and one of the best reasons is the massive [...]

A bright white 2019 Ford Fusion outside a quite home at night

The 2019 Ford Fusion Adds Standard Driver Safety To An Already Option Packed Lineup of Vehicles

The 2019 Ford Fusion enters the new year still riding on the exhaust fumes of its 2013 second generation design after already receiving a significant update in 2017. A tough year for Ford not to bring a new flashy generation of a pre-existing brand; the Honda Accord, Chevy Malibu, and Toyota Camry all unveiled new [...]

A blue Ford EcoSport travels a quiet dusty highway

Shopping For A Ford – Leasing or Buying?

In the realm of great debates in America today, leasing versus buying a car is up there with pineapple as a topping on pizza. Some believe in it wholeheartedly, while some look at you with pure disgust. Some prefer their car buying experience to be traditional and savory, while some are open to the idea [...]

A blue oval Ford sign outside a Ohio dealership

10 Things to Look for From a Ford Dealer

When it’s time to purchase a vehicle, it’s important to choose the right dealership. You want to make sure the place you buy your next car from is reputable, knowledgeable, helpful, trustworthy, and offers high-quality inventory. But, what qualities does a dealership like this have? Well, when choosing among Ford dealers, here are the top [...]

Red 2019 Ford F150 driving through mud

Shopping for Ford Trucks For Sale with Your Local Dealer

When considering the many different Ford Trucks for Sale, you want a dealership that you can depend upon to have not only a quality selection but also excellent attention to customer needs. A good dealership will have quality sales, finance, and customer service members to ensure that the purchase of your Ford Truck is as [...]

White 2018 Ford Edge on highway with NYC cityscape in background

Which Is Superior: 2018 Ford Edge vs 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe

With so many impressive SUV offerings flooding the market, we’re sure you’re having a tough time zeroing in on one specific target. These vehicles seem to deliver incredible performance, notable technologies, and an array of safety functions. Therefore, you should really be zeroing in on a nameplate that goes above and beyond with their offerings, [...]

Orange and Blue 2018 Ford Ecosports at park with city in back

How the 2018 Ford EcoSport Earned Its Name

Maybe I’m just turning into a cranky old man, but some of today’s car names make absolutely no sense. What the hell does a “Malibu” do/mean? A “Tundra?” A “3 Series?” What does it all mean!?! While some car names don’t do a good job of emphasizing the vehicle’s attributes, one brand has managed to [...]

Blue Ford logo on leather steering wheel

Which Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Should You Opt For?

While we’re sure you know the benefits of used vehicles, certified pre-owned vehicles tend to fly under the radar. These offerings are excellent alternatives to their newer counterparts, especially if you’ve zeroed in on a Ford certified pre-owned vehicle. The brand assures that their CPOs are top-notch, as they’re required to pass an extensive inspection process [...]