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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A silver 2004 Chevy Blazer is parked in front of a lake and distant mountains.

Best Used Chevy Trucks

The good old Chevy truck is an iconic staple of Americana, a symbol of toughness and perseverance, one of the best pickup model lines ever released… And not a half-bad way to drive to work. Whether for getting the job done, going out to have some fun, or both, there is a great used Chevy truck calling your name.

Chevrolet has built a wide range of models for over a century now, and many are ideal vehicles to buy used. They include compact full-frame SUVs, compact pickups, full-size pickups perfect for work or play, and a few others. What makes these models particularly good to buy used is their reliability, popularity, and general toughness. No one wants to be stuck with a lemon, especially if it’s a vehicle they use for work, and these Chevrolet machines tend to keep a beating and keep on ticking. Their popularity means that parts are easy to find, even on short notice, and they tend to be relatively inexpensive.

Overall, if you need a workhorse, a rock-solid commuter vehicle, or something to cruise or tow with, a used Chevy truck is a great bet.

Chevy Blazer (1995–2005)

Enthusiasts tend to profess there have only ever been two generations of Blazer, discounting the most modern 2010’s model for its lack of off-road chops. The second generation of “original” Blazer meanwhile has an enormous and dedicated following, mostly regarding off-roading and some drag racing.

While the Blazer does make for a good platform to build into a rock raiding demon or a competition-destroying drag sleeper, it comes from the factory as a great small SUV. Equipped with a Small Block-based 4.3-liter Vortec V6, these are commonly seen on the road two decades after they were first introduced, which is a testament to the longevity of the platform and the reliability of its engine and running gear.

The four-door models are the ones to go for when looking for a practical on-road vehicle, though even these seemingly pedestrian people movers are often equipped with locking four-wheel drive systems from the factory and are easily modifiable.

For off-road enthusiasts, the top model to look out for is the ZR-2, a factory off-road package that dramatically upgrades the suspension system from the mounting points down, in addition to many other important stock modifications.

No matter which Blazer suits your needs best, all of them can generally be found for well under 10,000 dollars.

Chevy TrailBlazer (2002–2009)

The TrailBlazer shares the Blazer’s name, and in many ways, was introduced as a larger ‘sporty’ truck. As a mid-sized SUV, the Trailblazer is most commonly used as an on-road people hauler, though the TrailBlazer SS variants are a common sight at car meets and drag strips. The TrailBlazer is great for those who need extra space when compared to the already surprisingly utilitarian Blazer. Of course, for those enthusiasts who want the Trailblazer SS’ factory LS engine and available all-wheel drive.

Known as the “TB SS” in enthusiast nomenclature, the Super Sport variant of the TrailBlazer is a great choice for those on a budget who want a genuinely fast sporty SUV. Even more, older models can be found for under $15,000.

A popular used Chevy truck, a silver 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500, is driving in a grassy field.

Silverado (1999–2007)

The first generation Silverado went toe to toe with the best full-sized pickup trucks in the world, and to this day, it offers some features the competition does not. First and foremost among these features were the raft of General Motors engines that tended to outperform their competitors and rivals from other manufacturers.

Chief among these are the reliably legendary and incredibly modifiable 5.3 and 6.0-liter LS V8 engines. These beefy V8s make the trucks easily capable of hauling large payloads while remaining surprisingly efficient during freeway cruising.

The economical nature of the first generation Silverado is its greatest asset on the current used market. Older models of the Silverado are commonly available between $5,000 and $7,000 in good condition, and these trucks still have no trouble getting the job done.

Colorado (2007-2012)

The Colorado is Chevrolet’s modern mid-size pickup, the best years of which are between 2007 and 2012. The Colorado is best for those who require a more or less new truck that is smaller than the huge modern Silverado but are on a budget of around 10,000 dollars. Good condition second-gen Colorados can frequently be had for the middle four-figure range, making them easily one of the cheapest 2010’s era trucks.

They make an especially good option for a small business just starting out, as work truck variants typically come with the appropriate support gear already installed and at very low prices.

A red 2011 Chevy Colorado is parked on a dirt trail on a hill.

Silverado (2008–2014)

For those looking to save money in comparison to a new truck, instead of on a strict sub-10,000 budget, these late-model Silverados are more or less the perfect option. Full of high-tech features and modern amenities, the second generation Silverado is a luxury truck when compared to trucks from twenty years ago, regardless of the trim level.

It is also a modern full-size pickup, meaning it has significantly more payload and towing capability than earlier models and a more refined user experience in general. While most people don’t need anywhere near as much space as a second generation Silverado provides, inside and out, for those who have the budget, it doesn’t hurt.

S10 (1994-2004)

Built on the same basis as the Blazer, the S10 and Sonoma compact trucks are little workhorses that offer extremely low-cost utility in a very compact package. Despite their small size when compared to the modern full-size pickup trucks that dot the roads of the US, they continue to provide more space than most personal users will ever need, and the same is true for a large number of people who use the S10 for professional work.

While work and play are both things the S10 excels at, its ZR-2 variant makes it the perfect budget off-road platform as well, while maintaining much of its standard practicality.

Get Ready to Find Your Used Chevy

There is a used Chevy truck for every budget and every use case, from hardcore off-road enthusiasts to solid daily drivers to surprisingly fast drag strip terrors. Such a wide breadth of uses and capabilities is uncommon in entire product lineups of other companies, but a trip to a used Chevy dealership could very easily show you the full range.

Whether you have five grand to spend or fifty thousand dollars to burn, there is a stout Chevy capable of getting your work done and making your play that much more awesome. Stop by Raceway Chevy today, whether online or in person, to check out a range of used Chevy machines.

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