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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

Show Off your Off-Road Rig at SEMA for a Chance at an Award!

Are you an off-road enthusiast with a badass off-roading rig? Do you like winning? Are you addicted to big, shiny trophies? Then you’ll want to head over to the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas at the start of November. Why? Because the association is giving away “The Life is Better Off-Road Award,” which recognizes the technical achievements and engineering prowess required for the development of aftermarket products for off-road vehicles, by recognizing the best-presented and truly off-road vehicle. The trophy itself is custom designed, and this year marks the second year the award will be bestowed on some lucky off-road enthusiast. Plus, attending the SEMA Show in Vegas is a great – not to mention, fun – way to rep your favorite off-road brand!

Who is the Award Open To?

The award is open to any off-road vehicle builders and product manufacturers on display at the SEMA show. It’s sponsored by Transamerica Auto Parts, and will be judged by a panel of the off-road industry’s leading authorities. Off-road trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs are the three categories allowed to enter this year’s contest.

Ten semi-finalists will be first selected based on real-world and other applicable criteria in off-road conditions, such as reliability, capability, functionality, craftsmanship quality, and overall vehicle presentation. After the judges view all ten semi-finalists, the panel will then pick one Jeep and one truck/SUV as the finalists for the overall award.

What Bragging Rights Do I Get?

Well, not only do you get to brag about your custom off-road rig on display at the SEMA show, but also that you were able to beat the other entries for this award. The significance of the trophy is doubled, simply because the judges aren’t basing it on specific categories. Which means if your off-road truck beats a Jeep, you get some major credit in the off-road world. If your Jeep beats the truck and SUV finalists, that’s still equally impressive.

Either way, it speaks to your knowledge and skill when it comes to building off-road rigs. If you work for a company that designs and builds these types of vehicles, it’s a great award to have displayed in the garage with a plaque under it. Alternatively, it would look awesome on a resume if you’re looking to branch off in the off-road world because you want to build something even bigger and better.

Plus, you get one cool looking trophy.

What a Great Way to Rep your Favorite Off-Road Rig!

Apart from the bragging rights and street, or, off-road cred, it really is a great way to represent your favorite off-roading rig. Whether it’s a builder that pours his or her heart and soul into a Jeep, or one that prefers going against the norm and making a truck traverse the off-road trails just as effectively, you get a chance to show why your brand and rig is better than the other guys.

Of course, I have a hard time believing that a custom-built off-road truck would be able to beat a custom-built off-road Jeep. But, miracles do happen.