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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

DePaula Preferred Customers Save Big On New Chevy Cars

These days, it can seem like buyers spend more and more money on each year’s new vehicles – and although these new models tend to come with greater tech, better safety features, and more stylish designs, some shoppers may find themselves stretched a little thin when it comes to financing. Everybody’s looking for the best price, the best deal, and the best incentives to make the car buying process as pain-free and affordable as possible – and with DePaula Chevy’s Preferred Customer program, saving money on your next Chevy has never been easier.

That’s because every customer who shops at DePaula automatically has the chance to enroll as a DePaula Preferred Customer, bringing savings to every customer smart enough to choose DePaula as their Chevy dealer in Albany, NY. Featuring credit toward future Chevy vehicles, credit toward service at DePaula’s expert Chevy service center, and even discounts on after-market parts and upgrades, the Preferred Customer program at DePaula opens up avenues for savings that you just won’t find at other Chevy dealers.

In becoming a DePaula Preferred Customer, you officially join the DePaula family – and like all families, DePaula looks out for their own well beyond the initial meeting. That’s why Preferred Customers get access to immediate perks like $250 towards the purchase of any new or used vehicle purchase in the future and $25 towards any service, parts, or accessories purchase available from the good folks at the DePaula Service Center. And once a Preferred Customer, always a Preferred Customer – especially with the recurring savings of 5% off any non-warranty maintenance work and 5% off any purchase of parts or accessories that come with Preferred Customer membership, sure to keep you coming back to DePaula again and again to keep your beloved Chevy running smooth and looking cool for miles to come.

By choosing to shop at DePaula, you’re already choosing the option guaranteed to give you the best value on the best new or used Chevy models around. Rated the Number One Chevrolet Certified Pre-Owned Dealer in all of the Northeast, DePaula features an extensive inventory and a talented internet sales team to help you pick exactly the Chevy that you need at a price that matches your budget. But with the added savings you’ll gain as part of DePaula’s Preferred Customer program, you may just find there’s no better deal out there when it comes to buying the latest and greatest Chevy vehicles.

Plus, with some of the best on-site amenities in the business – including a shuttle service and even a loaner vehicle program for when your vehicle is in service at DePaula, free Wi-Fi throughout the executive lounge, and a work-area so you can stay busy even when waiting on repairs – you can feel right at home at DePaula, as any family member should.

So whether you’re a longtime Chevy driver in the Albany area or new to the car buying frontier, head on over to DePaula at 785 Central Avenue in Albany and see for yourself just how valuable being a Preferred Customer can be – and don’t be surprised to find yourself delighted to be part of it.