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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A white 2020 Chevy Suburban is shown driving on a city street after leaving a used Chevy SUV dealer.

A Closer Look at the Chevy Suburban’s Superstar Status

Chances are you’ve noticed a Chevy Suburban barreling toward you on the road with its large, rugged stance and durable features. You probably didn’t pay it much attention as you navigated to where you needed to go, but did you know that the Suburban is quite literally one of the most interesting vehicles on the road? From having its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to being the go-to vehicle for the FBI, the Chevy Suburban can do more than just cart the kids to school every day.

The Suburban is armed with capabilities that maximize any experience, not only on the road but on the silver screen and beyond. If you thought it was just another SUV amongst a sea of SUVs, you’d better think again. You’ll find that used Suburbans are popping up all over the place due to the fact that drivers want the exceptional features found in these iconic vehicles for an affordable price. The next time you’re driving past your local used Chevy SUV dealer, you’ll probably see one of these legends staring back at you, and you may just want to take a second to give it some much-earned respect.

Hollywood Star

It’s not just the Corvette and Camaro that spend a lot of time in the spotlight; the Suburban has been in its fair share of movies and TV shows during its almost 90 years on the scene. Chevy’s oldest nameplate, dating back to 1935, has quite a presence in Hollywood as a go-to vehicle due to its versatility and commanding design. From hit shows like The Sopranos and The Walking Dead to blockbuster films like Dante’s Peak and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the Suburban can be seen in all its glory, acting as a trusted traveler for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Carting around everyone from mob bosses to heroes to apocalypse survivors, the Suburban has solidified its place on the screen. Although it has yet to win a prestigious award like an Oscar, the Suburban was the first car to earn its star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, making it a true superstar.

What makes the Suburban so popular in Tinsel Town? Well, according to Dennis McCarthy, one of the most well-known car coordinators in the biz, it’s the Suburban’s versatility that makes it a go-to option on set. It can suit almost any character, and its presence in a scene instantly alerts you to the fact that some type of action is about to go down. He says that when you see a fleet of Suburbans coming at you on the screen, it’s not the right time to get up and grab more popcorn. We can’t argue with that.

Actors don’t just drive the Suburban on screen, but in real life also. From singer-songwriter Chris Daughtry to Brad and Angelina (pre-break-up, of course), the Chevy Suburban can be seen in the driveways and garages of some of the most famous stars in the industry. When you can afford some of the most expensive exotic cars on the market and choose an everyday favorite like the Suburban, it really says something about this influential Chevy vehicle.

A black 2020 Chevy Suburban is shown from the front driving on a highway.

Secret Agent

The Suburban doesn’t just play an FBI vehicle in the movies; it’s also a real-life Special Forces favorite. From transporting secret agents on classified missions to serving in rescue operations and other critical roles, the Suburban is a tried-and-true option for the FBI and other operatives. Its rugged build provides the protection needed to withstand attacks on the road, while its spacious interior can accommodate a team of agents clad in body armor en route to their next mission. Its exceptional cargo hold is capable of handling all of the gear accompanying Special Forces units, accommodating everything from night vision goggles to weapons, ammo, and more.

From the military to law enforcement agencies across the country, the Chevy Suburban is an integral part of the team. With the ability to be outfitted per an agency’s request, the Suburban is capable of traveling into some of the most dangerous environments while protecting everyone on board. It can take a bullet, break into a building, and aid in riot control efforts with its strong, durable presence that stops you in your tracks the moment you catch a glimpse of it.

From tactical operations to rescue missions, the Suburban can meet any challenge head-on, which is why it’s such a respected vehicle for high-speed, low-drag units all over the country. Just like in the movies, its level of versatility makes the Suburban an exceptional tool for elite forces across the world, with the strength, capabilities, and sheer determination to complete the mission without fail. When the world needs a hero, we turn to our Special Forces, led by one of the most impactful vehicles in existence, the legendary Chevy Suburban.

A dark blue 2021 Chevy Suburban High Country is shown from a front angle driving on an open road.

Drag Race Winner

You may not think of the hulking Suburban as much of a racer, but this cunning vehicle continues to prove itself on the road…and the track. The Suburban took on its smaller sibling, the Tahoe, in a drag race to see which large-scale hauler could perform beyond the road. Both the Suburban and the Tahoe were redesigned for the 2021 model year and are not only situated on the same platform but have the same powertrain selection. You’d think the smaller Tahoe would blast past the cumbersome Suburban, but you’d be mistaken.

The Suburban, armed with its 6.2L EcoTec3 V8, utilized its 420 horses to the fullest, outperforming the less powerful yet lighter Tahoe. Although the Tahoe had a jump on the Suburban at first, the Suburban quickly pulled ahead, winning the race multiple times with different drivers. You may think that the Suburban’s weight would be an issue in the race; however, this Chevy favorite is adequately balanced with supreme power, which is a winning combination on the track. Its strong engine was able to blast it forward, while its balanced design kept it controlled and agile on the racetrack, which is why the Suburban is such a go-to vehicle for everyday driving.

Now, don’t go thinking that the Suburban can take on the Corvette or any other performance vehicle that can jet from 0-60 mph in under three seconds. Both the Suburban and Tahoe are slow accelerators, but it’s their powerful engines that help them gain the speed needed in order to perform in a race. It just further proves that the Suburban can quite literally impress us, no matter what challenge it’s taking on next.

Suburban Superstar

From the red carpet to the racetrack, the Suburban proves that it’s one of the most interesting models in the Chevy lineup and perhaps in the industry as a whole. Versatility and durability make this large hauler capable of adding value to any journey, and you don’t have to be driving it on a Hollywood set to realize just how influential it can be to your travels. This famous Chevy has done a lot throughout its time on the planet, and it just keeps getting better. Remember all of this when you drive past a used Chevy SUV dealer near you, and don’t forget to glance over at the lot to see how many Suburbans lie in wait to make their next owner’s travels absolutely legendary.

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