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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A white 2016 used Nissan 370z Nismo is parked in front of an industrial building.

A 370z Retrospective

The gold standard for Nissan’s sports car, a used Nissan 370z, is a great sleek and sporty option for those looking for a sports car at a reasonable price. Compact and low to the ground, you can always expect an exhilarating experience when you get behind the wheel. Don’t miss out on this opportunity because it won’t last forever. The 370z started life as a 332 horsepower low-cost coupe. Five years later, not much has changed except for some technology has been added to improve value. Modern-day 370z’s continued this trend by only improving and not changing anything radical. This vehicle has garnered quite the reputation over the past decade it’s been on the market. What started as a simple coupe has evolved into quite an icon. While the original 370z might be a little outdated by today’s standards, the subtle revisions over the years have truly sharpened the 370z’s self-image. What hasn’t changed is the cars desire to give the driver a thrilling experience in a compact package.

Where It All Started

The first 370z made its way onto the American market in 2009. Released only as a coupe, drivers were given plenty of car in such a small package. Replacing the Nissan 350z, the 370z had plenty of horsepower with your choice of a manual or automatic transmission, making an attractive choice for drivers of all ages. Other features that solidify this car as a “driver’s car” includes rear-wheel drive and approximately 340 miles of range on a single fuel tank. When the 370z was released, consumers that desired a value-oriented sports car given an incredible value. With the power, rear-wheel drive and room for only the important people, Nissan raced out of the gate when they revealed the 370z to the public.

While the overall package may have become dated by today’s standards, the 370z has always been easy on the eyes. There is some excellent value to be had with some of the older Nissan’s that were well taken care of. Since the low seat height and sharp curves haven’t changed much over the years, it would take a trained eye to distinguish the slight variations that came with each iteration. What this means for the consumer is that you have a whole fleet of great, sporty used vehicles with an ageless design. Save some money by opting for an older model; no one will know.

When it first came out, there were plenty of available options to get to enhance your 370z’s driving experience. Stay cool with automatic climate control and front air conditioning. Allow your car to operate with some autonomy thanks to cruise control and lights that turn off automatically. Keyless entry and keyless start were also two features that were uncommon for the time, especially at this price range. Speaking of the price range, even ten years ago, Nissan was able to get this vehicle into your garage for just over thirty grand. At eighteen miles per gallon in the city, Nissan was able to take advantage of the power-to-weight ratio and provided consumers with a sharp-looking, efficient ride. While this wasn’t the most tricked out coupe on the market at the time, it had more than enough bang for the buck.

A blue 2016 used Nissan 370z is driving on a highway system.

Where Nissan Caught Its Stride

Even though Nissan managed to capture lightning in a bottle the first time around, that did not stop them from trying to improve year after year. Changes happened slowly with the 370z, and there has never been a radical redesign in the 370z’s lifespan. You can, however, safely assume that the driver experience got more refined as the years went on. The most convenient feature you need to look out for is proximity-sensing keyless entry and a push-button start. To make your life easier, you won’t even need to leave a garage door opener in your car anymore. Nissan has provided you with one directly integrated into the car. The last notable feature will help you back out of the garage with ease. A backup camera had finally made its way to the 370z. When the original 370z first made its debut, the car was dapper but held back. By this point in time, there is a ton of value to be found in adding Nissan’s sport-tourer to your garage.

With all of the great stuff that they’ve added, you’d be surprised to hear Nissan also stuck to the old adage of “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” You still have a 332 horsepower engine that sends the power to the rear wheels. You’re still only fitting one passenger in the cabin, and you’re still getting 26 mpg on the highway. It’s truly a testament to Nissan to manage to sell a widely unchanged car for five years straight. At this point in the timeline, the product is being put out, and people are biting. If there wasn’t a market for it, the 370z wouldn’t have made it this far. If things keep going this well, Nissan may be able to prove that they have serious staying power in the lightweight coupe market.

Never A Disappointment

A red 2019 used Nissan 370z Roadster is driving in front of a silver coupe.

For the consumer that needs a little bit more peace of mind that comes with a newer car, opting for a 2019 370z, you’ll be flush with even more of the creature comforts that we’ve come to expect in our automobiles. Finally, you can enjoy Bluetooth technology with hands-free calling. The key fob finally includes a remote control liftgate for added convenience. By this point in time, Nissan has started to give the 370z some subtle exterior upgrades as well. Driving down the road, you’ll appreciate as people turn their heads to see the new splitter and horizontal turn signals that separate the new 370z from its predecessors. For the first time in a long-time Nissan rolled the dice. They messed with success and won the hearts of fans everywhere.

It’s hard to talk about what changes Nissan has made when much of the base design doesn’t need to change. For a decade now, people have been enjoying the 100.4″ wheelbase, 51.8″ tall ball of fire that Nissan first put onto the market back in 2009. As always, you’re going to launch off the line thanks to 270 ft-lb of torque, and you won’t be stuck at the gas pump every day because you’ve still got a 19-gallon gas tank. When deciding what used 370z you want to add to your garage, you have a whole generation of attractive options to pick from. There are undoubtedly plenty of values to be found if you know what you’re looking for and, depending on your budget, there is a Nissan coupe out there for everyone.

Enjoy It Now; It’ll Age Well

Think of all the great places you can travel and all the beautiful things you can do when you’re cruising the country in your new or used 370z. Rip around hilly mountains or cruise along the coastal roads. You’ll have no problem enjoying yourself the entire time you put miles on the odometer. Have fun traveling in your spiffy new 370z. The sooner you put this car in your driveway, the sooner you can take advantage of its timeless design. Follow your dreams, take what’s yours, and start enjoying this short time we’re given behind the beast that won’t break the bank. If history has proven us anything, it’s that a good looking car like the 370z ages like a fine wine.

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