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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A blue 2022 Toyota Avalon Limited is shown from the side parked on a beach.

5 Reasons Why the Toyota Avalon Is the Impressive Sedan of 2022

The sedan has always been a tried and true favorite for many different types of drivers, whether their travels consisted of frequent road trips or family outings. However, sedans are finding that there’s a lot more competition out there than ever before, especially from larger rivals like SUVs and pickup trucks, which means that in order to appeal to the masses, a sedan really has to stand out. That’s exactly what you can expect from the 2022 Toyota Avalon, especially when you take into consideration all of its alluring features, ultra-stylish design, and loads of talent on any type of roadway. Over the decades, the Avalon has proven its worth in the Toyota lineup and is recognized as being one of the brand’s most luxurious models. When it comes to a sedan in a sea of SUVs, the Avalon proves that it’s an icon, so here are our top reasons why this model ranks among the greatest sedans of 2022.

1: It’s Timeless & Sophisticated

Make no mistake, the Avalon is pure luxury satisfaction wrapped up into one lavish sedan, and when the journey calls for ultimate comfort, rest assured the Avalon can provide it with ease. Its impeccably laid-out cabin space features high-end appointments, typically reserved for elite travelers, and with multiple trim levels available, the Avalon’s appeal is obvious. Its available perforated leather interior provides a reserved appearance inside, while a heated steering wheel, real wood trim, and other available features showcase top-level luxury that can’t be found in its rivals. Its Limited trim is designed to impress, with Cognac leather-trimmed seating elements, as well as a quiet cabin to allow for the most relaxed and comfortable ride possible, no matter what’s going on around you on the road.

A floating center stack in the front allows the Avalon to really stand out from the rest, offering its intuitive infotainment system through its “floating” 9-inch touchscreen. The Avalon has always been one of Toyota’s most refined sedans, and as the years have gone by, it has only gotten more alluring. Its quality is evident from the moment you cast a glance inside, which is one of its defining factors and makes it one of the most respected sedans around.

The black interior of a 2022 Toyota Avalon Limited shows the steering wheel and infotainment screen.

2: It Delivers a Compelling Ride

Don’t let its posh demeanor fool you, as the 2022 Avalon can pack quite a punch on the road. It’s known for its exciting driving dynamics, as well as its smooth, agile ride, making it the perfect travel companion for commuters, families, road trippers, and any type of driver out there. It’s equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine that propels it forward with gusto, with 301 horsepower and loads of excitement. Not only does it offer up sheer power, but the Avalon is also pleasingly efficient, getting up to 32 MPG on the highway, which makes it the perfect vehicle for those who find themselves frequently traveling. It’s also available as a hybrid model for increased efficiency, making this comfortable sedan even more appealing.

The V6 engine’s Variable Valve Timing-intelligent Wide and D-4S direct injection system, coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission, deliver a comfortable ride with enhanced responsiveness and precision on any type of roadway. Plus, with Engine Sound Enhancement available on its sportier Touring model, drivers and passengers are able to enjoy the purr of its engine inside the vehicle, further enhancing its appeal. An improved aerodynamic design also adds to the Avalon’s ride, providing it with increased efficiency and style. All in all, the Avalon is one exciting sedan to drive. Paired with its luxurious appeal inside and out, this sedan has proven its worth over the years.

3: It’s Expansive & Convenient

Just because the 2022 Avalon is exceptionally beautiful and fun to drive, it doesn’t mean that it skimps on convenience inside. Toyota understands that this particular sedan has been popular with a variety of drivers for decades, which means that it has to offer passenger space, cargo volume, and convenient features in order to stay ahead of its competition. That’s why it showcases one of the most expansive interiors in its segment, boasting an open and airy cabin, plus over 16 cu.ft. of cargo space to handle anything you’re traveling with and then some. Even those traveling in the backseat will get to enjoy a cozy ride, with 40.3 inches of rear legroom, so that all on board can remain as comfortable as possible.

Configurable seating also comes to the rescue when the Avalon needs to be able to handle more. With 60/40 split-folding rear seats, plus plenty of storage cubbies throughout, the Avalon is perfectly equipped to handle anything during any type of journey. It’s one thing to be beautiful, but it’s another thing to be functional as well, which makes the Avalon unlike many other sedans in the industry. This is one of the main reasons why it’s been so popular with drivers for so long.

4: It Showcases Toyota Dependability

Everyone knows and respects the Toyota brand, especially when you take into consideration that it has built some of the most innovative and reliable vehicles of all time. Toyota dependability extends across the entire lineup of vehicles, and the Avalon is no exception. The Avalon has been part of Toyota’s lineup since the mid-1990s, and throughout the years, it has continued to be a trusted and respected vehicle across the world. With all of the features it includes and some of the top resale values around, the Avalon has helped Toyota in its mission to shape the industry to include better vehicles for better prices.

An amber 2022 Toyota Avalon Limited Hybrid is shown from the front.

5: It’s Ready to Wow

It’s luxurious, it’s powerful, and it’s reliable, making the Avalon a truly integral part of the industry over the years. What’s more is that it showcases plenty of appealing features, many of which come standard, including its suite of safety and driver-assist features, designed for today’s busy traveler. In addition to helpful safety options, you’ll find that the Avalon includes many top-level features, typically found in upgraded models, including standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on all trim levels, Bluetooth connectivity, and Amazon Alexa capabilities. Being able to enjoy all of these impressive features at no additional cost makes the Avalon truly spectacular.

For those who want more, rest assured that the Avalon delivers with an available 14-speaker JBL audio system, a wireless charging station, and more enhanced elements. It’s just another reason why the Avalon is so exceptional. Not only does it offer a remarkable arsenal of standard tech and features, but upgrades are also available for those who demand more out of their travels. Over the decades, Toyota has discovered what drivers want in their vehicles and has seamlessly included all of these must-have items in its high-end Avalon model.

A True Icon

It burst onto the scene in the ’90s when sedans were taking over the roadways, and as the popularity of sedans has begun to dwindle, the Avalon has held strong. Offering some of the most elegant features, coupled with intense power and agility, convenience, and versatility, the Avalon has proven its worth among so many other options on the market. That is why it’s one of the greatest sedans of the year, and as we seek to make our travels even more comfortable and efficient, the Avalon just keeps offering more. When it comes to having everything all wrapped up into one neat package, the 2022 Toyota Avalon is sheer perfection.

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