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A white 2022 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD LTZ is shown driving on an empty highway during a 2022 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD vs 2022 Ram 3500 comparison.

5 Reasons Why Farmers Prefer the Silverado 3500 Over the Ram 3500

It doesn’t really matter why you drive a truck or which brand you prefer; the competition between truck models is harsh. Every year, Chevy, Ford, Ram, Nissan, and the rest are working hard to outdo each other in some way or another. The competition gets much more intense, though, when it comes to heavy-duty labor, which is why there’s an ongoing 2022 Chevy Silverado 3500 HD vs 2022 Ram 3500 battle amongst farmers.

On paper, the Ram 3500 does have a slight 1,090-pound towing edge over the Silverado, but does that really mean that the Ram is the better farming option? There’s a lot on the table besides max tow capacity to factor in here. Chevy offers some impressive towing perks that Ram just doesn’t seem to quite keep up with still. Let’s take a closer look at many reasons why the Silverado is better on the farm than the Ram.

A 2022 Ram 3500 is shown from the front while it hauls a large camper.

5. Better Cargo Capacity

Both trucks offer plenty of interior cargo space. You’ll find that there are three different cab size options; regular, crew, and double/mega, and the interior dimensions are similar across all options. What you really want to look at here is bed space. Again, both models include the same standard and long bed options; however, the Silverado’s bed options are both longer than the Ram’s are.

The 2022 Silverado 3500’s short bed holds up to 69.5 cubic feet of cargo, and its long bed holds as much as 83.5 cubic feet. Conversely, the Ram’s short bed only holds 57.5 cubic feet, and its long bed holds 74.7 cubic feet. While the Ram’s cargo bed specs are certainly suitable, they still don’t hold up to Chevy’s massive best-in-class cargo space rating.

4. The Multi-Flex Tailgate

GM trucks offer a unique tailgate functionality that is not currently available on any other models, and that is the Multi-Flex Tailgate. No other tailgate flexes this hard. Thanks to six different “Multi-Flex” features, you gain easier bed access, along with additional hauling capabilities. The 2022 Silverado 3500 includes the following six features:

  • Primary Gate – This is simply your traditional tailgate, plus the ability to remotely open it. You can open the Primary Gate via the key fob, an interior switch, or a button directly on the bed.
  • Primary Gate Load Stop – Got cargo that’s a bit longer than your truck bed is? This adjustable load stop can help keep long items stationary.
  • Easy Access – Don’t need the inner gate load stop? Finished hauling your items? Simply fold down the inner gate load stop for easier bed item access.
  • Inner Gate Load Stop – Similar to the Primary Gate Load Stop, the Inner
  • Gate Load Stop is used when you have slightly too long cargo but don’t need the length of the whole tailgate to fit it.
  • Full-Width Step – The Inner Gate Load Stop serves many purposes; acting as a step is its latest purpose. When folded down, the Inner Gate Load Stop turns into a Full-Width Step capable of holding up to 375 pounds.
  • Inner Gate Work Surface – Time to build a fence or patch up your barn? The Inner Gate Work Surface acts as a table, with a built-in laptop/blueprint platform, along with second-tier loading.

In comparison, the Ram does include a few cool bed features, such as a small kick-out step, along with a power-release tailgate, bed outlets, and lights. That said, its step is not as wide or as heavy-duty as the Silverado 3500’s is.

3. Incredible Camera Views for Towing

Technology isn’t exactly a number one concern for most farmers. Keep in mind, though, that there’s certainly still a time and a place for tech when it comes to efficiency. While you may not want massaging seats or rear HD monitors, the Silverado‘s impressive fifteen-camera view feature is ideal for towing and hauling. You can experience these views across eight different cameras. Let’s look at some of the most beneficial camera angles.

Hitch View

Eliminate the need for an additional passenger by using the Hitch View camera. This view provides you with a close-up look at your hitch, making trailer/hitch alignment easier than ever before.

Bed View

Whether you’re hauling grain, corn, or an ATV/UTV, it’s reassuring to know that everything is secure. If the Silverado’s 12 cargo books aren’t enough to comfort you, simply turn on your camera and check the Bed View for a full look at your truck bed cargo.

Transparent Trailer

This camera view will allow you to see directly through compatible trailers so that you know what’s going on behind you. The Transparent Trailer feature is especially helpful to have when you’re hauling any fifth-wheel items, such as a livestock trailer.

Inside Trailer View

Whether you’ve got goats, horses, cattle, or the likes, no type of cargo is more precious than a live animal is. That said, it’s unrealistic to pull over and ask Henry, Hank, and Lisa if they’re feeling carsick. When you select the “Inside Trailer” view, you can check on your livestock without having to pull over.

These are the most beneficial camera views, but many others tie into towing, such as the Rear Camera View, the Rear Trailer View, the Rear Camera Mirror, and more. The 2022 Ram 3500 does include four different camera views, which offer a cargo bed view and backup cameras, but it’s not nearly as extensive as the Silverado’s camera functionality is.

2. The Advanced Trailering System

Ever worry if your load is too heavy for your truck? Probably not if you’re a 3500-level driver, but nonetheless, it’s good to know your limits. Chevy’s Advanced Trailering System offers a way to estimate your trailer weight and payload. This technology also makes it easy to switch between trailers thanks to the Trailer Profile feature. You can create trailer profiles for multiple trailers, eliminating the need to reset settings every time you swap trailers. You can also keep track of your trailer’s metrics here, seeing how far you’ve taken each trailer, and more.

Pre-Departure Checklists are available through the Advanced Trailering System as well. These checklists are customizable, but they include several standard, important reminders. Remember to test your trailer brake lights? Did you lock in your hitch pin? While these steps may seem obvious, you’re going to be towing often. Life gets busy, and it’s easy to forget these small steps. While this process may be simple overall, one screw-up can lead to money loss or, worse, injuries. Using Pre-Departure Checklists helps eliminate this risk.

A black 2022 Chevy Silverado 3500HD is shown towing a fifth-wheel.

1. More Affordable Pricing Across the Board

Another perk to buying a Silverado rather than a Ram is MSRP. No matter which trim you choose, you’re paying more for the Ram than you are the Silverado. This is even true at the base level, where the Ram starts off at $42,600 while the base Silverado is only $39,700. The price trend continues throughout the trim lines. Not only do you get more towing features with the Silverado, you get to pay less for it overall as well.

Since the 2022 Silverado 3500 can tow up to 36,000 pounds, the Ram’s 37,090-pound capacity doesn’t mean much in comparison. Most farmers don’t even surpass the 30,000-pound mark. Don’t let that slightly higher Ram tow capacity rating fool you. If you’re looking for overall tow and haul value, put your money with Chevy.

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