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A black 2022 Chevy Silverado 3500HD is shown from the front while towing hay-bales.

5 of Chevy’s Most Impressive Towing & Hauling Advancements

When you need a truck that has advanced towing tech and convenient features, you’ll want to check out your local Chevy dealer first. Whether you’re towing average items or you need heavy-duty towing and hauling capabilities, there’s a 2022 Silverado out there with your name on it. Well, technically, you have to buy it before you brand it with your name, but you get what we mean. Sure, tech features weren’t always associated with power; however, Chevy is changing this by including tow and haul-specific technologies and designs. The goal is to make your towing and hauling experience easier without compromising power. Let’s look at how Chevrolet is making this happen with the 2022 Silverado lineup.

5. The Trailering App / Advanced Trailering System

First off, we’ve got the Trailering App, which is available on the Silverado 1500, 2500, and 3500 models. It connects to your infotainment center and allows you to keep track of trailer-related information. This means everything from trailer mileage to important specs that can affect your travel safety. We find that the Trailering App’s “trailer profile” feature is one of its most enticing capabilities. This feature allows drivers to add custom trailer profiles for each of their trailers.

For example, one driver may own a large gooseneck livestock trailer, a fishing boat trailer, and a short cargo trailer. Each trailer has its own profile so that the Silverado recognizes each individual trailer, saving time and making the setup process quick and easy. These profiles also track each trailer’s mileage. If you’re renting or borrowing a trailer, you can use the “Guest Trailer Profile” option instead to still monitor your mileage without saving it to a specific trailer.

The Trailering App also includes a “trailer light test” feature. This allows drivers to test trailer lights, turn signals, and brake lights. You can also keep track of your trailer’s tire pressure and temperature.

Keep up with important pre-departure tasks thanks to the Pre-Departure Checklist feature. Here, you can add custom pre-departure checklists to ensure that you’ve completed important trailer-related tasks. Whether you always forget to hook up your trailer brakes or you forget to lock your hitch, this checklist has you covered. You can add custom checklist items of your own or simply use the common stock suggestions.

The Advanced Trailering System comes with a Trailer Theft Detection feature as well. When your trailer gets unknowingly disconnected, the alarm will sound, and the headlights will flash. The Advanced Trailering System also sends important maintenance reminders to drivers. The mobile Trailering App lets you access additional features such as Trailer Profile Sharing, the Smart Trailer Control System, and a glossary with terms and helpful tutorial videos. Whether you’re new to towing or new to towing technology, these features prove to be very useful.

A blue 2022 Chevy Silverado 2500HD is shown from the front at an angle while towing a camper after leaving a Chevy dealer.

4. Camera Views

If you think that the rearview camera alone is helpful when towing, just wait until you see everything that the new Silverado’s camera system can offer. Available for the 2022 Silverado 1500, 2500, and 3500 models, Chevy’s camera technologies offer up to 8 different cameras with 15 different views. There are cameras located all over the Silverado: on its front grille, in its bed, on both side mirrors, and more. Thanks to these 8 camera locations, drivers can view every angle and corner surrounding their Silverado via the infotainment center.

It’s not just about side, rear, top, or front views, though. What makes Chevy’s camera technologies so impressive are their trailer-specific views. First off, you get an Inside Trailer View, which allows you to check on your cargo (or livestock) without getting out of the driver’s seat. Even better, the Transparent Trailer View lets you see clearly through your trailer while you’re driving. From here, you can see whatever is behind you. When you’re in reverse, the Rear Trailer View kicks in and lets you see directly behind the trailer. No more hitting mailboxes or knocking down chicken pens, thanks to this view.

Even more specified views come into play here, like the Hitch View and Rear Top-Down View. Hitch Guidance pairs nicely here as well, making it easy to hook and unhook your trailer without needing a spotter. Other helpful views include the Bed View for cargo hauling and the Rear Side View. You’ll also get a Surround View, a Front-Down Top View, a Bowl View, and more which come in handy for daily driving and other unique towing and hauling scenarios.

3. Multi-Flex Tailgate

Whether you get a long bed, short bed, or standard-sized bed, hauling still comes with certain challenges. This is why GM offers an exclusive truck feature called the “Multi-Flex Tailgate” that allows for multiple different hauling scenarios. Altogether, there are six different features that come with the Multi-Flex Tailgate. Those features are as follows:
The Primary Gate – This is the main tailgate. It can be opened via the key fob, a switch in the cab, or a button on the gate itself. It’s otherwise a traditional tailgate.
Primary Gate Load Stop – If you need a little extra length, you can leave the Primary Gate down and activate the Load Stop. This keeps longer items secured while providing additional cargo length.
Easy Access – The Primary Gate includes an Inner Gate that can fold down, providing easier access to the truck bed.
Full-Width Step – Once the Inner Gate is folded down, it can then be transformed into a Full-Width Step that’s capable of holding up to 375 pounds.
Inner Gate Load Stop – Use the Inner Gate Load Stop to prevent items from falling or sliding around in the bed.
Inner Gate with Work Surface – Use the Inner Gate as a work surface when the truck is parked. There’s a space to hold your laptop, tools, and other important work-related items.
The Multi-Flex Tailgate is available on the 2022 Silverado 1500, 2500, and 3500 models.

A red 2022 Chevy Silverado 3500HD is shown from the side while towing a bulldozer.

2. Durabed

Now let’s look at the Durabed. In addition to the Multi-Flex Tailgate, the Durabed further increases your hauling capabilities by providing you with a durable and diverse truck bed. The Durabed is available on both the 1500 and the 2500/3500 HD Silverado models and includes more cargo space than the competition offers. Plus, the Durabed includes its own factory-level spray-in bedliner that’s designed for heavy bed usage.

It also has 12 strong cargo tie downs that can withstand up to 500 pounds of pressure/bending. You can even add LED truck bed lighting and a 120-volt power outlet, which pair nicely with the Multi-Flex Tailgate’s Inner Work Surface. Deemed the “most functional truck bed of any pickup,” Chevy’s standard Durabed is part of what makes the Silverado such a great bargain.

1. Trailer Sway Control and Tow/Haul Mode

Finally, we’ve got two important towing performance technologies that make the Silverado stand out from the competition. One is Trailer Sway Control, which does exactly what you think it does––helps to prevent the trailer from swaying. Using sensors, this technology can apply braking to help get you back where you need to be if swaying occurs. This feature is standard across all 2022 Silverado 1500, 2500, and 3500 models.

Tow/Haul Mode is another important feature that helps to protect your Silverado’s transmission. This mode will adjust your shifting patterns to match your current situation, whether you’re towing a heavy load or hauling items up a steep hill. These technologies are two of the Silverado’s most helpful and efficient performance technologies for towing and hauling enthusiasts.

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