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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A black 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate is shown from the front at an angle.

4 Top-Tier Luxury Trucks Guaranteed to Make You Drool With Envy

Looking at a lineup of full-size trucks for sale, you’re going to find a wide range of models filling a variety of niches. Some are affordable work trucks that are focused solely on tackling tough jobs. Others are loaded to the teeth with specialized equipment to make them capable off-road. And then there are the luxury models, which give the tough shells of these rugged vehicles a soft, lush center in the form of interiors that aren’t just comfortable and well-stocked with tech but decorated with expensive materials and exclusive styling touches.

Most of us can only dream of getting one of these top-tier trucks in our driveway since their laundry list of standard features comes with a sky-high price tag. But there’s nothing wrong with dreaming every now and then—you never know when you might win the lottery or inherit millions from the estate of a long-lost relative, right? So, let’s take a look at how the other half lives by looking at the most luxurious pickups on the market, what they cost, and what you can get if you want to get one of these luxury trims.

Features Found Across the Board

We don’t want to repeat ourselves too much while laying out what these trucks have on hand, so let’s start by looking at the features that all four of these models have in common. Of course, you can expect each automaker to include a suite of driver assistance features (more and more that’s becoming standard fare even on entry-level trims). You’ll also find heated and ventilated front seats and a heated steering wheel on all of these trucks because nothing says luxury like defying the elements with comfort during extreme weather.
Advanced tech is also a sign of luxury, which is why all of these trucks have rear-view mirrors that can either switch between a traditional view and a camera view (which can come in handy if tall passengers, bulky cargo, or big trailers are blocking your view), an auto-dimming rear-view mirror that adjusts to lighting conditions, or both at once. You can also expect a wireless charging pad that lets you power your phone cable-free in any of these cabins. And, speaking of technology, all of these trucks have supersized screens both in the dashboard and behind the steering wheel, plus head-up displays that project information right onto the lower windshield so you can tell you’re in a futuristic pickup.

1. Toyota Tundra Capstone—$78,845 MSRP

The Tundra Capstone may be the most affordable model we’ll be looking at today, but of course, it’s by no means cheap. It looks the part of an upscale truck with a black and white interior that features Dark American walnut wood-grain trim and semi-aniline leather-trimmed seats with contrast stitching. A backlit “Capstone” badge in the instrument panel ensures that you won’t forget what trim you’ve paid for. There’s also ambient lighting to help you set the mood in the cabin. Even if you close your eyes, you can still enjoy a sense of luxury thanks to a 12-speaker JBL audio system that includes a subwoofer and an amp. Metal speaker grilles replace the plastic found in lesser trims.

When it comes to comfort, the Capstone offers a mixed bag. While it’s one of the only offerings on the list to feature rear seats that are both heated and ventilated, its front seats are near the back of the pack: merely 10-way power-adjustable. Toyota also doesn’t dangle the carrot of extra safety and driver assistance features to the same degree as other automakers. The only features in this category that don’t come standard on the base SR trim are a Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, and Front and Rear Parking Assist with Automatic Braking parking assist, and you only have to upgrade to Limited to get them all standard. Toyota offers hands-free driving and parking tech on the Mirai, but these “Teammate” features aren’t available on the 2024 Tundra, no matter how high up the trim ladder you climb.

2. GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate—$82,500 MSRP

Mt. Denali might be the highest peak in North America, but it’s not high enough for the Sierra 1500, it seems because GMC felt the need to add a “Denali Ultimate” trim to the top of the truck’s lineup during the 2022 model year. The trim is still going strong for the 2024 model, providing drivers with an interior done up in an exclusive “Alpine Umber” color that includes full-grain wrapping around the seats, door panels, and center console lid, as well as open-port Paldao wood trim accents throughout the cabin. To help you remember the natural wonder your truck is named after, topographical map patterns of Mt. Denali’s summit are laser etched into some of these accents, as well as the mountain’s GPS coordinates.

But don’t think that all of the trim’s upgrades are purely cosmetic. The Denali Ultimate comes standard with a 6.2L V8 engine under the hood that can churn out 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. If you’re using that power to tow a trailer, you can enjoy the many standard high-tech features that are designed for that purpose. An in-vehicle trailering app puts the tools on the large touchscreen in front of you, Trailer Side Blind Zone Alert lets you keep track of vehicles to the side, trailer tire pressure and temperature sensors help you monitor the trailer behind you, and the 360-degree view of HD Surround Vision lets you see all around you. For all safety warnings, trailer-related and otherwise, you can get notified by the Safety Alert Seat, which uses vibrations to let you know if danger is coming from the right, left, or both sides, so you don’t have to rely solely on audio and visual warnings.

Of course, there are also plenty of features here to keep you and your passengers comfortable while en route. The Denali Premium Suspension with Adaptive Ride Control keeps your ride smooth even when the road gets bumpy, and you can adjust your transmission settings on the fly with the included paddle shifters. A heavy-duty air filter lets everyone breathe easily while those sitting in the front row can enjoy 16-way power adjustable seats with a massage function for peak luxury. You can listen to music in the cabin with the Bose Premium Series sound system, which features 12 speakers throughout the cabin, or take the party outside with the MultiPro Audio System that’s built right into the tailgate.

A tan 2024 Ford F-150 Platinum Plus is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a dealer that has trucks for sale.

3. Ford F-150 Platinum Plus—$85,320 MSRP

For the 2024 model year, the F-150’s “Limited” trim is being replaced by “Platinum Plus.” Really, it’s more of a package that can be added to the Platinum trim than its own stand-alone model. Most of the upgrades over the Platinum trim are cosmetic: “Platinum” lettering on the hood, exclusive styling touches inside and out, exclusive chrome wheel designs, and unique quilted floor mats. Touches like full quilted leather seats and a leather-wrapped instrument panel are more extensive but still largely about style. The most significant upgrade is probably the standard 3.5L PowerBoost V6 hybrid powertrain, which unlocks the 7.2kW version of Pro Power Onboard. This essentially turns your truck into a mobile power generator, letting you plug some serious tools and appliances into your truck bed for work, play, or whatever, which is pretty cool and useful.

While that’s about the sum of what the “Plus” gets you, the “Platinum” is nothing to sneeze at. This trim features not just a 10-way power-adjustable driver seat but also power driver and passenger lumbar support. Audio comes through a B&O system with 14 speakers for high-quality sound. The standard Pro Access tailgate can swing open like a barn door and move up and down like a traditional tailgate for multiple options. The Platinum trim has BlueCruise, Ford’s hands-free cruise control technology, available.

A red 2025 Ram 1500 Tungsten is shown from the front at an angle.

4. Ram 1500 Tungsten—$87,320 MSRP

Ram’s new Tungsten trim has the highest starting price on this list, but it works hard to justify that cost with an elegant indigo and sea-salt leather-trimmed interior and an extensive list of premium features. Back-seat passengers get heated and ventilated seats to keep them comfortable, while front-seat passengers enjoy heating, ventilation, massage, and 24-way power adjustability so they can get their position just right. A 4-corner air-suspension system keeps everyone in the cabin comfortable, even if you turn down a gravel driveway or hit a pothole. Want to listen to some tunes? Ram boasts that its Klipsch Reference Premiere sound system is the most powerful option in its class, with 1,228 watts and a whopping 23 speakers.

In addition to the screens you’ll find on all the other trucks on this list, the Ram has a front-passenger interactive display that lets your shotgun passenger keep track of navigation, change the music, or even watch a movie. Other advanced tech includes a Surround-View Camera System, a Hands-Free Active Driving Assist system, ParkSense automated parking, and the ability to use your smartphone as a key. There’s also a high-output 3.0L Hurricane Twin-Turbo I-6 engine under the hood producing up to 540 hp and 521 lb-ft of torque to remind you that, under all of the fancy trimmings, this is still a capable truck at the end of the day.

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