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2018 Ford Fusion: A Family Sedan with Versatility

The first Ford Fusions rolled off the assembly line in 2005 in preparation for a 2006 debut. Ford’s intent was to be the first American carmaker to introduce a sedan that would be able to compete with two of the Japanese car manufacturers—Toyota and Honda. Up to the point of introducing the Fusion model, no other American carmaker seemed to be able to effectively compete against the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord—two worldwide top-sellers. Ford apparently was prepared to make a notable splash in the car market, and they did so by developing a car that’s versatile on so many levels. We’re watching the car manufacturer unveil the 2018 Ford Fusion, 13 years after the model’s first generation of vehicles made its debut. If you want to see what makes the Fusion a versatile standout in the car market, visit your local Ford dealership in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can get information, as well as take a test drive.


Fusion History

The Ford Fusion’s ride from the assembly line to the car market faced a high-profile obstacle.

Ford initially wanted to name this new family sedan model the “Futura,” having previously used the name in the 1950s and 1960s for the Falcon Futura and in the 1970s and 1980s for the Fairmont Futura. Unfortunately, Pep Boys, the Philadelphia-based auto parts, and auto repair retailer, opposed the use, staking their claim to the name because “Futura” has been used on several of their tire brands since 1989. The conflict between the two companies led to an intensive legal battle, with Pep Boys eventually winning the case.

According to Michael Fishman, a trademark lawyer, it came down to the time lapse between when Ford first used the name and when the car manufacturer wanted to use it again. Per trademark law, according to Fishman, since it had been more than three years since Ford had used the name “Futura,” the company had technically abandoned the name and their legal argument was unable to prove otherwise.

Ford dusted off its momentary setback, chose the name Fusion and hasn’t looked back since. After its rollout in 2006, the Fusion went through a couple of major redesigns. In 2010, the Fusion body was given a new front and the Fusion Hybrid, as well as the Fusion Sport, was introduced. Then in 2013, Aston Martin collaborated with Ford in creating a totally redesigned car with style as a focal point.

Ford has continued to make progress in producing a family sedan that provides its occupants with a safe, fun and comfortable ride, as evidenced by the 2018 model.


Trim, Models, and Drive

The 2018 Ford Fusion is available in five trim levels or styles:

Fusion S

Fusion SE

Fusion Titanium

Fusion Sport

Fusion Platinum

To scale the trim levels, the “S” version is considered the base model, while the “Platinum” version is considered the luxury model. Per the auto industry design layout, as you move from the base model toward the luxury model in a car brand, features are added or replaced and upgraded.

Per the trim levels, the Fusion comes in 12 models that are categorized based on their power source:

Gas-only: Fusion S, Fusion SE, Fusion Titanium, Fusion Platinum and Fusion Sport

HEV (or hybrid electric vehicle): Hybrid S, Hybrid SE, Hybrid Titanium and Hybrid Platinum

PHEV (or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle): Energi SE, Energi Titanium and Energi Platinum (Note that the “S” version is not available as a PHEV.)

There are three drive versions available as well. The S, Hybrid S, Hybrid SE, Hybrid Titanium, Hybrid Platinum, Energi SE, Energi Titanium and Energi Platinum are FWD or front-wheel drive. The SE, Titanium, and Platinum are optional FWD or AWD, or all-wheel drive. The Sport model is AWD.

Key Features

The 2018 Ford Fusion is loaded with all the bells and whistles. As with other Ford models, Ford has focused on providing its customers with a sedan that’s appealing to the eye, enjoyable to drive and safe the moment the ignition is turned on. Some key features of the latest model include:

Rotary Gear-Shift Dial: This sleek circular design takes up less space and affords drivers a roomier, more convenient cup holder space and the perk of having a USB port.

BLIS (Blind Spot Information System): Alerts the driver when another vehicle is in their blind spot when changing lanes.

LATCH system: This feature protects the smallest passengers by making sure they are secured properly in their car seats. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3 out of 4 children are not properly secured. Ford is working hard to ensure children are safe and to reduce those statistics.

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection: Alerts drivers to potential collisions with another vehicle or a person ahead of them in several ways, including an audible alert, a windshield alert, and brake assist. Collectively, these automatic notifications provide the driver with enhanced assistance in making a full and effective response to avoid a collision.

SYNC: Enables drivers to use voice-activated commands to access phone and entertainment features.

Personal Safety System: Designed to both protect front-seat occupants from the impact of a collision, as well as the key instruments designed to protect them in case of a collision. This technology includes, but is not limited to crash severity sensors, safety belt usage sensors, and outboard safety belt pretensioners.

MyKey: Whether a parent is instructing a teenager on driver safety or an adult driver simply desires the presence of safe-driving tools, MyKey technology provides that assistance by allowing Ford keys to be set up to control safety features.

These features—and others—make the 2018 Ford Fusion stand out in the car industry.

Pricing and Warranty

When pricing and providing a warranty, Ford kept its customers in mind. Based upon the model and features selected, the new Fusion ranges in price from around $22,000 for a Fusion S FWD to around $41,000 for the Fusion Energi Platinum FWD. Additionally, several warranties are available:

Bumper-to-Bumper: 36-month/36,000 miles

Powertrain: 60-month/60,000 miles

Roadside Assistance: 60-month/60,000 miles

Ford makes it affordable to purchase the Fusion and take care of maintenance needs. And specifically evaluating the length of the warranties, based on annual vehicle mileage, it gives owners adequate time to road-test the vehicle to discover any mechanical concerns.


The 2018 Ford Fusion is versatile whether versatility is attributed to pricing, technology, safety, eco-friendliness, style or a combination of these characteristics. The car’s versatility, in conjunction with professional ratings, including a 5-star safety rating from the NHTSA, shows that Ford has once again accomplished its goal of creating a family sedan that’s competitive in the car industry. Check out your local Ford dealership in Cincinnati, Ohio, to experience the Fusion effect in person.


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