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Ford Easter Eggs

11 Easter Eggs That Ford Hid (and You Can Find!)

Sometimes, designing cars for even a wonderful manufacturer like the Ford Motor Company can become a little predictable. After all, how much can you honestly change up the main aspects of the car, especially in the same generation? That’s why designers start to have a bit of fun and hide “Easter eggs” in their vehicles. And whether it’s a Ford dealership near me or near you, that dealership undoubtedly is swimming in Easter eggs.

New to the term? An Easter egg isn’t an actual egg, so jettison the picture of opening a Ford’s glove compartment to find a plastic pink toy filled with candy. Instead, Easter eggs are almost inconspicuous embellishments, such as etchings in the headlights, that are cultural or manufacturing references. Most people will miss them, but after reading this article, you’ll always know where to look.

The next time you’re shopping at the mall and see a Ford F-150, or you’re visiting a dealership for a test spin in a Mustang, be sure to seek out any of the following Easter eggs. Though they aren’t on all model years, they’re worth looking for. (Don’t forget that this is a fun game the whole family can enjoy. Just don’t get too creepy with someone else’s Ford–you could land yourself in a tad of trouble.)

  1. Ford Flex’s Test Mode for the Radio

Have a Ford Flex? Press down on the number “3” button simultaneously with the number “6” button. What will occur is a test mode that allows you to better customize your Flex’s stereo and radio system. This Easter egg may also be available in other late-model Fords, too. Might as well try it!

  1. Disappearing Seatbelt Warning on Ford Mustang

Do you loathe that annoying signal in your Ford Mustang before you have a chance to buckle up your seatbelt? There’s a secret Easter egg that allows you to turn it off. Just turn on the car. When the airbag signal signs off, buckle and unbuckle the belt. That way, you won’t have to hear the annoying sound anymore. Just make sure you still buckle-up since it’s the law!

  1. Ford Focus’s Hidden USB Port

You probably already know about the USB port that’s in plain sight on your Ford Focus. However, you might not have found the other one in the center console. Sure, you can only use one of them to sync up a device through the display, but that’s okay. Use the extra one for family or friends when you’re hauling the whole crew to and fro. Or, offer it to your Uber or Lyft passengers as a special benefit to choosing your “cab.”

  1. The Ford Mustang Pony Designation Button

When the Pony button became a “thing” thanks to a Twitter Ford Mustang leak, car enthusiasts buzzed with excitement. After all, could it be that Mustang was allowing drivers to control some kind of an engine boost? Alas, all the Pony button does is gets you to other console options faster than ever before. In other words, it’s a nice touch, but like many Easter eggs, it’s not as thrilling as it could otherwise be.

  1. 2010 Ford Mustang’s Vanity “Hood-Shaped” Mirror

Shift into place behind the wheel of a 2010 Ford Mustang and look up at the vanity mirror. See something familiar about the shape? You should: It’s basically the same as the Mustang’s hood. Sure, the inside joke isn’t going to make you double over with laughter, but it’ll give you a grin.

  1. It’s Cold in the Mustang’s Air Induction Tube

If you never pop the hood, you’ll never see the air induction tube on your 2010 Ford Mustang. But your mechanic will, and he or she will crack a smile. The induction tube is partially labeled with a much-applicable snowflake. Get it?

  1. The Ford F-150 Massaging Chair

Feeling like your back is a bit too tight? Want to get a massage? Just hop into your Ford F-150. Depending upon the model year, it may have a hidden luxury: A massaging roller embedded in the driver and passenger seats that rubs away the stress of the day. If you didn’t know you had it, you’ll be happy that you finally read the owner’s manual and discovered this stress-relieving Easter egg!

  1. That Cube in the Ford GT

You may not be one to star into the headlights of your vehicle, but as long as they’re turned off, give it a go with your Ford GT. See, the Ford GTs built after 2003 celebrate 100 years of Ford. How? They have a cube-shaped icon in the headlamp as a nod to the manufacturer being in business for more than a century.

  1. Nothing Wet About the Mustang’s Puddle Lights

Perhaps you didn’t know what they were called, but those lights that shine on the ground under a car’s doors are called “puddle lights.” On the Ford Mustang, though, they take the concept a bit further than usual by displaying the Ford logo. You’ll be amazed and probably want to take people to see your Mustang in the dark, whether in your garage or in a parking lot, just to watch them light up.

  1. Reset Your F-Series Functions

Have you ever wondered if there were an easy way to just reset all the functions on your dashboard? Here’s a trick that F-150 lovers appreciate. Hold on the odometer button. Then, turn on the F-150. At that point, you will be notified that all is good to go by the word “test”. Each time you subsequently push the odometer button, you can move to a different function. And, you can change each one according to your tastes.

  1. Take Charge With MyKey

Is your teenager just starting to drive your newer Ford Fiesta? Stop him or her from making bad decisions by using the MyKey feature to set preferred limitations. For instance, want to be sure that your daughter doesn’t go above a precise speed? You can program your Fiesta to customize the experience and improve safety.

Are all Easter eggs going to be noteworthy? It depends on your point of view! For some, just knowing neat shortcuts and tricks is enough to make driving their Fords even more fun. Be sure to look for your favorite Ford Easter eggs the next time you test drive at a dealership.

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