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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A silver 2023 Chevy Equinox LT is shown driving to a Chevy dealer.

Young At Heart: Chevy For Young Drivers

Chevy has been around for over 100 years. It’s a favorite brand, with its drivers having as many different lifestyles as there are Chevy models. Lifestyles that include off-roading, heavy-duty work, commuting, road-tripping, family hauling—the list goes on. Stop by any Chevy dealer, and you’re sure to find the right vehicle for whatever your daily needs are.

But just because Chevy has more than a few miles behind it doesn’t mean it’s slowing down any time soon. Chevy’s forward-thinking, fresh outlook makes it an appealing brand for young drivers looking for value. This might surprise you or not, but when we think of young drivers, we tend to think of them in sporty little cars with a bit of flash to them. The youth might be more practical than we think. When adolescents get behind the wheel for the first time, Chevy has advanced tech to help them grow and develop safe driving habits that will serve them in the future. And when that teen driver ages up and is ready to buy their own vehicle, Chevy is there with affordable pricing and reliability to help them make the most of their investment.

Chevy has a lot to offer for drivers just starting out. See for yourself why Chevy is a brand for everyone, including the young and the young at heart.

Teen Driver Technology

Before a teen can even think about buying a car, they need to learn to drive first. So what better option than a Chevy equipped with the automaker’s advanced Teen Driver Technology? Teens getting behind the wheel for the first time gives their parents and guardians enough to worry about, so Chevy is there to help ease the transition. Chevy’s Teen Driver Technology is an available built-in system that supports your child’s learning and helps them learn safe driving habits. Even when you’re not physically next to them, Teen Driver Technology is looking out for them and keeps you informed of your young driver’s progress.

The latest tech lets parents set limits on things like speed or radio volume to ease distractions for new drivers. Parents can access a teen’s driving ‘report card’ to see how their teen is doing, their current performance, and how to help them make smart driving choices in the future. The hands-on technology adds to your teen’s safety, reminding them to buckle up with its Buckle To Drive feature. The system causes a 20-second delay in shifting out of Park, plus provides audible and visual alerts to remind the driver to fasten their seat belt. Chevy is one of the first brands to offer this hands-on learning tool for teens and their families. It is available on the majority of their models. Whether you’re looking for a Malibu sedan, a crossover, a hybrid, a truck, or even a sports car, you can get the available technology to help support your teen driver when they start driving.

A blue 2023 Chevy Malibu is shown parked on a city street.

Chevy Hits The Mark With Young Buyers

If you’re a young driver ready to make your first big car buy, a Chevy is an ideal choice. The iconic automaker makes some of the most long-lasting and powerful vehicles on the market that are available at affordable prices. Buying a used Chevy means you’ll get a lot for your dollar.
For the first-time buyer, whether you decide to buy new or used, there is a great model for all budgets, big and small. Since many young drivers are constantly on the go, getting into a model that checks all the must-have boxes is easy with Chevy. Great fuel economy, check! High safety ratings, check! Long-lasting performance, check! Style and convenience, double-check!

Whether you’re a parent picking out a vehicle for your teen driver or you’re buying your first vehicle, Chevy never fails to meet expectations of what a great vehicle can and should be.
Chevy trucks like the best-selling Silverado are the perfect choice for safety and performance thanks to the truck’s heavy-duty frame and long list of safety features. The powerful engine of the Silverado means when snow starts to fall, or rain pours down, you don’t have to worry about your teen getting stuck or sliding all over the road. If you’re a teen heading off to university or you’re getting ready to make the big move to your first house, the Silverado has more than enough cargo space and power to bring along your belongings without a problem.

The compact Trax is Chevy’s most affordable and smallest SUV option. If you’re shopping on a tight budget but still want a great SUV, the Trax is a favorite of young drivers. The fun compact delivers exceptional fuel economy, a sporty engine, and plenty of flexibility with seating for five and ample cargo space. The Trax is inexpensive, but Chevy spared no expense, loading up the little SUV with the best safety and driver assist technology out there. The sporty performance of the Trax makes it ready for your daily adventures.

What about something bigger? While the Chevy Equinox is popular with families, it is also a go-to choice for young drivers who want value. The Equinox is a midsize crossover that is perfect for drivers just starting out. If you want a vehicle that you can grow into with your busy lifestyle, the Equinox should be at the top of your list. The midsize SUV ranks high in safety and has an excellent standard safety and driver assist package, including the available advanced Teen Driver Safety system. Great fuel economy and supportive seating make it a comfortable ride for commuters. And if you’re thinking about starting a family five years from now, Equinox will be ready to smooth the transition from solo driving to family hauling.

The Chevy Malibu is ideal for teens just learning how to drive, first-time buyers, commuters—you name it. This flexible sedan is ready for anything. Many drivers trust the iconic Malibu because of its continually high safety rating, which can give parents and young drivers peace of mind on the road. But that’s not all. The Malibu has been noted as having a smooth and responsive performance, making it easy to handle. This is ideal for drivers building up their confidence regarding tricky parking or navigating busy traffic.

A green 2024 Chevy Trax is shown parked near a lake.

Stay Young, Stay Safe, With Chevy

It doesn’t have to be a car—an SUV or a truck works too! When you get into a Chevy, there really is no wrong choice. Chevy was designed to make the transition from teen driver to full-fledged car owner fun for young drivers and parents. Many parents have high anxiety when it comes to their teen behind the wheel, which is why Chevy offers their advanced Teen Driver Technology to help young drivers develop great driving habits and get the confidence they need to make intelligent choices on the road.

From cars to trucks and SUVs, Chevy is appealing to young drivers for many reasons, one of the most obvious being affordability and reliability. When you’re making a big investment, like a new vehicle, and you’re just starting out, you want to make sure there aren’t going to be any unpleasant surprises—like unforeseen mechanical issues that could break your monthly budget.
Is your teen just starting out? Are you a first-time buyer looking to get a lot without spending a lot? Chevy is working hard to help keep young drivers with some of the safest and smartest vehicles on the market. Get into a Chevy, and you’ll find yourself on the road to success.

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