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The Multifunction Tailgate on a 2019 Ram 1500 is fully closed.

What’s the Difference Between the Multifunction Tailgate vs the MultiPro Tailgate?

No one has figured out how to reinvent the wheel, but they have discovered a way to evolve tailgates. One of the coolest innovations among pickups is the way tailgates are now configured. Ram trucks now have a Multifunction Tailgate, and GMC trucks have the MultiPro Tailgate.

While you might be left wondering what the differences could be between a Multifunction Tailgate vs a MultiPro Tailgate, there are quite a few since the styles are both quite different. Let’s jump into the details surrounding these two innovations.

The First of Its Kind

The Multifunction Tailgate is featured on Ram trucks from 2019 and onward. As the first-ever tailgate of its kind, this configurable feature is quite handy for folks who use the truck bed frequently. Reengineered to be as tough as nails, this nifty feature is hard to beat.

If you take a look at the back of a newer model Ram truck, you will first notice that the Multifunction Tailgate looks very different from conventional tailgates you may be used to seeing. This redesigned tailgate has two 60/40 split swing-out doors that can open up to 88-degrees. You can choose to open the left or right sides individually or at the same time.

If you’re wondering what the benefit is of having swing-out doors on a tailgate, this feature makes it easier to step up into the bed, load cargo, remove items from the back, and even wash out the bed. What’s more, is that this swing-out door style tailgate allows you to load heavy or bulky items into the back of the Ram truck using a forklift. If you try to use a forklift to load cargo into a truck with a conventional tailgate, you run the risk of putting too much weight on the gate and breaking it.

A woman is opening the Multifunction Tailgate of her red 2020 Ram 1500, which is a popular option on many Ram trucks, while parked in front of a house.

However, you can still use this tailgate in a traditional manner. That means that it can fold out like a normal tailgate if you want. This Multifunction Tailgate can manage up to 2,000 pounds of weight, so breaking it should not be a concern.

Additionally, a kick-out bed step has also been added underneath the rear bumper to assist you with getting up into the back of the truck.

The GMC MultiPro Tailgate

On the other hand, GMC has also unveiled a newly designed tailgate known as the MultiPro. Specifically, on the GMC Sierra trucks, the MultiPro Tailgate is like two tailgates in one. First, it operates as a conventional hinged tailgate by folding outward. Second, a smaller hinged gate is attached inside the panel of the primary gate. Raising and lowering the two panels offers various configurations that can be used as an entry step or a bed extender.

With functionality and convenience in mind, the MultiPro Tailgate is designed to be strong and durable, and help you to complete hard jobs that need to be done. The main tailgate opens like a traditional tailgate, and there are three ways you can open it. First, you can press the release button on the actual tailgate; second, you can push the tailgate release button on the instrument panel located inside the cabin; third, you can open the tailgate by pressing the open button on the key fob. Whichever method you choose, the MultiPro Tailgate will open easily and smoothly due to the damper and torsional spring.

If you need to haul items that are too long to fit inside the truck bed, you can unlatch the inside panel and fold it upright. This will elongate the truck bed and prevent cargo from sliding out. If the primary gate is open, lowering the inner gate will enable you to stand 7-9 inches closer to the truck bed, allowing you to easily reach into the back to pull out what you need.

The GMC Sierra truck also comes with an entry step, similar to the Ram truck’s kick-out step. When the MultiPro Tailgate is lowered, the inner panel can be unlatched and folded downward, which creates the step, measuring 48-inches in width. The step can hold up to 375 pounds, and a hand grab can be locked onto the bed wall to assist with getting up into the bed.

The MultiPro Tailgate is down in the step configuration on a 2019 GMC Sierra 1500.

The MultiPro Tailgate can also serve as a workspace. By lowering only the inner tailgate, you gain access to a work surface at a comfortable height. It’s kind of like a workbench. The Sierra truck bed also has a 120-volt power outlet that can be used to plug-in accessories.

If you thought that was all, you’d be surprised to learn about the outdoor audio system that also comes with this tailgate model. Created specifically for Sierra 1500 trucks with the MultiPro Tailgate, the Kicker MultiPro Sound System is a 100-watt audio system that is integrated into the MultiPro Tailgate. It comes with two 4-inch coaxial drivers, a compact ampler with controls, Bluetooth connectivity for seamless audio streaming, and a USB port for charging your mobile device. The truck does not need to be running for this stereo system to work, so you can jam out to your favorite songs while camping, fishing, or enjoying an outdoor barbecue. Are you worried about the weather? Don’t be. This system is designed with special wiring, connectors, and plugs to resist damage from rain or dirt.

Multifunction Tailgate Vs MultiPro Tailgate

So, which of these two tailgates is better? That depends on the user. Many argue that the Multifunction Tailgate is easier to use than the MultiPro Tailgate.

The Multifunction offers four configurations, while the MultiPro offers six. However, more isn’t always better. Some consumers have found the MultiPro a bit confusing and hard to use, while the Multifunction is very straightforward: you can open it traditionally, or you can open it like swing-out doors. There’s no need to unlatch panels and reposition them through a multi-step procedure. The hinges on the MultiPro Tailgate are also said to be a bit too tight.

Another note that truck enthusiasts have made is the weight limit. A previously mentioned, the Ram’s Multifunction Tailgate can withstand up to 2,000 pounds. On the other hand, the GMC MultiPro Tailgate can only manage a weight of 375 pounds. That is a vast difference. Maximum payload capacity can be a deal-breaker when it comes to trucks. Purchasing a truck is a very big buy, and most people prefer not to have restrictions like a measly 375-lb weight limit on the tailgate. With the Ram’s Multifunction Tailgate, you can rest assured it won’t break when you load heavy cargo into the back. You can also easily load the cargo with a forklift without worrying about damaging or snapping the tailgate. If you try that with the MultiPro Tailgate, it’s almost certain to break.

So, while the MultiPro is cool with its integrated sound system, that’s not really what the truck is built for. Trucks are built to work, and that’s exactly what a Ram with the Multifunction Tailgate does.

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