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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A close-up of a tailgate on a red 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ is shown.

What Makes the Tailgate on the 2024 Silverado 1500 One of the Best?

Loading and unloading the payload bed of a pickup truck can be a challenging task, even for the strongest or most agile person. Stepping into a payload bed carries risks, and getting cargo and belongings over the walls of the box is never an easy thing to do. When it comes to lifting heavy items like equipment and furniture into a payload bed, it is an even more difficult job. This is why automakers have been developing tailgates to assist drivers like you. Probably the most advanced is the Multi-Flex tailgate, which is available on all trims of the 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500. This advanced system has multiple functions, making it safer and easier to access the payload bed on this truck. In addition, it has other uses, making it one of the best offered on any pickup truck available today. For practical-minded drivers and those who need to use their trucks for work, this is a must-have on the Silverado 1500. The fact that you can get this on any of the nine different trims on the 2024 Silverado 1500 makes this truck a must-have, which is why you should consider looking for a Chevy Silverado for sale.

What Are the Functions of the Multi-Flex Tailgate?

Chevy introduced the Multi-Flex Tailgate in 2021 on the Silverado 1500 half-ton truck. It then rolled this feature out to its pair of heavy-duty models, the Silverado 2500 HD and 3500 HD. The idea is to improve the utility of the tailgate, as well as improve access to and loading of your truck’s payload bed. This is vital considering that the 2024 Silverado 1500 can carry up to 2,260 lbs of cargo, depending on which engine, drivetrain, payload box size, and trim level you choose.

The Multi-Flex Tailgate provides six different functions. Each is designed for a different purpose, with an eye toward increasing the utility of your Silverado 1500 pickup while decreasing the strain you would put on your back whenever you need to load, unload, or access your truck’s payload bed. These unique functions help set the 2024 Silverado 1500 apart from other full-size pickup trucks and provide ample options when using your truck in a surprisingly elegant way. This is in keeping with Chevy’s dedication to customization, offering you a full-size truck with more options and choices than you will get in comparable trucks from other brands.

The multiflex tailgate is shown on a red 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500.

Primary Tailgate Functions

Like most pickup trucks, the 2024 Chevy Silverado can lower the entire length of its Multi-Flex Tailgate. This traditional styling allows you to slide objects into place across the tailgate on your payload bed floor. Not to mention, it comes in handy if you want to do some tailgating with friends at a football game or other sporting event.

The Multi-Flex Tailgate goes one step further than traditional tailgates, however, with a pop-up load stop at the end of the tailgate. This will allow you to carry extra-long items in your Silverado 1500’s payload bed without concern that they might slide out into traffic. It offers an added measure of confidence when using your pickup truck with the tailgate down to accommodate these long items, alleviating a common anxiety with truckers on long hauls.

Inner Gate Functions

One of the most straightforward functions of Chevy’s Multi-Flex Tailgate is simply folding down the tailgate to access the inner part of the gate. If you are using your truck for work, this can serve as a workstation, allowing you to put plans or a laptop on it for easy access. You can use it as a workbench as well, laying out your tools so you can take care of tasks on the job site.

There is also an inner gate load stop on the inner part of the tailgate. This easily folds up to provide you with a load stop. Sometimes, you have stacked items like lumber, sheetrock, pipes, or fencing that you need to extend beyond the regular length of your payload bed, even if you choose an 8.2-foot-long bed. This load stop will prevent things from sliding out of your Silverado 1500’s bed.

Bed Access Improvements

Getting into and out of your payload bed may be one of the most daunting tasks on a pickup truck. Stepping up on the back of a truck, especially one with a factory lift, can be difficult for most of us. It becomes substantially more difficult when carrying items to load onto your truck or when you take the cargo out of it and need to step down. The Multi-Flex Tailgate removes the risks and hazards of doing this by providing you with a full-width bed step.

All you need to do is open the tailgate and then fold down the inner part to make a full-size step. This has a weight capacity of 375 lbs, so it can accommodate you and whatever you’re trying to load or offload from your 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500.

You can also fold the bottom part of the step to give you closer access to the payload while standing on the ground. This allows you to move objects around or work on the tie-downs to secure whatever cargo you may be carrying. This close access is one of those things that you may not think about very much, but when the time comes to use it, you’ll be glad you have a Multi-Flex Tailgate on your truck.

A popular feature on a Chevy Silverado for sale, a close-up of the tailgate on a blue 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500 ZR2, is shown.

Power Up and Down Tailgate

Chevy offers an additional way to save energy when using the payload bed on your 2024 Silverado 1500. The Power Up and Down Tailgate will open and close automatically via a switch on your truck’s dashboard instrument panel or a button on your key fob. While you can still work the Multi-Flex Tailgate manually, this extra feature will save some time and labor getting your truck’s tailgate into position on a busy work day. Chevy includes the Power Up and Down Tailgate as a standard feature of the LTZ and High Country trims of the 2024 Silverado 1500. It’s also available as an option on the LT, RST, LT Trail Boss, and ZR2.

One of the Most Functional Payload Beds on a Half-Ton Truck

Features like the Multi-Flex Tailgate and Power Up and Down Tailgate provide access to one of the industry’s most functional payload beds, thanks to the roll-formed, high-strength steel lining the payload bed on the 2024 Silverado 1500, helping the truck to withstand heavier loads. There are also 12 standard tie-downs strategically positioned to allow you some confidence when securing your cargo. Each has been rated to provide 500 lbs per holding strength. If you need more, you can opt for up to nine additional removable accessory tie-downs.

If you plan on using your Silverado 1500 for work, you can get the available 120-volt outlet inside of your truck’s payload bed. This will allow you to keep your power tools charged wherever you go and will come in handy at the more remote job sites. You can even use this to power accessories if you take your Silverado 1500 on a camping trip or for tailgating.

Chevy also offers an available LED cargo area and perimeter lights on the 2024 Silverado 1500. This will allow you to load your truck at night or in low-light areas. These lights have been designed to give you the visibility you need in these situations, with many positioned toward the front of the bed and the cargo area. If you plan to use your truck at night, then this may be a handy feature to have on your truck.

Payload Functionality Begins With the Tailgate

If you are looking to use your 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500 for hauling cargo, then having the access and functionality provided by such features as the Multi-Flex Tailgate and Power Up and Down Tailgate will be necessary features to gun for. These will make loading, carrying, and unloading cargo from your truck a more straightforward, painless experience. Add on some other comfort items like the payload bed lighting, 120-volt outlet, and extra tie-downs, and you’ve got a shockingly capable tailgate. Choosing a 2024 Chevy Silverado 1500 will open up a world of cargo payload bed hauling by making things easier on you, your back, and your crew. Get the work done, and then use that tailgate function to have yourself a little party.

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