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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A couple is walking to a 2019 Chevy Malibu at a Chevrolet dealer.

What it Takes to be a Good Chevrolet Dealer

Every Chevrolet dealer is a bit different, but they all have one thing in common, and that’s passion. Whether it’s a passion for their company, a passion for cars, or a passion for helping others, the drive is there. Being a car salesman is a difficult position, but some people are made for the job. There are a few different traits that go into being an important member of the Chevrolet team, and being the best Chevrolet dealer possible.

Know the History

If you’re going to work for any company, you should have a bit of background knowledge. In this day and age, it’s easy to commit to something you know only the surface of, but what happens when you find out about something you disagree with? A little embarrassing to say the least, but I will admit that Chevrolet’s history isn’t a shady one and there’s not much to be embarrassed about.

Chevy, since 1911, has been one of the top tier automotive brands that have proven to hold their ground through the test of time. It was back when race car driver, Louis Chevrolet, and GM founder, William C. Durant, worked together and became the founders of Chevrolet. Early on in the 1900s, there were less than 300 automotive companies to choose from, and only four of them survived until now. One of them being Chevrolet.

Chevy started off on the right foot, having one a major breakthrough in 1912. The Series C Classic Six performed exceptionally well for its time and sold as a luxury six-cylinder at $2,150. However, that very next year, Louis Chevrolet had lost the rights to the company even though it wasn’t losing his name. It didn’t take long after that for William Durant to design and incorporate the classic bowtie emblem that we still see today. It’s unknown for sure how the bowtie emblem came to be, but some say that it came to be over a family dinner one evening. If you find yourself at your local Chevrolet dealer, be sure to ask them the origin, and see what they come up with!

Over one million vehicles were sold by the year 1927, making Chevrolet surpass Ford, their biggest competitor, in American Automotive sales. At that time, there were only four engine options available, but it was still a feat in the competition. A short time after that, the great depression began to take hold over the United States. The Suburban is a nameplate that we know today that survived that period of time and now holds the title as the industry’s longest-running nameplate.

The 1950s were a little crazy for everyone including those in not only Chevrolet but the entire American automotive market. It was the time that generated the vehicles heavily sought after by our present-day gearheads. Not only were the cars themselves excellent, but advertising and marketing were becoming more frequent, interesting, and eye-catching. It really was a wild time to be alive, because these methods of marketing were new, so radio and television advertisements for the brand you’re loyal to and listening to songs that mention your Chevy was almost invigorating.

An early Chevrolet Advertisement is shown above

We still hear songs to this day that are new and old about the 1950s era Chevy cars just as Chevy sales continue to do very well. The 2000s came around, and technology was taking over everything, and that included the automotive market. It will only be a matter of time until the Chevrolet dealer won’t even need to sell the cars because they will sell themselves!


Being capable of answering customer questions honestly and accurately in a way that will still seal the deal is what will drive sales through the roof. Negotiating and keeping cool are two traits that sometimes struggle to show up simultaneously. The customer may have a hard time understanding why you don’t have an upfront price, or why so many changes may occur.

There are a plethora of variables that go into making a deal run smoothly, and good Chevrolet dealers are able to play, “whack-a-mole,” with each and every one. Whether the deal is being made over the weekend, or the paperwork is missing, there are ways to approach the situation without upsetting the manager or the customer.

On top of having a smooth, easy-going personality, remembering everything that is necessary for the deal to happen will make the process the least stressful as possible. A less stressed customer is a customer that is much more willing to return to Chevy. If they’re ready to make a purchase, they must have the first payment, a driver’s license, proof of insurance, an account number for trade-in loans, and the title, registration, and vehicle for a trade-in if necessary.

Younger employees or aspiring Chevrolet dealers may not have all of the experience necessary at first, but the passion to learn and work to gain the experience can be just as valuable. Chevrolet is always willing to plant a seed in order to grow staff, the company, and positive experiences.

A Chevrolet dealer is handing keys to a couple in a closeup.

Loyalty and Integrity

It’s more than just knowing the company’s history and having a knack for sales to make a good Chevrolet dealer. Chevy sees loyalty and integrity as top qualities in their best staff. Of course, the marketing and advertising, as well as natural talent, will drive sales, but when corporate distrust is at an all-time high, the masses are looking for a team that will have their back. Chevrolet dealers must stay true to the company values in order to make not only employers happy but in order to make customers happy too. It really just makes more sense to be on the same team where everyone will win from the deal than to take pride in the character flaws that push others down the ladder.

Chevy does need to make a profit to continue to be successful and give their employees what they deserve, and there is always a solid amount of earnings that are put right back into their brand and their company. There is a reason that Chevy has been and will remain as one of the top American automotive brands, and that’s because Chevy and America share many of the same core values.

What it comes down to is not giving customers a reason to distrust the company. While there is no way to please everybody, and some people are set out to tear down anything of mild inconvenience, if Chevy is doing their best, then there really isn’t much to worry about. If the staff are genuine, the deals are legitimate, and the vehicles are genuine, then nobody should have much to complain about.

Not Everyone Is a Good Fit

And that’s okay! Chevrolet as a whole has over 200 years of experience so they know what works for them, and the passion is obvious though Chevrolet’s history, staff experience and willingness to learn, and a solid sense of character. These are the reasons that there are Chevy loyalists, and why I know from first-hand experiences that most Chevrolet dealers are the good guys.

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