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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

2017 BMW X1

Three Reasons to Continue Loving the BMW X1

While you’re surely pursuing a BMW because of its luxury, you’re similarly opting for an SUV because it’s the most practical choice for a variety of buyers. Whether you’re after this particular vehicle for winter driving, growing families, or any other practical reason, BMW SUVs tend to be excellent offerings.

Of course, if you’re currently in the market for one of the brand’s nameplates, you might be enticed by some of their newer options, including the X2 and X3. However, customers should be careful of not automatically discrediting the always-reliable BMW X1. The SUV has proven to be one of the most respected SUVs in the segment, and it should certainly be atop any prospective SUV-buyers wish list.

Below, we’ve explored three of our favorite attributes of the 2018 BMW X1. That way, when you begin your hunt for BMW SUVs, you’ll already know one model that should be on your list of targets…



The BMW X1 may be an SUV, but the brand’s engineers have done an admirable job assuring that the nameplate delivers the drivability of a car. The vehicle’s construction and engine play a significant role in optimizing handling, power, and other essential attributes.

The 28i engine may be 2.0-liters, but it produces the power of a significantly larger ride. The unit is capable of pumping out an impressive 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, leading to 6.3-second 0-to-60 mile per hour time. Thanks to inclusions like  High Precision Direct Injection, Valvetronic, and Double-VANOS technologies, drivers can also expect a 31-mile-per-gallon highway fuel efficiency. While you’ll have to stretch your budget a bit for a BMW SUV, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to save some extra money as the gas pump.

The brand also included a number of innovative mechanical features that assure that the driver and passengers will remain out of harm’s way. Specifically, the Dynamic Stability Control system plays an important role in assuring that the drivers remain on their intended path, while the Dynamic Traction Control promises that the X1 will maintain the proper grip with the road at all times. The complex all-wheel-drive system also plays an important role in providing drivers with the utmost reliability, as do the accompanying all-season Run-flat tires.



Of course, you’re going to be spending the majority of your time inside your SUV, so you’ll want the interior to provide an ideal driving experience. Fortunately, the BMW X1 includes a number of features that improve comfort, enjoyment, and convenience, leading to an unmatched commute or journey.

For starters, the vehicle is an ideal choice for those seeking a vehicle that will accommodate their growing family (as well as their accompanying luggage). This is because the interior can easily be manipulated to provide optimal interior space. When the seats are folded down, drivers can unlock an incredible 58.7-cubic-feet of space, which will be more than enough room to fit whatever cargo you need during your trip. Plus, thanks to the inclusion of the 40/20/40 rear folding seats, you’ll have maximum flexibility when trying to fit both passengers and their baggage. If you’re not going to take advantage of the cargo space, your passengers will appreciate the 39.4-inch of rear headroom (as well as the optional sliding and reclining seats).

The technological offerings are led by the optional 8.8-inch BMW ConnectedDriver display, which provides drivers with all the information and applications they could possibly need. With the touch of your finger, you can access your favorite music or your preferred navigation system. This includes the brand’s iDrive System and BMW Connected technology, which serves as your personal concierge during any commute or excursion.

The brand also included the innovative Full-Color Head-Up Display. Thanks to this inclusion, drivers will never have to contort their body as they’re attempting to see speed, fuel efficiency, or any other information. Instead, the vehicle will showcase this information directly to the windshield, thus maximizing safety and convenience.

Finally, owners will appreciate the opulence and comfort of the BMW X1, as the vehicle has been designed to accommodate the owner. The Power Front Seats provide comfort, and they also allow drivers to find their ideal vantage point of the road. Meanwhile, the SensaTec upholstery lets you relax during a journey, although the alternative Sport Seats or Dakota Leather options should also be considered. Regardless of how you decide to design your interior, you’ll appreciate all of the existing features and amenities.



Of course, one of the best aspects of owning a BMW is the fact that your fellow drivers gawk at your ride as you drive by. Well, unsurprisingly, customers will surely appreciate the exterior style of the BMW X1. The vehicle is already known for its elegance and style, as the sleek lines simply scream luxury.

The brand also included several additional options that can transform the exterior into a hulking or sporty ride. Specifically, the xLINE body style includes bumper add-ons and rock panels (with a satin aluminum paint) that will protect the ride when traveling off-road. Meanwhile, the M SPORT body style includes high-gloss roof rails, the athletic Shadowline exterior trim, and “precision-engineered aerodynamics.”

The LED Headlights will provide optimal visibility when traveling in the dark, and the Cornering Lights will allow you to better see around any random curves on the highway. Best of all, the accompanying LED headlamps will burn bright without wasting energy, leading to a much more efficient drive.

Finally, the Park Distance Control feature will help drivers preserve the exterior beauty of the BMW X1. The system will rely on four sensors to help guide you into a parking space, with audio and visual cues included to prevent any pesky fender benders. This way, you can have your own personal co-pilot assist you with any tough parking jobs.

Ultimately, while the brand’s new offerings of SUVs are undeniably alluring, you shouldn’t automatically discredit the BMW X1. As you’ve learned, the nameplate still manages to deliver all of the attributes you’re seeking in a luxury SUV.

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