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When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

When Driving is about Lifestyle, Car Life Nation is the Answer

A Honda badge is shown up-close at a used car dealership.

Three of Honda’s Most Unique Concept Cars

Being one of the most trusted, well-known automotive brands, Honda is constantly pursuing the new. Known for their efficient and reliable SUVs, sedans, and trucks, you’d be hard-pressed to find any street that doesn’t have at least a few of Honda’s vehicles on display. In their efforts to provide something fresh, Honda is also known for positing concepts that go off the beaten path. With so many ideas for what the future of cars could be, Honda has created some truly unique concept cars that challenge what style and technology should look like in an automobile. Though you might have difficulty finding these models at a used car dealership, they certainly have their place in Honda’s rich history. We have many of them to thank for the beloved Honda models that we know today.

The variety found in the concept cars Honda has presented over the years is truly something to behold, with many of these vehicles promising unprecedented power and sleek style, which could have dominated the market. Others were so unique–and, for lack of a better term, odd, that you can’t help but marvel at the level of creativity Honda is capable of. Though we won’t be able to get behind the wheel of these vehicles any time soon, these concept cars stand as a testament to this brand’s dedication to innovation and outside-the-box thinking. Whether it’s a bleeding edge sports car, a minimal, practical compact, or a vehicle that can’t quite be placed into a single category, these Honda concept cars have a unique personality. Honda’s history is marked by constant progress and innovation, and these concepts showcase the heights this brand strives for with each new model.

1999 Honda Fuya-Jo

Starting with a car on the more absurd end of the spectrum, the 1999 Honda Fuya-Jo was designed to be a vehicle that encapsulates the spirit of a fun night out on the town. Not much is known about this boxy compact car’s specs, as they were never released, but one thing is sure: this vehicle’s as unique as they come. Seating only four riders, the party this vehicle promised to supply was sure to be a small one. With high, semi-standing seats that feel more like barstools than car seats, it would likely be quite uncomfortable as well. These seats were designed to give the driver a higher view of the street ahead of them so that they had a better range of vision, with the added bonus of making it easier to get out of the vehicle once they had arrived at their destination. Though these are certainly good ideas, we can’t say that the execution stuck the landing, but Honda still gets points for creativity.

Where this vehicle really gets interesting is in its center console and sound system. Running with the idea of creating a car that features a party-like atmosphere, the steering wheel was designed to look like a record, with the radio and console appearing like a DJ mixer. The vehicle’s sound system took the music theme even further, with four gigantic speakers affixed to the inside of each door. The 1999 Honda Fuya-Jo promised to keep the party going for drivers with a powerful sound system that, quite honestly, looks like it would sooner blow someone’s ears out than make them want to dance. Yes, the Fuya-Jo model is quite quirky and certainly not the most practical idea from Honda, but with its unique appearance both inside and out, paired with the attempt to cater to a particular set of drivers, the 1999 Fuya-Jo model showcases Honda’s desire to create cars for every kind of driver.

2001 Honda Dualnote

Unending power and futuristic tech were the two things all automotive brands were promising at the turn of the century, and the 2001 Honda Dualnote concept made it clear Honda could supply both. The Dualnote model was sleek and contoured, evoking the sense that it was a vehicle for a new age. Though it does, in today’s day and age, seem dated—certainly a relic from the late 90s and early 2000s—this vehicle exuded futuristic, cutting-edge technology when it was first presented. The Dualnote wasn’t just a cosmetic concept, either, as this sedan of tomorrow had the power specs to back up its advanced appearance; with a 3.5-liter V6 engine, the Dualnote was ready to provide up to 400 hp, which was absolutely unheard of in a sedan at that time. This model was also capable of all-wheel drive, something that many sedans, even today, don’t feature.

It wasn’t just power that set the Dualnote apart. The 2001 Dualnote was abundant with what was considered tomorrow’s tech. With a design that almost resembles the cockpit of a spaceship, the Dualnote was designed to make all the vehicle’s features easily within reach of the driver. With the gearshift, climate, and media controls to the left and window and seat controls to the right, everything concerning the vehicle’s interior would be easily accessible to the driver. The Dualnote also featured three screens: a digital speedometer behind the wheel, a navigation screen just under the windshield, and an infotainment display attached to the media control panel. Though many of the Dualnotes concepts were far-fetched and somewhat unrealistic, this model made it clear that Honda could offer incredible power and technology, which they certainly did in the years that followed.

2014 Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic is easily this brand’s most recognizable and iconic vehicle, offering unmatched practicality, which is just one of the things that makes it so popular. In 2014, Honda wanted to put a fresh spin on the Civic and make it clear that it could be so much more than a commuter vehicle. Thus, the 2014 Honda Civic Type R concept was brought to the table, taking this everyday vehicle and giving it some truly extraordinary specs. With aerodynamic contouring, a sleek paint job with black accents, and a sporty spoiler to give it that racecar feel, this Civic was so much more than a practical vehicle.

A 2.0-liter engine made the Civic Type R capable of 280 hp, giving this sedan the power to compete with high-end sports cars in its day. Despite this incredible power, the 2014 Honda Civic Type R was designed to offer the practicality that this vehicle had become so known for, seating up to five in its spacious and comfortable interior. More than any of Honda’s other concept vehicles, the 2014 Honda Civic Type R concept aimed to put a fresh spin on one of their most popular models, offering something new and unexpected for drivers everywhere.

There’s Always Something New in Store with Honda

Honda is constantly innovating, reshaping, and redefining what makes their vehicles tick, which means there’s always an incredible amount of variety in their selection. Honda has a brilliant way of keeping it safe with their new vehicles, ensuring drivers can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind they’ve come to love from this brand while it improves upon the foundations of previous generations. The wonderful thing about concept vehicles is that they allow manufacturers to get creative and let their imaginations run wild. Where Honda is concerned, there’s no shortage of imagination.

These vehicles each promised something unique. Some stuck the landing with incredible precision, bold style, and new technologies that changed how people looked at Honda vehicles. Others didn’t quite achieve this, but that doesn’t mean they still aren’t beloved as pieces of Honda’s history. Creativity makes the automotive industry go ’round, as does the drive to do what has never been done before. Honda’s long list of concept vehicles shows they’re never lacking in either of those categories.

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